Night in the Woods – Finding All Sketches (100%)

Detailed guide on finding each of the necessary to achieve “Seriously?” sketches.


In this game there are a huge number of sketches that Mae draws in the course of the walkthroug. Some are obtained automatically, and for some you will have to perform special actions, for example, to complete a quest.
It is impossible to get all the sketches in one playthroug, but the list of received sketches is maintained for all playthrougs, it will be saved even if you select the function “Erase the save” in the settings.
At least two full playthroug and two partial ones are required.

To make it more convenient, you can save the text of the manual in a text file on a computer and then delete the “#” symbol before each sketch number after receiving it – so if you miss something, you can easily understand what it is.

After you get the sketch, just in case, wait for autosave (when moving to the next location, for example), there were no problems with sketches that do not count, but why risk it?

Special actions will be indicated in the manual – perform them, otherwise some sketches will be impossible to obtain.



  • #1: RIP Granddad – impossible to miss;
  • #2: You’re Parents Forgot Yoooou! – impossible to miss;
  • #3: Dad – impossible to miss;
  • #Action: in the family house on the second floor there is a door, go inside and “use” the boxes;

The first day:

  • #4: Space Dragon – play the guitar in the only available melody, play well, otherwise the sketch will not appear. To make it easier, you can make a control like this: the first two strings on the buttons with the numbers “1” and “2”, and the last two strings on the buttons with the numbers “9” and “0”;
  • #5: Mom – impossible to miss;
  • #6: Mom’s Eels – talk to your mother until she talks about eels.

Part One – Home Again

The first day:

  • #7: Houses – impossible to miss;
  • #Action: talk to Selmers, she sits on the porch in a pink hoody on the right of the location;
  • #8: Did U Get My Texts, Bea? – on the same location there is a house with a statue on the wall, climb there and interact with the statue until a sketch appears;
  • #9: This Place Is Falling Apart – as soon as you move to the next location, you will see steps up at the very beginning. Get in there and explore the barricades;
  • #Action: talk to Lori – the mouse is located near the statue;
  • #10: Big Skeleton – walk past the statue next to Lori;
  • #11: Gregg Rulz Ok? – impossible to miss;
  • #12: Die Anywhere Else (Good) – there are two variations of this sketch, the result depends on how we play in the first playthroug. In the first playthroug we will try to play all the songs well, at the end of each Gregg must say that it was “pretty good”. If you have not received this assessment, then, without completing the dialogue, hold “esc” until you exit to the main menu, load up and get back to the beginning of the practice for another attempt. Repeat until the Gregg’s words is “pretty good”;
  • #13: Greggory’s Pizza Scale – impossible to miss;
  • #14: Arm On Sidewalk – impossible to miss;
  • #15: Tattoo – when you find your hand, try using your wand to turn your hand with the whrist down, then close the sleeve and poke the tattoo with the wand until the heroes pay attention to it. Time is not infinite, hurry. By the way, if you get a stick in a cockroach, you will get an achievement. If charcters could not notice the tattoo, hold down “esc”, go to the menu and try again;
  • #16: Still Funny Though – talk to your father until a new drawing appears.

Second day:

  • #Action: talk to your mother;
  • #Action: Talk to Selmers;
  • #17: Ghosts – at the location with Selmers, climb onto the building to the left and examine the hanging clothes;
  • #18: Angus – impossible to miss;
  • #19: Demontower – complete the mini-game on the laptop completely;
  • #20: Palecat – go through a mini-game on a laptop for a good ending. To get it, do not kill the green duck that appears on every second mission and sketch on a piece of paper (in real life) what it says. Then in the last tenth level there will be a room on the left with eight pedestals – activate them in the sequence in which the duck told you, a sarcophagus will appear from which you can get the key, close the wound on the giant cat’s belly and defeat the final boss. If the boss killed you – do not forget to close the wound again, otherwise you will not get a sketch or a good achievement.

Day three:

  • #Action: talk to your mother;
  • #Action: Talk to Selmers;
  • #21: Bea – impossible to miss;
  • #22: Aunt Mallcop is planning to kill me – impossible to miss.

Part Two – Weird Autumn

The first day:

  • #23: Become A Fire Ghost – impossible to miss;
  • #24: Never Drink Again – impossible to miss;
  • #25: Everything Feels Bad – impossible to miss;
  • #26: Come Back To Life Grandad – explore the books on the second floor of a family house;
  • #27: Eff The Cops – talk to your mother until a sketch appears;
  • #28: It’s Selmers! A poet! – talk to Selmers and listen to her poem, carefully, do not refuse by chance – if she does not agree to tell you again, you will have to receive this sketch in the next playthroug;
  • #29: Dohr and Castys – talk to Mr. Chazokov on the roof of the house under which Selmers sits and find two constellations;
  • #30: Honey, I’m Horm! – talk to the fisherman in the subway – he sits in the left part of the location;
  • #31: Nuke Possum Springs – explore the mutilated fresco on the wall in the same subway;
  • #Action: talk to the mother in the church – the church is at the top of the stairs, on which the barricade used to stand;
  • #32: Firebreathing Church Statue – walk past the statue outside the church;
  • #33: Pastor K – talk to the Pastor (the bird with glasses) outside the church;
  • #34: Bruce – talk to Bruce, this gray fur man is located near the location with the church;
  • #Action: talk to Lori, she is on the roof at one of the locations with shops;
  • #35: Roofcat Is Correct – get to the cat, which is at the top of the roof to the right and above Lori, interrogate it;
  • #36: Mallard 4-Eva – next to Lori there is a window, climb inside and go left, explore the huge statue of a bird – Mallard;
  • #37: Miracle Rats – find the rats inside the Mallard, then go to the subway and steal the pretzel, go back to the Mallard and feed the rats;
  • #38: Germ – impossible to miss;
  • #39: Weird Autumn (Good) – second practice, play as well as the first;
  • #40: Bandit Queens – choose a walk with Bea, after completing you will receive a sketch;
  • #Action: talk to your father at home, watch the show with him.

Second day:

  • #Action: talk to your mother at home;
  • #Action: Talk to Selmers, listen to the poem;
  • #Action: talk to your mother in church;
  • #Action: talk to Lori, she is where before – on the roof;
  • #Action: talk to Jerm, he is next to the Food Donkey store, which is located to the left of “Snack Falcons”, where Gregg works;
  • #41: Angry Furnace – choose a walk with Bea, get a sketch on completion;
  • #Action: talk to your father at home, watch the show with him.

Day three:

  • #Action: talk to your mother at home;
  • #Action: talk to Selmers, listen to her poem;
  • #42: Sterling and Simone – talk to Mr. Chazokov, find both constellations;
  • #Action: talk to your mother in church;
  • #43: Lori M – talk to Lori, agree to watch the trains with her;
  • #44: Flattened Toy (Upper) – see previous sketch;
  • #45: Food Donkey Parking Lot – talk to Jerm, he is still near the Food Donkey, agree with him to take a walk;
  • #46: Meats – choose to walk with Bea again, when you choose meat for dinner, a picture will appear next to the father’s drawing;
  • #47: Dinner – complete the scene with Bea;
  • #Action: talk to your father at home, watch the show with him.

Day four:

  • #48: Cycles – after waking up try playing a new song on the guitar at home – Cycles. If it is not there, check it availability the next day. Play well, otherwise you will not get a sketch;
  • #49: Mysterious Tooth – remember the boxes on the second floor of the house? Come inside, they will not be there, go ahead and open the safe – you did not forget about the sketch # 26? It is thanks to him that you recognize the code from the safe;
  • #Action: talk to your mother at home;
  • #Action: Talk to Selmers, listen to the poem;
  • #Action: talk to your mother in church;
  • #50: 3 Weird Teens – when you leave the church, go right, you will meet three teenagers. Talk to them and select the option “Shipwreck” of the three proposed – this is very important, it depends on three achievements at once;
  • #Action – talk to Lori, she will be next to the statue;
  • #51: Smashing Lightbulbs – take a walk with Gregg, smash the bulbs;
  • #Action: talk to Jerm, he is next to the Food Donkey store, as usual.

Part Three – The Long Fall

The first day:

  • #52: Halloween Pumpkins – impossible to miss;
  • #53: Harfest – impossible to miss;
  • #54: Shadowy Figure – impossible to miss;
  • #55: Big Black Dot – impossible to miss;
  • #56: Murder Victim – talk to your mother at home;
  • #Action: Talk to Selmers;
  • #57: Big Snake and Gramercy – talk to Mr. Chazokov, find both constellations;
  • #Action: talk to your mother in church;
  • #Action: talk to Lori on the roof;
  • #Action: talk to Jerm, he, as usual, at the abandoned store;
  • #58: Pumpkins Head Guy (Good) – this is the third and final practice where we have to play, it’s the hardest, try your best, if Gregg doesn’t tell you “pretty good”, then go to the menu using “esc” and try again until he appreciates your game positively;
  • #Action: when you are in the library, take the elevator to the second floor and explore the poster with the cartoon bear; if you don’t do this, one of the songs you’ll need to play at home will not appear;
  • #Action: not the easiest and most pleasant, but still very necessary action – when you explore newspaper clippings, do not press anything and among the pile of text find the word “teeth” or “tooth”, examine this clipping first. If you find all the plot newspaper clippings earlier than the one about the teeth, then the achievement and the final sketch with the tooth will be IMPOSSIBLE to get. Be patient and watch carefully;
  • #59: It’s Selmers! A Good Poet! – if you spoke with Selmers at every opportunity and listened to all her poems, you will find her at the bottom of the library, listen to her new poem (do not refuse by chance) and enjoy another sketch and achievement.

Second day:

  • #60: Charity Bearity is a Nightmarity – play the song “Tick Tock” at home, it will open if you explored the poster the previous day. Play well, otherwise you will not get a sketch;
  • #Action: talk to your mother;
  • #61: Exploring The Underground – there will be a boat in the subway, agree to take a ride on it;
  • #62: Jenny’s Field – talk to your mother in church, agree to take a walk with her, enjoy the sketch and achievement;
  • #63: Jen! – Talk to the fox, she is on location with the church;
  • Action: talk to the violinist on the roof;
  • Action: talk to Lori on the roof;
  • #64: Hella Birds – in the house where Gregg and Agnus live, a stairs will open, use it to get to the roof of the building on the left, go inside;
  • Action: talk to the musician inside;
  • #65: The first pentagram is on the wall to the right of the musician, interrogate with it;
  • #66: Jumping Off The Bridge – talk to Jerm (he is where he always is), agree with him to take a walk;
  • #67: Grave Guy – choose a ghost hunt with Bea, when she stays at her mother’s grave, go left and talk to the Gravedigger;
  • #68: Little Joe’s Dang Skull – complete this quest with Bea.

Day three:

  • #69: Trash King Rabies – leave the house, immediately go to the right, sit on the railing of the bridge, wait a little until the small animal Rebis appears;
  • #70: Kol and Adina – Mr. Chazokov, two more constellations;
  • Action: talk to the violinist on the roof;
  • #71: Flattened Toy (Bottom) – talk to Lori, who is sitting there on the roof nearby and agree to go with her to the trains;
  • Action: talk to the musician that is in a room with a pentagram and birds;
  • Action: talk to Jerm, he is there, where he always is;
  • #72: The second pentagram – choose to walk with Bea, after dancing go to the right and talk to one of the girls, one of them will teach you the secret handshake;
  • #73: Bombshell – complete this quest from Bea;
  • #74: Mae Dae Bea Bea – complete this quest with Bea.

Day four:

  • Action: talk to Lori, she sits on the roof;
  • #75: Saleem and Sadie – visit the room where you found the first pentagram and one of the musicians – now there are two of them and you can draw them;
  • #76: Germ’s Spooky Grandma – talk to Jerm, take a walk with him;
  • #77: Bad Art – go hunt the ghost with Gregg, along the way you will find art with a goat, at the end of the case, Mae will draw it.


The first day:

  • #78: Third Pentagram – impossible to miss;
  • #79: Poorly Drawn Cat – impossible to miss;
  • #80: Mae Surrounded By Darkness – impossible to miss;
  • #81: Erskine – talk to Mr. Chazokov, find the last constellation, enjoy the achievement;
  • #82: Janitor – next to the statue is a familiar bird, talk to him;
  • #83: Bea Ending – complete the game by completing all the meetings with Bea;
  • #84: RIP Casey – complete the game.

Second Playthroug

Ignore all that you have achieved before, do not waste time, the main things:

  • #85: Die Anywhere Else (Bad) – during the first practice, do not press anything at all;
  • #86: Weird Autumn (Bad) – during the second prctice, do not press anything at all;
  • #87: Crimes (Frog) – during the second passage, walk not with Bea, but only with Gregg. During one of the adventures you have to choose the head for the robot, one of the three. Choose the very first frog;
  • #88: I Freaking Died Tonight – walk with Gregg, not with Bea, as before;
  • #89: Forest God – walk with Gregg, not with Bea, as before. If you want, you can defeat the fox in a knife fight (the winning tactic is to spam the button without stopping, after a couple of victories you will get a achievement) and shot with the crossbow to the Forest God between the eyes for another achievement. By the way, after this walk you can play the song “Cycles”, if you have not opened a sketch with it before;
  • #90: Pumpkin Head Guy (Bad) – don’t press anything at all during the third practice;
  • #91: Constellations – choose a ghost hunt not with Bea or Gregg, but with Angus and complete it;
  • #92: Angus Is Psychic – complete the ghost hunt with Angus;
  • #93: The second pentagram – if for some reason you did not find all three pentagrams in the first playthroug, you don’t have to go dancing with Bea to make a secret handshake, you can order “Doomnuts” during the final meeting with Gregg and then grab the one with the pentagram;
  • #94: Legends – Complete the last walk with Gregg;
  • #95: Gregg Ending – complete the game by holding all the walks with Gregg.

Partial Playthrougs

  • #96 Crimes (Pig) – start the third playthroug, go to the opportunity to take a walk with Gregg and choose a head, this time choose not the Frog, but the Pig, complete this walk;
  • #97 Crimes (Rabbit) – after you get a sketch with a pig, go to the menu, go to the settings and delete the preservation through them, then start the fourth playthroug, just like the last time, go to the walk with Gregg and select the last head, Rabbit’s one, complete the walk.
Written by Michanicks

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