Swords & Souls: Neverseen – Basic Guide

This guide contacts basic information as well as some things you might not have known. Its intent is to help clarify a few things that aren’t clearly shown in game or easy to overlook!

Basic Information

Camp (aka Training Area)

Upgrading the Camp will allow you to increase the amount of stats you gain each time you fill the bar in training.

  • The X is for Normal Combo.
  • The Star is your Star Combo.
  • The Check Mark is your Mission.


As you build up your house, you will increase the amount of XP you gain from every source.


You can invest in the register to upgrade your Museum income. It is effected by multiple things as shown above.

  • Armory – Collection of Gear and Weapons.
  • Trophies – This is training medals and trophies
  • Gallery – Each unique enemy you encounter adds a new entry to the gallery.
  • Aquarium – Each unique fish adds to this, as well as collecting the maximum of each fish.

Throughout the game you will get clovers randomly. These can drop from training, combat, or even Mushy himself. You can use these clovers to feed to Mushy in the Museum, doing so he will drop you random things!

  • Money. 
  • Exp. 
  • Coupons for free potions or pet treats. 
  • Stat Increases (these can even crit and give you a massive amount). 
  • More clovers!

The more you hire companions, their standing towards you will increase. Eventually they will become your friends. The more they like you, the more skills they unlock. Though they only last a few encounters, they refresh and can be hired again.

Character Information

Certain Stats will max out, no matter how many points you put in to level up.

  • Throw chance – 40%. 
  • Soulcery Cooldown Bonus – 200%. 
  • Block Cooldown – 20 s. 
  • Dodge Cooldown – 20 s. 

You can reset your skills as often as you want free of charge.

Aquarium and Fishing

Each fishing spot has 3 rarities, Common, Uncommon, and Rare.

  • While fishing, the further out you cast the line, the higher percent to catch a rare fish.
  • The quicker reaction on a bite, the easier it is to reel in.

As mentioned above, your aquarium progress increases the percent you can gain per day for your museum investments.

  • Ruby Trout – Can add 7 to your aquarium.
  • Diamond Bass – Can add 4.
  • Bloobler – Can add 4.
  • Reef Stinger – Can add 5.

Taming Songs






Tree Stump



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