Swords & Souls: Neverseen – 100% Achievement Guide (How to Unlock All)

How to obtain every achievement in a game that makes you grind for everything.

True Soul Master

Wooden Disciple

Get three Combo medals of rank Wood

Bronze Disciple

Get three Combo medals of rank Bronze

Silver Disciple

Get three Combo medals of rank Silver

Golden Disciple

Get three Combo medals of rank Gold

Platinum Disciple

Get three Combo medals of rank Platinum

Soul Master Disciple

Get three Combo medals of rank Soul Master

True Soul Master

Get all Soul Master medals in all training areas

In order to achieve these, you must get a total of three Combo medals. You can only achieve one per training area, which means you will have to get Combo medals in three different areas of training. Shown below is a screenshot of where you can find this medal.

Keep in mind, the medal icons presented on the card match the same icons you will see when you are in the training mini-game. Meaning, you will find the Combo medal on the left side of the screen, the Mission medal at the bottom left, and the Star Combo medal on the right side while training.

Juggler Master

Juggler Apprentice

Juggle with the same coin 10 times

Juggler Challenger

Juggle with the same coin 20 times

Juggler Master

Juggle with the same coin 30 times

This is best done on a brand new save.

The more you train your archery, the more difficult the mini-game will become. This includes spinning targets and moving obstacles. When you are just starting out, the only thing that pops-up are stationary targets which is why this is best done on a new save.

When you attempt this achievement, make sure that you do not back out of the archery training mini-game. Doing so will result in all that experience being added to your medals and card itself. Upgrading the card will create a more difficult experience for you.

General tips are relatively simple. Attempt this when you have no combo as a higher combo will make the targets come out faster. Furthermore, be sure to slowly hit the coin. Shooting it fast will result in it coming down from off-screen faster than you can anticipate.

Soul Heart

Kind Heart

Become friends with a mercenary

Big Heart

Become friends with two mercenaries

Soul Heart

Become friends with all mercenaries

Going to the tavern, you’ll be able to hire three different mercenaries to battle with you for two missions. After this, they will rest for a week. However, we can move the days forward through either completing another mission or training for a certain period of time.

All you have to do is keep adding them to your roster whenever they pop up. You should always have the money for them so long as you’re not flippantly spending at the market. Keep fighting and they should raise their reputation over time.


These are all self-explanatory. So long as you clear the entire map, you’ll get every achievement listed here. There will be a section dedicated to the hardest boss in the game on Chapter 6 alongside the proper way of achieving a victory against them with beginner armor and weaponry

Mole in One

Defeat the Mama Mole

Dragon Justice

Defeat the Legendary Hunters

Filthy Thief

Defeat chapter 1 boss

Demon Befriender

Defeat chapter 2 boss

Orc Killer

Defeat chapter 3 boss

Ship Sinker

Defeat chapter 4 boss

Spell Breaker

Defeat chapter 5 boss

Bad Friend

Defeat chapter 6 boss


There are six total fishing spots in the game indicated by the small fish-like sign on the world map. Go to these locations (preferably with the last fishing rod) and get all the fish. You’ll want to 100% each area by getting the corresponding fish for the Museum Completion achievement.

Fishing Amateur

Catch 3 different types of fish

Fishing Enthusiast

Catch 8 different types of fish

Fishing Fanatic

Catch 11 different types of fish

For this achievement, you simply have to click fast enough to get perfect. You do not need to actually catch the fish. Toss your rod in and keep trying until you get it. It can feel tricky but you’ll get the timing down soon enough.

Fisherman’s Horizon

Get 3 perfect in a row while fishing

Oof Ring

You should get this ring early on from a chest or the market. I don’t remember where I received it but all you have to do is equip the ring and die in combat. It’ll save you from death one time and the achievement will pop. Simple!


Trigger the Oof ring once


There are eleven pets in total. However, there are variations that need to be tamed.

  • Moskito
  • Mostingo
  • Mole
  • Dark Mole
  • Woulfy
  • Snoofy
  • Zuby
  • Wild Mushy
  • Krab
  • Stumpy
  • Turgon

If you are missing them, you can view them in the third cave present in the Museum. It will show all of the enemies that you’ve killed, including the animals that are currently able to be tamed. Still having trouble? I’ve created a world map where you can find all of them at the bottom of this section.

Tamer Beginner

Tame 3 pets

Tamer Passionate

Tame 8 pets

Beast Lover

Tame all pets

Hi-Res image of map.

Swords & Souls: Neverseen - 100% Achievement Guide (How to Unlock All)

The notes are present on the map and the lines will correspond with the areas on the map where you can find the beasts. You will need to get to chapter six to achieve all the pets but many are given to you pretty early on.

In order to actually tame these pets, you must purchase the flute from the market. It’s very cheap and, again, given to you almost immediately after starting the game. Purchase it and you’ll have to play these notes four times with the corresponding beast to tame them.

Okay, Let’s Play!

Okay, let’s play!

Beat the final boss using only beginner armor and weapons

Here are my stats directly before beating the boss.

Swords & Souls: Neverseen - 100% Achievement Guide (How to Unlock All)
Swords & Souls: Neverseen - 100% Achievement Guide (How to Unlock All)

Short Version

  • Maximize training in Soulcery, Ranged, and Defense.
  • Utilize Soulcery rings, increased health for pet, and inc. chance for mega.
  • Plug points into Soulcery skills as well as dodge, health, and shield.
  • Level up Turgon as he has the highest base health and power.
  • Always bring a companion with you.

Long Version

Why Soulcery?

The reason we choose Soulcery is because it has the highest damage without needing equipment. It also buffs the damage we get from Soulcery skills like Fireball and Lightning, which already have built-in damage buffs. Not to mention their super and mega counterparts.

What About Rings?

You can mix-and-match which rings you truly like but I beat Primordial with these rings:

  • Soulcery
  • Tamer Badge
  • Captain Ring
  • Master Ring
  • Stone of Resilience

We use Soulcery for the obvious damage increase with our abilities. Tamer for extra survivability on our Turgon, allowing him to tank much longer. Captain and Stone for the increased chance of mega variations for abilities. Lastly, Master to boost our main damage source.

What’s the Skill Set-Up?

You can tinker with what exactly you’d like but I would highly recommend having both Altruism and Shield in the Defense tree. This allows both your heal and shield to have a chance to translate to your allies, which helps with sustaining the fight.

Shield is necessary as we need some form of damage mitigation. In the second phase of fight, you’ll notice that one of her abilities can one-shot you if you aren’t careful. Shielding us helps monumentally with this phase of the boss.

Take Omnisoul at the bottom and max it out. This is our main damage source and the reason we are able to win this fight. Use it whenever you are able to as you have a chance to cut the battle in half if you get a mega variation of it.

Grab Merciless in the Agility tree and max it. This gives us a massive multiplier to our Super Critical Hits, which can result in an extra couple million damage and can save you the battle if you get lucky enough.

I maxed out almost everything in the Defense and Ranged tree. The extra poison and fire damage from the arrows can give you nice chunks of damage and the Defense just allows you to utilize more blocking, which helps since we have beginner armor.

Anything Else?

Purchase all potions from the market and use the Biboo’s Brew (Yellow Potion) to give an increase to your damage immediately before the fight. This will ensure that your opening set of abilities deals a good bit of damage before Primordial can get abilities off.

  • No Longer Forgotten
  • No Longer Forgotten
  • Find all lost children

Endless Mode

Isn’t much to report here. Once you beat the final boss in Chapter Six, you’ll be given a boat that will allow you to access Endless Mode. Beat the stages below and you’ll get the achievements. If you’re stuck on a stage, go back and train then return.

Seashell Amateur

Complete endless stage 20

Seashell Enthusiast

Complete endless stage 40

Seashell Passionate

Complete endless stage 60

Seashell Hunter

Complete endless stage 80

Seashell Fanatic

Complete endless stage 100

Seashell Addict

Complete endless stage 120

Carved History

Carved History

Complete the museum to 100%

  • All Books — Purchased at Market
  • All Armor, Weapons, and Bows
  • All Enemy Types including Final Boss
  • All Fish — Check the Collection to see how many fish you’ll need.
  • All Trophies — This includes soul master in every category.
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