Swords & Souls: Neverseen – Juggler Master Achievement Guide

Getting the Juggler Master achievement is no easy task. It’s extremely hard and will result in much pain and suffering. Personally, it took me about 2 hours of suffering to get it. Here’s a couple of tips/strategies you can use that’ll hopefully help you.

How to Obtain the Juggler Master Achievement

  1. Keeping the coin on the screen

You should keep the coin on the screen, as if it goes above you will notice that it falls at a very fast rate, and unless you can hit that rate easily, try keeping the coin on the screen.

  1. Don’t start shooting until you have the coin

If you start shooting targets before you get the coin your combo will go up, making you need to shoot the targets quicker than you would need to if you didn’t start shooting until you have the coin.

  1. Stay below gold

If you’re relatively new, try staying below gold, or even lower if possible, because the further you get into the training, the harder it is to shoot the targets. If you’re at gold or above, consider creating another save file to get this achievement.

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