Empyrion – Galactic Survival – Totally OverPowered Brewery, Secrets Revealed

Totally OverPowered (TOP) Brewery quest is not bugged. The fault, if any, actually lies in the layout of your solar system.

Long story short, there are two kinds of Lava planet: LavaNascent (I call it “volcanic” due to it’s volcanic and not-so-lava surface), and Lava (actual oceans of Lava).

The Two Lava Worlds

First, there are two kinds of Lava Worlds.

Secondly, NO MATTER the type(s) of Lava World that spawns into your solarsystem, the quest line WILL advance to the next stage of the quest upon entering the atmosphere.

The quest line does NOT check which of the two Lava worlds you have reached, but rather that you simply reached A Lava world.

There is the LavaNascent, or Volcanic.

Empyrion - Galactic Survival - Totally OverPowered Brewery, Secrets Revealed

On this Volcanic world, the TOP Brewery shall never appear.

There is the “actual” Lava world, with oceans of lava blatantly present.

This “actual” Lava world, is the ONLY one of the two in which the TOP Brewer shall spawn.

Empyrion - Galactic Survival - Totally OverPowered Brewery, Secrets Revealed

In the solarsystem config/yaml information, they are listed as this:

Empyrion - Galactic Survival - Totally OverPowered Brewery, Secrets Revealed

This means that the in the case of EACH Lava world being spawned into your game:

  • There is a 60% chance that the world will be Volcanic, not Lava.
  • There is a 40% chance that the world will actually be Lava, and not Volcanic.
  • Again, this is per “Lava” world that your solarsystem generates.

So, if your solarsystem has more than one Lava world, then your chances are better for you to actually have the proper TOP Brewery location, but it’s only a 40% chance per “roll” of the Lava world.

For example, I am an admin for two Empyrion servers.

On each, we have over 230 playfields.

In my research, I had visited five “Lava” worlds in a row (the first had advanced my TOP quest), but the first FOUR Lava worlds were merely the Volcanic one. The fifth Lava world I visited was indeed the Lava world, and I was able to continue the TOP Brewery quest chain.

For “pre-emptive solutions” you have two options:

  • To edit your solarsystem to have changed the percentage chance of the Lava Worlds, so that you ensure the Lava spawns.
  • To increase your playfield/planet counts, so that more Lava worlds are generated, thus increasing your chance otherwise for the actual Lava to be generated.

Of course, once your solarsystem is already generated, and the “proper” Lava world has not generated, you’re a bit SOL.

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