Arma 3 – Contact Spectrum Device and ET Signals Riddle

Once you read this you will gain information how to solve the most complicated riddle in Contact campaign. It’s not that hard, but it need patience and time.
This is a full solution but I have not verified by second play yet. I’m sure of this at 99%.
After reading this you should have an idea how to solve this riddle.

Spoiler Alert!!!

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First get close. Not to close, you should feel air blow and force shield hitting you and disrupting device. Stop at save distance to have device working properly.

Arma 3 - Contact Spectrum Device and ET Signals Riddle

In Carpe Noctem mission, similar like it was in previous mission – Close Encounters, the main target is to make ET to turn off his force shield. In Carpe Noctem it’s a little bit harder.

Close Encounters mission:


On Spectrum Device all you have to do, is to join small attitude signals in to higher altitude signals or spikes. Start with signals of same altitude, follow from smallest to biggest.

When you listen to two signals of same altitude, one can be different, like it was doubled. I always begin this process from the other signal.

When you have two very high altitude signals, at top high and the mine max signal, you are close to accomplish this.

After you send your signal, in response you can get:

  • Bad noise, very low tone – that means your signal was incorrect, it’s a step back and in response high signal will be divided on few smaller ones again, you have to start this step from beginning;
  • Good noise, middle tone – good, is a next step, you moving forward, you are on good way;
  • No noise, is good too I think… middle tone is good and no noise is like ‘no step back or forward’;

Arma 3 - Contact Spectrum Device and ET Signals Riddle

The Next Level

Later on when ET will start emitting new kind of signals, you will step up on a new level of difficulty.

After you hear that new signals, you have to start sending different combinations, not only a static noise but music recordings too. I’m not sure if this combination pattern is static and always the same through all gameplays, probably not.

So I can’t give you send a-b-c signals solution here. Use your own intelligence, be patient and try to use all combinations of static noise with music samples, till you unlock the power shield.

Arma 3 - Contact Spectrum Device and ET Signals Riddle

Stealth Mode

With this riddle solved there is no need to kill anyone… and you can go through Contact in full stealth mode. There is one more thing… but I will left that one for you. Have fun!

Screenshots from close to tip place:

Arma 3 - Contact Spectrum Device and ET Signals Riddle

And the final place:

Arma 3 - Contact Spectrum Device and ET Signals Riddle

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