Stone Story RPG – Runes, Runestone Items and Advanced Crafting

While researching the different item recipes, I stumbled upon a problem that I think might be addressed here. Runestone Weapons. Their complexity is befuddling when you’re first wading through the crafting process, as there is no tutorial. So, this will explain just a bit more, to allow you guys to tinker.

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Runes & What They Do

Runes are items that can be found through treasure chests or purchase within the Mushroom Shop. Runes, by itself, are rather worthless. They do paltry amounts of damage, and have sub-par effects. However, when utilized in crafting, they can turn a good weapon, into a godly weapon.

So far, I’ve found a total of 5 runes:

  • Aether
  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Poison
  • Vigor

And they all do different things when crafted together, but I’ll go over those in the Runestone Weapons section. For now, here’s what they all do respectively…

Aether Rune

  • Damage: 1
  • DPS: 0.7
  • Range: 18
  • +5 Damage against Fire foes (D)

Fire Rune

  • Damage: 1
  • DPS: 0.7
  • Range: 18
  • +5 Damage against Ice foes (D)

Ice Rune

  • Damage: 1
  • DPS: 0.7
  • Range: 18
  • +5 Damage against Poison foes (D) 

Poison Rune

  • Damage: 1
  • DPS: 0.7
  • Range: 18
  • +5 Damage against Vigor foes (D) 

Vigor Rune

  • Damage: 1
  • DPS: 0.7
  • Range: 18
  • +5 Damage against Aether foes (D)

Pretty crappy, right? Well, head on over to the next section to find out how to improve it and your weapons.

Runestone Items

Runestone Items are a result of mixing Runes and Stone Wands + Other Materials. In your crafting book, they simply call it a Runestone Item, but in reality there are 6 types of Runestone Items, one for each Rune type and one for Stone Items themselves. When you craft a Runestone Item, you will see a letter indicating what it does in the top left of the item box. Below is an example of an item and it’s effects.

Vigor Staff (aL); Also known as a Vigor Runestone Staff (aL).

So what do the letters indicate? I actually haven’t found a difference between an uppercase or a lowercase version of the item; so here it is below.

  • Aa = Armor
  • Dd = Damage
  • Ff = Fire
  • H = Healing
  • Ii = Ice (applies Chill)
  • L = Lifesteal (inaptly named); see later sections.
  • Pp = Poison (also inaptly named); see later sections.
  • U = Unmake

What Each Effect Means

Armor: Armor allows you to create a shield that generates overtime to the maximized value specified on the item. This is only applied on things with a base armor value, which includes weapons that requires a shield to be crafted; i.e. War Hammer.

Damage: Damage gives a boost to the base damage (and in turn, also increases DPS) to a specific type of enemy. This is only applied to things that do not have a base armor value.

Fire: Fire applies x damage over time (DoT), depending on the rarity/star level of your item.

Healing: x% chance to heal x amount when receiving damage. This is only applied on things with a base armor value.

Ice / Chill: Slows down the movement speed and attack speed of the enemy by a certain amount.

Lifesteal: This is inaptly named. You would think that you would heal for a % of damage dealt; as that is how it is usually defined in other games. In this game however, you do not heal for a % of damage dealt. I’m not sure if it’s a bug or not. In this game, lifesteal grants you x% to heal for 1 HP on hit.

Poison: As mentioned before, this is also inaptly named. You would think that you would deal a % of max HP DoT; as that is how it is usually defined in other games. In this game however, you do not have a DoT. In this game, poison reduces your enemy’s damage value per stack. Max stack varies depending on who is the user.

Unmake: Unmake is x% chance to instantly-kill your enemy. I’m not sure if it works on bosses or not, I have yet to test it out.

Advanced Crafting

So what does this all mean for you? Well… It just simply means that if you want to get a specific effect, like an Aether Sword (dU), you have to craft a certain way, otherwise you might get an Aether Sword (D).

The general formula is that whatever effect you want to keep should be on the left, and whatever you’re infusing the effect FROM is on the right. This makes a big difference when you get to your Stone Wands, as they can change depending on where you’ve put it.

So to make it easy on all of us, I’ve put some recipes down below in their respective categories to show as an example. That means there will be some overlaps, but that’s okay, it just reassures what you see. Obviously, this isn’t everything, and I wouldn’t want to do it all anyways, it’s MOSTLY recipes that make itself. The big thing is crafting the wand the correct way.

Runestone Wand Combinations

  • Stone Wand + Aether Rune = Aether Wand (du)
  • Stone Wand + Fire Rune = Fire Wand (df)
  • Stone Wand + Ice Rune = Ice Wand (di)
  • Stone Wand + Poison Rune = Poison Wand (dp)
  • Stone Wand + Vigor Rune = Vigor Wand (dL)

  • Aether Rune + Stone Wand = Aether Wand (D)
  • Fire Rune + Stone Wand = Fire Wand (df)
  • Ice Rune + Stone Wand = Ice Wand (di)
  • Poison Rune + Stone Wand = Poison Wand (dp)
  • Vigor Rune + Stone Wand = Vigor Wand (D)

Runestone Sword Combinations

  • Stone Sword + Aether Rune = Aether Sword (dU)
  • Stone Sword + Fire Rune = Fire Sword (df)
  • Stone Sword + Ice Rune = Ice Sword (di)
  • Stone Sword + Poison Rune = Poison Sword (dp)
  • Stone Sword + Vigor Rune = Vigor Sword (dL)

  • Aether Rune + Stone Sword = Aether Sword (dU)
  • Fire Rune + Stone Sword = Fire Sword (df)
  • Ice Rune + Stone Sword = Ice Sword (di)
  • Poison Rune + Stone Sword = Poison Sword (dp)
  • Vigor Rune + Stone Sword = Vigor Sword (dL)

  • Sword + Aether Wand (D) = Aether Sword (D)
  • Sword + Aether Wand (du) = Aether Sword (dU)
  • Sword + Fire Wand (df) = Fire Sword (df)
  • Sword + Ice Wand (di) = Ice Sword (di)
  • Sword + Poison Wand (dp) = Poison Sword (dp)
  • Sword + Vigor Wand (D) = Vigor Sword (D)
  • Sword + Vigor Wand (dL) = Vigor Sword (dL)

  • Aether Wand (D) + Sword = Aether Sword (D)
  • Aether Wand (du) + Sword = Aether Sword (dU)
  • Fire Wand (df) + Sword = Fire Sword (df)
  • Ice Wand (di) + Sword = Ice Sword (di)
  • Poison Wand (dp) + Sword = Poison Sword (dp)
  • Vigor Wand (D) + Sword = Vigor Sword (D)
  • Vigor Wand (dL) + Sword = Vigor Sword (dL)


Remember that this is all a theory. The game is not only in early access, but also no one else has worked on the advanced crafting portion of their guides as well. It may work like this, it may not.

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