Battle Brothers – Complete Guide to Ambitions

Battle Brothers is an amazing game that I’ve learned to love over countless brutal losses and major defeats. But one thing that I found to be quite frustrating was the fact that Ambition descriptions were poorly explained, which led me to pick certain ambitions that my company struggled to complete. After a sizable number of playthroughs I’ve managed to gather a complete list of ambitions and explanations so that others won’t encounter the same setbacks as I have. Please be sure to leave a positive rating if you found the guide useful!

Basic Information

  • I’ve gathered a complete list of all the ambitions you’ll have the option to select throughout the game. Keep in mind that certain ambitions can only be chosen near the beginning of the game and vice versa.
  • Not all ambitions will be presented to you in a single playthrough. The selection presented to you is random and you’ll have the option to pick between 3 or 4 separate ambitions when you do not currently have an unfulfilled ambition in play.
  • Make sure to select the ambitions that are easiest for your company to fulfill. You are given the option to cancel an ambition at the cost of a significant blow to company morale. Once completed or cancelled, you will be given the option to select a new ambition after some time passes (varies between 1-2 days). Abandoned ambitions have a chance of resurfacing but will not be available in the immediate selection following your cancellation.
  • An option to select “No Ambition” will appear once you have completed a handful of ambitions. Selecting “No Ambition” will result in roughly one week where you will not be offered an ambition to pursue.
  • Ambitions provide 100 renown to your company when completed and increases the mood of every member currently in your company. Certain ambitions offer items and rewards. Other ambitions will cost you crowns. In this guide I intend to help you navigate through each and every ambition so that you can pick what fits your sellsword company best!


Allied Civilians – Get to ‘Friendly’ relations with a civilian faction.

“We need allies. Forging a bond of friendship and trust with one of the towns will get the company better prices, more volunteers, and more steady work.”

Description: Simply reach a friendly status with a town. This can be done quite easily with just accepting and completing a few contracts given by a town.

Allied Nobles – Increase the relation with any noble house to ‘Allied’

“We shall earn the trust of a noble house and become their ally. Surely they will share the fruits of their well-stocked armories with good friends.”

Description: Reach the ‘Allied’ status with one of the three noble houses. This one can take some time and a lot of contracts but you’ll get there if you keep at it.

Armor Mastery – Have three pieces of body armor, and 3 helmets, each with 230 durability.

“We shall outfit a contingent of at least three men with heavy armor to act as a bulwark against dangerous opponents.”

Description: Very straightforward. Acquire 6 pieces of armor (3 Body, 3 Head) each with at least 230 durability. You can purchase armor with 230+ durability from local Armories but keep in mind that you’ll have to overpay regardless of your standing with the town in question. Generally, you’ll encounter enemies with 230+ durability armor nearing day 100.

Cart – Have at least 7,500 crowns.

“We can barely carry any more equipment or spoils of war. Let us save up 7,500 crowns to buy us a cart and relieve our backs!”

Description: Have a total of 7,500 crowns. Be mindful that 5,000 crowns will be spent once you’ve fulfilled this ambition. You will gain more storage space in your ‘Stash’ inventory upon completion.

Defeat Civilwar – End the war between the noble houses.

“If we can win this war for one of the noble houses, our name will be unmatched. Let us pick a side, bask in the glory of battle and rich for it!”

Description: This ambition only becomes available during the Noble Feud Late Game Crisis. Which is one of the three late game crises. Also very straightforward, choose a side and fight for them.

Defeat Goblin Location – Destroy 4 locations controlled by goblins.

“Only the most daring take on goblins in larger numbers. We shall burn some of their fetid camps to the ground, and word of it will travel!”

Description: Attack and defeat 4 separate camps occupied by goblins. Be mindful that although goblins and orcs are both considered ‘greenskins’, defeating a camp occupied by orcs will not count toward this ambition.

Defeat Greenskins – Defeat the Greenskin Invasion.

“The Greenskin Invasion is threatening to sweep away our world. We shall stand strong and fend it off, for this is how legends are born!”

Description: This ambition only becomes available during the Greenskin Invasion Late Game Crisis. Survive and defeat the greenskins. Simple as that.

Defeat Kraken – Defeat a Kraken.

“There are rumors about a colossal beast that lurks in the swamps. If we find and slay it, eternal fame will be our reward!”

Description: Find and defeat a Kraken. One of the more difficult opponents that Battle Brothers has to offer.

Defeat Mercenaries – Defeat another mercenary company.

“The best way to prove that we are the strongest company around is to defeat another mercenary band in batttle!”

Description: Find and defeat another mercenary company. CTRL+Left Click to attack a neutral target. Don’t worry, you don’t ♥ off any Noble Houses when you attack a mercenary company. unless you attack a caravan under the protection of a mercenary company.

Defeat Orc Location – Destroy 4 locations controlled by orcs.

“Besting orcs in battle and burning down some of their camps would make people recognize the company’s ability on the battlefield. Let us do so!”

Description: Attack and defeat 4 separate camps occupied by orcs. Keep in mind that although orcs and goblins are both considered ‘greenskins’, defeating a camp occupied by goblins will not count toward this ambition.

Defeat Undead – Defeat the Undead Scourge.

“The Undead are rising all over the lands, killing and devouring at sight. We need to put an end to this, or soon there will be no world as we know it left!”

Description: This ambition only becomes available during the Undead Scourge Late Game Crisis. Survive and fight back against the Undead armies. Again, quite straightforward.

Defeat Undead Location – Defeat 4 locations beset by undead.

“The walking dead are a terrible curse upon man. Let us burn some of their lairs to the ground and earn the respect of all decent folk!”

Description: Attack and defeat 4 separate camps occupied by members of the undead. This includes camps occupied by Ancient Auxiliaries, Wiedegrangers, Necromancers and Geists. Better get that resolve up before you select this ambition.

Discover all Unique Locations – Discover all 11 legendary locations of the world.

“Places of legend dot the world, hiding wonderous secrets within. Let’s not rest until we’ve found every last one of them!”

Description: Locate all the legendary locations on your map. This undoubtedly could take a while, and with every world being completely randomly generated I can’t help you with this one lads.

Discover Locations – Discover 8 hidden locations by exploring the world.

“Great explorers become men of legend. Going into the wild lands is a dangerous business, but the tales we’ll tell afterward will surely increase our renown.”

Description: Locate 8 hidden locations on your map. Again, I can’t help you with this one because of the whole randomly generated worlds thing. But if you used the same seed as a friend, be sure to ask them for help.

A Man of Quality!

Discover Unique Locations – Discover 3 legendary locations.

“The wilds are teeming with hidden treasures that others are not bold enough to claim. This is our chance, so let us head out there and find three legendary places!”

Description: Once again, can’t do much. Sorry pal.

Find and Destroy Location – Discover a ruin or hostile camp, and destroy it.

“Let us set out into the wilderness, discover the unknown, and plunder it. Be it a wizard’s tomb, goblin camp, or aught else we may find.”

Description: One of the earlier choices. I go for this one pretty much every playthrough I’ve done. Quick and easy. Just locate a camp (literally any camp) and defeat it.

Hammer Mastery – Have 2 men with the hammer mastery perk.

“Our company is ill-prepared to fight armored opponents. We shall train two men to master the hammer in combat, and no knight will be safe from us.”

Description: Level two characters to at least experience level 5 and pick the hammer mastery perk for them. aaaand bob’s your uncle.

Have All Provisions – Have one of each provision type there is.

“I know you are weary of our bad fortune and the stale fare day after day. We shall get food and drink from all over the land and have a feast!”

Description: This one is difficult to do. There are a lot of provision types not to mention the fact that provisions get eaten/expire over time. I’d say hop between one or two really rich towns and hope they have the entire assortment for you.

Have Armor Upgrades – Have at least 6 armors with attachments.

“Mundane armors won’t do for a real mercenary outfit. We should adorn our gear with trophies of our deeds!”

Description: Very straightforward. Get attachments for 6 separate pieces of armor. They don’t all need to be equipped on your characters. Just as long as you have them.

Have 10000 Crowns – Have at least 10,000 crowns.

“Should a battle or two go against us we may find ourselves out of pocket and short of equipment. The company will therefore build a reserve of 10,000 crowns.”

Description: Bit of a weak flex but okay. Anyways, yea just save up 10,000 crowns as it says and you’re good as gold.

Have 50000 Crowns – Have at least 50,000 crowns.

“Crowns mean power and influence, and we can never have enough of either. Let us gather 50,000 crowns and earn our seat amongst noblemen and kings!”

Description: Still spare change but money is money.

Have 2750 Renown – Reach ‘Glorious’ renown.

“Already we are known in some parts of the land, yet we are still far from being a legendary company. We shall increase our renown further!”

Description: Gain renown by completing contracts and not doing dumb ♥ like attacking neutrals or being an asshat in randomly generated situations, which is apparently still too difficult for me because I don’t think I’ve had a single playthrough where Noble House guards weren’t after my ♥.

Have 8000 Renown – Reach ‘Invincible’ renown.

“There were few legendary mercenary companies throughout history. We are close to having our name become immortal and be counted among them!”

Description: yaaa, this is big boy status. Let the haters know who just became the popular girl in school. I mean what.

Make Nobles Aware – Reach ‘Professional’ renown

“We need to catch the eye of one of the noble houses for more profitable work. They play their own dangerous game, but what does it matter as long as the pay is good?”

Description: ‘Professional’ renown is 1050. If you ask me it should be named ‘Amateur’ renown because 1,000 is chump status.

Named Item – Have at least 1 famed piece of equipment.

“A respectable company is recognized by their equipment. We should head out and claim either a famed weapon, shield, armor or helmet to increase our renown.”

Description: Famed equipment is special equipment that glow red. They drop from difficult fights and strong opponents like the Lindwurm, Kraken etc.

Named Item Set – Have a famed weapon, shield, armor and helmet.

“A famed company is recognized by their equipment. We should head out and claim a prestigious weapon, shield, armor and helmet to increase our renown.”

Description: Acquire a full set of famed equipment

Player Banner – Have at least 2,000

“We need a battle standard so that we’re recognized from afar! Having one be made is costly, so we shall gather 2,000 crowns for this.”

Description: Save up 2,000 crowns. Keep in mind that 1,000 is spent upon fulfilling this ambition on the battle standard which is a Two-Handed Polearm that deals 50-70 damage. Strong for early game but not as much in late game.

Ranged Mastery – Have 3 men with the bow or crossbow mastery perk.

“The company lacks competent archers, limiting our tactical options. We shall train three men to master bow or crossbow and be deadly from afar!”

Description: Get three men to at least experience level 5 and then choose bow/crossbow mastery depending on your preference

Roster of 12 – Have a roster of at least 12 men.

“We shall get the company strength back to a dozen men! It will make us a formidable force again and will allow us to take on more profitable work.”

Description: Have a roster consisting of at least 12 people. Wouldn’t recommend doing this until after turn 75 because fights are generally generated depending on your roster during the start of the game.

Gather ’round Boys!

Roster of 16 – Have a roster of at least 16 men.

“We shall get the company strength to sixteen men! It will make us a formidable force and will allow us to take on more profitable work.”

Description: so… four more men than ‘Roster of 12’. I’m sure you can count to four. Or at least I hope you can because I had to use the google calculator and my internet isn’t great so it took like 3 minutes 🙁

Roster of 20 – Have a roster of 20 men.

“Let’s build up our numbers to twenty good men so that the wounded may rest and the weary regain their strength between skirmishes.”

Description: Numbers man.. how did we even get to twenty. That’s like at least five more than twelve.

Sergeant Sash – Have one man with the ‘Rally the Troops’ perk.

“We fight well, but we need to be better organized in case things get dire. I shall name a sergeant to rally you on the battlefield.”

Description: Typically you’re only gonna want to have one man with the Rally the Troops perk because you really don’t need more than one sarge but it’s good to get your sergeant early game so you can avoid having your team retreat in a battle.

Taxidermist Crafting – Craft 12 items at the taxidermist.

“Nothing commands respect as a trophy of a giant beast of the frozen wastes. Let’s go hunt and get the taxidermist some work!”

Description: Craft 12 items with your taxidermy skills.

Visit Settlements – Visit every town and fortification in the world.

“I know the soles of your feet are itchy for the open road, and we need to spread word about the company. Let us pay visit to every settlement far and wide!”

Description: Visit all the towns in the map. Pretty easy to do but I don’t like taking this ambition because I can’t be bothered to spend that much gold on upkeep especially when I’m not making any from contracts. Also I lowkey have dementia and I can’t remember which towns I’ve visited.

Wagon – Have at least 15,000

“A cart to carry our things is fine and all, but it won’t do. Let’s save up 15,000 crowns and buy us a real wagon!”

Description: Basically, more inventory space. You spend 10,000 upon fulfillment of this ambition.

Weapon Mastery – Have 5 men with a weapon mastery perk each.

“Imagine the trail of terror we could blaze if your skills matched your bravery. We shall train five men to master their weapons so that they may act as a vanguard!”

Description: Have 5 men at least at experience level 5 and choose at least one mastery perk each.

Win Against 12 – Win a battle against 12 or more enemies.

“Let us set aside skirmishes for now and seek to defeat a group of at least a dozen opponents. That is how our name will become known throughout the land!”

Description: Attack and defeat an enemy team consisting of at least 12 enemies

Win Against 24 – Win a battle against 24 or more enemies.

“We achieved some renown, but now you can see real fame on the horizon. Let us defeat a formidable force of two dozen opponents in battle!”

Description: Remember that last ambition? Right, so basically that but double.

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