SCP: Secret Laboratory – The Serpent’s Hand Guide

This guide is for the people who do not know about the mod role Serpent’s Hand. This guide will cover their role in the game, how to recognise them in-game and how to play as them yourself.

What Is the Serpent’s Hand?

In the official SCP universe:

The Serpent’s Hand is a small but formidable organisation responsible for several security breaches. At least three different individuals have been encountered, all of whom used possible or confirmed anomalous items for infiltration purposes -Fandom

In-game however, the Serpent’s Hand are a class that you can play as in certain modded servers which have added this into their game.

How Can I Identify the Serpent’s Hand?

From physical appearance, the Serpent’s Hand look like NTF[1] units in the case of the model looking very similar, however, the uniform that they wear is not exactly the same as the colour is different in the way of how NTF[1] uniforms are blue while Serpent’s Hand uniforms are orange/black. The Serpent’s Hand also do not wear helmets, this is replaced with a mask instead. The colour pallet is easy to see in-game and because of this Serpent’s Hand individuals can be easy to see. The Serpent’s Hand, much like some NTF[1] ranks, use the common assault rifle, the “E-11”.

What Do I Do as the Serpent’s Hand?

Spawning in

Let’s imagine that you have joined a new server, it is in the middle of a match and you spawn as a Serpent’s Hand operative. The first thing that you will notice is that the game will say that you are playing as “Tutorial”. Do not be confused for as I said before in the first Section, the Serpent’s Hand is a mod class and is only in modded servers which have added them into their server. This means that the class is not official to the vanilla[2] game. You will also notice that as the Serpent’s Hand, you spawn next to Gate A on the surface of the facility. Most players tend to go down the elevator taking you to Gate A, however you can also take the elevator taking you to Gate B if you wanted to.

Now that you are in the match, you can get started on your role and help progress the game. What is my role you ask? Well, it’s honestly quite easy to explain.

Your Role

As a Serpent’s Hand official, you have a straight forward job, to help the SCPs, that’s right, you have to help the SCPs. For example, you have the NTF[1], who help the scientists, then you have the Chaos, who help the D-class. Then you have the Serpent’s Hand, who help the SCPs. Get it now? If not, use this to help you understand:

  • NTF Helps Scientists
  • Chaos Helps D-class
  • Serpent’s Hand Helps SCPs


The Serpent’s Hand come with an array of equipment which can helps them to achieve their goal of killing everyone except the SCPs. These include:

  • E-11 (Gun) x1
  • Radio x1
  • A Chaos standard keycard x1
  • Grenade x1
  • Weapons tablet x1

Notes / Tips to Help You Become a Better Serpent’s Hand Soldier


When it comes to you encountering an SCP, don’t attempt to kill it. For you are working alongside it. On servers which have friendly fire off, you cannot kill the SCPs. This also means that the SCP’s cannot kill you (This does not include SCP-079 using the Tesla gates).

You will notice that when you are equipping and item, you will have the same arm model as D-class. This is just how the model looks and is not a glitch.


Try to use your firepower to corner or lure enemies towards SCPs so that either you get the upper hand during a firefight or so that the SCP and take the kill.

There are some gullible characters out there, try and use this trick to catch some out. If there are NTF [1]units in the facility and you spawn in, try to see if they notice you spawning in or not. Do this by entering the facility and using your radio to contact the NTF[1] players. Try saying how you are a survivor NTF[1] unit and find out their location. You can either tell the other Serpent’s Hand units this, or you could even tell the SCPs this if you encounter them.


NTF – The NTF, or “Nine Tail Fox”, is the name for the Mobile Task Force (MTF) that is sent to the facility to take charge of the containment breach, the NTF are Facility officials so they are with the Facility Guards and Scientists.

Vanilla – This is a common word used for games that have mods however do not have any installed. This also includes plug-ins.

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