SCP: Secret Laboratory – Actual Guide on How to Escape

Tired of losing due to SCPs, MTF or CI spawns? Well, you’ve came to the right place. This is a guide of how to acutally escape as a Class-D or a Scientist.

Guide to Escape

Start of the Game

You have spawned as a Class-D or a scientist, what should you do?

You spawn in a cell inside Light Containment Zone, when you head out, there should be a few doors leading to any place.

Above the doors there are signs indicating what place the door leads to, this can be very useful.

If you are a Class-D, you probably should find some keycards immediately.

If you are a scientist, you can move on to SCP-914 or get the zone manager card from SCP-012’s room.

Light Containment Zone

At the bathroom, there is a chance for a keycard or a gun to spawn.

At PC-15, it will definitely gonna spawn a Scientist keycard, there could also be a medkit case or a locker to spawn there.

VT Room, SCP-372 and 173’s chamber will not directly spawn items, but there is a chance to spawn a locker there to get a keycard.

While there will always be a Zone Manager Keycard at SCP-012’s room, you will need to access the door by using a Scientist keycard.

Right after you get a keycard, you should immediately head to SCP-914 to upgrade it, if an enemy is attacking there, wait for your teammates with a keycard with enough level or retreat and come back when the coast is clear.

After getting in SCP 914, this would be the best way to upgrade your keycard.

If you have a Janitor / Scientist Card:

  • 1:1 > Fine

Zone Manager:

  • Fine

Although you can’t access armories with the Facility Manger card, just like the in game tip, getting an O5 might be unnecessary if you just want to escape. If you want to have access to the armories though, you can set the machine to Fine again to obtain O5.

Note: You can choose other options but this is then fastest way.

Heavy Containment Zone

Since heavy containment zone is a place where it’s the transition from LCZ to EZ and vice versa, this might even be more dangerous than LCZ.

Since early on there are none friendly classes to Class-D, you have to be extra careful if you’re Class-D.

I wouldn’t recommend staying here for long, since enemy reinforcements might spawn and come down here if you’re slow and SCPs can lurk around here.

If you only have a Facility Manager, and you want extra protection, you can head to SCP-096’s room to get a Lieutenant Card for armory access 2.

If you haven’t gotten any guns or only have guns that aren’t that good or don’t have much ammo, you can head to either the Warhead Armory, Micro-HID room or SCP-049’s chamber armory to get some more weapons, grenades, medical items or ammo. (Only applies if you have the right keycard.)

Entrance Zone

This is the last obstacle before escaping (if you don’t count Surface Zone), although no classes spawn here besides Facility Guards, if you’re slow, some hostile classes would be going here.

There aren’t too many types of rooms here so it’s not worth staying here for long, the best bet is just to head to Gate A or B.

Note: For Class-D, it’s recommended to go to Gate B and vice versa for scientist.

Surface Zone

Alright, this is actually the last obstacle before escaping, this part might seem pretty easy, but sometimes it’s not.

There isn’t much you need to do here besides escaping so I’ll just leave what to do in case something goes wrong.

If you are a Class-D and you hear MTF announcement or see the helicopter coming, don’t be afraid to hide, if you’re near the exit point, you probably should just escape.

If you’re a scientist, the only way to know if Chaos Insurgency spawns is if you check Gate A and see the van coming, if it’s coming, that means Chaos is going to spawn, do the same stuff as Class-D but you probably won’t make it out alive by trying to escape if you’re still near Gate A.

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