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Shortest Trip to Earth - Bluestar Ship Guide

Written by Dr Hobo   /   Aug 20, 2019    

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Bluestar Ship

Unlocked by reaching sector 5.

Installed modules are:

Primary / Storage

  • Command bridge, type DUO-2
  • Non-combat sensor, type LR
  • Fuel-optimizer engine
  • Warpdrive, type 101
  • Terran Industrial energy reactor
  • 4x Micro reactor I
  • Fuel tank (medium)
  • Exotics container (medium)
  • Organics container (medium)
  • Multi-container ESM-2

Weapons / Defence

  • Aegis shield generator (old)
  • 3x Terran point-defence
  • Shield batteries T1
  • Energy projector BFGX9
  • 3x Mining laser II
  • Fueltank nuke

Crew / Utility

  • Cryosleepx6, standard issue
  • Medbay type 202
  • Microgrowery
  • 2x Science labx3, Type Threespace

Free slots

  • 3x Internal module slot

Ship specific perks available on the Bluestar

Mining lasers upgrade II>III - 6 Fate Points

Replaces all three Mining laser II with Mining laser III.

EMP Megablast 9000 - 3 Fate Points

Adds a EMP 9000 nuke to your storage.

DIY nuke [weaponized probe] - 3 Fate Points

Adds an Improvised probe nuke to your storage.

Sensor replacement - 6 Fate Points

Replaces the Non-combat sensor, type LR with Non-combat sensor Mk II.

The decoy moduleset (x3) - 3 Fate Points

Adds a Weapon decoy & Integrity hardpoint, Shield deocy and Decoy capital missile to your storage.

Shield generator replacement - 2 Fate Points

Replaces the Aegis shield generator (old) with Aegis shield generator.

Space pet (random species) - 1 Fate Point

Adds a random pet to your crew.

The Moleculaati - 3 Fate Points

Adds a combat pet to your crew. Can fight intruders and put out fires.

DIY lab drone - 3 Fate Points

Adds a science drone to your crew. Can research, fight intruders and put out fires.

Natural artifact (Whitestone) - 2 Fate Points

Adds a Natural artifact (exotic crystal) to your storage. Scrap it for Metals +80 and Exotics +4.

Fuel container upgrade - 5 Fate Points

Replaces Fuel tank (medium) with Fuel tank (dual medium).

Written by Dr Hobo.