Koikatsu Party – Unlocking Sex Positions

How to unlock all sex positions in story mode.

Story Progress

All credit goes to Mihir!

Completing the story for one of the story characters unlocks a position.

  • Mai Himekawa (12 events): Standing HJ & Ball Caress
  • Konomi Hiragi (12 events): Titjob (Squeeze)
  • Sakura Yuuki (9 events): Cowgirl
  • Ai Minase (9 events): Handjob (Two Hands)

School Exploration

Training Sensuality while accompanied by a girl will unlock up to 8 sex positions.

  • Tip Caress
  • Titjob & Lick
  • Standing HJ & Ball Lick
  • Squeeze Titjob
  • Standing Titjob (Squeeze)
  • Body Press Titjob
  • Tip Caress (Chair)
  • Head Caress (Standing)

Sex Acts

20 positions can be unlocked by getting all H experiences to 100%.

Caress experiences unlock the following caress positions at 100%:

  • Laying Down
  • Sitting (Chair)
  • Sitting (Desk)
  • Chair Squat
  • Hands and Knees

Service experience unlocks:

  • 15%: Lick (Head and Shaft)
  • 15%: Blowj*b (Two Hands)
  • 45%: Blowj*b (One Hand)
  • 45%: Standing BJ (One Hand)
  • 70%: Titjob
  • 70%: Standing Titjob
  • 100%: Titjob & Suck
  • 100%: Standing Titjob Suck

Pound experience unlocks:

  • 45%: Spread Missionary
  • 45%: Missionary Press
  • 70%: Chair Cowgirl
  • 100%: Doggy (One Leg Up)
  • Anal Pound experience unlocks:
  • 45%: Doggy (Arm Pull)
  • 70%: C. Doggy (Arm Pull)
  • 100%: D. Doggy (Arm Pull)

Club Rank

Earn points by getting new club members, interacting with girls, and getting intimate. After getting 10,000 points, access the Club Activity Report in the Club Room to increase your Club Rank, which unlocks new positions.

Rank B

  • Unlocks Vibrator
  • Unlocks Standing HJ (Sex Sleeve)
  • Unlocks Standing BJ (Two Hands)
  • Unlocks Side
  • Unlocks Desk Missionary

Rank A

  • Unlocks D*ldo
  • Unlocks Chair Reverse Cowgirl
  • Unlocks Desk Side

Rank S

  • Unlocks Head Lick (No Hands)
  • Unlocks Standing BJ (No Hands)
  • Unlocks Standing Missionary
  • Unlocks Lotus (One Leg Up)
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