Monster Sanctuary – Monster and Chest Location Guide

Map exploration order based on Monster Journal.

Mountain Path (1-20)

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1.(3x Blob)
1A.Require DoubleJump.[Large Shield]
2.(2x Blob,1x Magmapillar)(2x Magmapillar,1x Rocky)
3.[Cestus][Kunai]..[Hide]-TopRight.Flying or SummonRock
[Vital Ring]-BottomRight.BreakWall
4.(2x Blob,1x Vaero)
5.[Bracelet][Gauntlet][2x Copper]
5A.Require DoubleJump + Flying or SummonRock.(3x Manticorb).[Harp]
6.(3x Vaero).[Diadem]-Flying.
7.(2x Magmapillar,1x Rocky)(2x Blob,1x Rocky).[Morning Star][Orb]
8.*Teleporter Stone*.[Impact Ring][3x Phoenix Tear]..[Red Gem][150 G]-Cut or Burn the Vines.
9.(3x Rocky).[Bandana]..[Skill Resetter]-Break Wall
10.(3x Magmapillar)..(3x Catzerker)[Walnut]-Vines.
11.(2x Blob,1x Catzerker).[Crit Ring]
12.[3x Smoke Bomb][100 G]
12B.Require BlobForm.[Shift Stone]
13.(2x Yowie,1x Vaero)
14.[Tome][2x Potion]
15.(2x Yowie,1x Catzerker).[Shell][Ribbon]..[Gauntlet+3]-TopLeft.Require DoubleJump + Flying.
16.*Old Buran's Battle*.\\Champion Steam Golem//
17.\\Champion Monk//.[Sustain Ring]
18.[Ocarina][Wizard Hat]..[Pandora's Box]-BottomLeft.FireOrb
.....[2x Potion]-BottomRight.WaterOrb
19.(2x Catzerker,1x Magmapillar)
20.(2x Vaero,1x Catzerker)

Keeper’s Stronghold (21-32)

23.*Information on Battle Rating*.[Hide+1]
26.*Teleporter Stone*.*Monster Keeper*-Donate Egg for Reward.
27.*Blacksmith*.*Material Shop*-Appear later.
31.*Home*-Talk to Father for rewards everytime you raise your Keeper Rank.
32.[Skill Resetter][Cape]

Keeper’s Tower

Hall.*Teleporter Stone*
CC.Champion Challenge-Re-fight Boss to get their egg
DC.Duel Circle(Keeper Novice)
IA.Infinity Arena(Keeper Seeker)
OA. Online Arena(Keeper Lancer)
SP.Sacred Place(Keeper Master)-Allow you to gather all Spectral Familiar.
[Mega Potion][Shift Stone]-Secret Vision.
[Infinity Flame]-Defeat your familiar.

Blue Caves (33-61)

``From now on, Tanuki has 3% chance of appearing.
33.*Will,Leonard*.(2x Tengu,1x Grummy)
35.[Blue Cave Key][250 G]..[Bracelet+1]-BottomRight.Break Wall
36.*Switch*.(2x Grummy,1x Tengu)
``Left Switch UP 2 times if you have flying.
``Left UP 3, Middle UP 1, Right DOWN 1 if you don't have flying.
37.(3x Tengu)(2x Fungi,1x Grummy).[Katar]
39.(3x Fungi).[Vital Ring+1]
39A.BreakWall.[Vital Ring+2]
40.*Leonard*.(2x Fungi,1x Tengu).[Red Gem][Cestus+1]
41.*Teleporter Stone*..[Shell+2]-MiddleLeft.Flying and Vines.
42.(2x Fungi,1x Monk)
43.Flying or Summon Rock to reach <44>, if you don't have it, come back later after you obtain DoubleJump.
44.[Blue Cave Key][Sustain Ring+2]
45.(2x Monk,1x Grummy).[Blue Cave Key][Green Gem]
46.(2x Monk,1x Frosty).[Belt+2]
46A.Require DoubleJump.[Hazelnut][Bronze]
47.[Level Badge]
47A.Require SummonBigRock.[Blood Vessel]
48.(2x Frosty,1x Tengu).[Double Jump Boots]
49.[4x Copper][3x Cotton]
50.*Alchemist,Will,Leonard*.\\Champion Minitaur//
51.(3x Frosty)
53.(2x Tengu,1x Grummy)
54.[Pear][2x Level Badge]
55A.Require ImproveSwimming.[Crystal Shard][Shift Stone]
56.(2x Frosty,1x Monk)
57A.Dark Room.[Diadem+3]
58A.Require Levitate.[2x Reward Box lvl 3][2x Craft Box]
59.(2x Monk,1x Grummy)..[Coat+2]-BottomLeft.Summon Rock and Tackle
[Shift Stone]-BottomRight.Require Swimming
60.*Bex*..[Tome+3]-Require EarthOrb
.....[3x Combo Potion]-Require LightningOrb
61.\\Champion Specter//.[Medallion]
``Go left to open the path to Mountain Path.

``Meet Will at Keeper's Stronghold <29>, after that go fight him at Keeper's Tower Duel Circle.

Stronghold Dungeon (62-93)

63.*Jail Keeper*.[Grapes]...[Crystal Shard]-TopLeft.Summon Rock at the BottomRight.
63A.MiddleRight Room BreakWall.[Katana]
64.(2x Crackle Knight,1x Grummy)
66.(2x Nightwing,1x Crackle Knight)
68.(2x Crackle Knight,1x Nightwing).[2x Bronze]
69.[Mass Potion]-LightningOrb
69A.TopLeft of <69>.[500 G]
70.(1x G'rulu,2x Grummy)...[2x Iron]-Tackle...[Blue Gem]-TopLeft.BreakWall
72.(2x G'rulu,1x Grummy).``Go left to open the path to Blue Cave.
73.(2x G'rulu,1x Crackle Knight)
74.*Switch for <75>*
75.(2x Mad Eye,1x Crackle Knight)..[2x Iron]-TopRight.Flying
76.[Mass Potion]..[Morning Star+2]-MiddleRight.Flying
77.*Teleporter Stone*,(2x Mad Eye,1x G'rulu)
77A.[Skill Resetter]
78.(3x Mad Eye)
78A.Jump into the Dark spot at the MiddleRight.[Skill Potion]
78B.[Red Gem][Blue Gem][Green Gem]...[Shift Stone]-Require SummonBigRock
78C.\\Champion Aezerach//-Require Key Item "Ahrimaaya" which you can get by talking to Trevisan at <77> after you clear the game.
79.(2x Toxiquus,1x Mad Eye).[Corn][Gauntlet+2]
81.*Blob Monument*.[Stronghold Dungeon Key][Stronghold Dungeon Key]
82.(3x Toxiquus).[Drum]
83. *require mount to go through right side*
84.[Wizard Hat+2]
``Operate Switch counting from the right 2`3`2`4`2`3`5`1`2`3`4
88.*Will*.\\Champion Beetloid//
90.[Red Gem]-TopRight.Dark
90A.[3x Reward Box lvl 1]-BottomLeft.BreakWall multiple times.
.....[Crit Ring+3]-Follow the path on TopLeft.
91.(3x G'rulu)...[Green Gem]-TopLeft.Tackle
92.(2x Toxiquus,1x Mad Eye)
93.*Vallalar's Battle*.*Will,Chymes*
93A.Require BlobForm.[2x Reward Box lvl 3][Tome+5]

``Meet Will at Keeper's Stronghold <29>, after that go to <68> and onto new area.

Ancient Woods (94-125)

94.(Magmamoth,Magmapillar,Druid Oak).[Grapes]
96.(2x Druid Oak,1x Magmamoth).[Green Gem]
97.[2x Level Badge]
97A.BreakWall.[Sustain Ring+3]
98.(2x Nightwing,1x Molebear).[Hazelnut]
99.[Corn]-Break Wall
101.(Magmamoth,Molebear,Druid Oak)(2x Magmamoth,1x Druid Oak).[Red Gem][2x Iron]
102.(2x Magmamoth,1x Magmapillar)
103.*Tree of Evolution*.*Teleporter Stone*.*Merchant*.*Name Changer*.[Ancient Woods Key]
104.[2x Wool][Ancient Woods Key][Tome+2]
``Switch Order: Blue`Red`Blue`Red(Right)`Blue`Green`Blue`Red`Blue`Red(for the chest)`Same Red(after chest)`Green`Green(right)`Red`Green(right)`Blue(bottom)`Yellow`Blue`Green`Red.
105.(3x Molebear)....[2x Iron]-TopLeft.Flying....[2x Wool]-BottomRight.Vines
105A.BreakWall.[2x Mass Antidote]
107.(2x Nightwing,1x Molebear)
107A.Break MiddleRight Wall.[2x Level Badge]...[2000 G]-BottomRight.Require ImprovedFlying.
Deep Ancient Woods(D1).(3x Troll)
D2.(2x Argiope,1x Troll).[Craft Box]-TopLeft
D3.\\Champion Brutus//
D4.(2x Troll,1x Glowfly).``Break Wall at Right.
D5.[Morning Star+4]
108.[2x Level Badge][2x Combo Potion]
110.(2x Molebear,1x Nightwing).[Cocoon].``Top Pillar can be break.
112.(3x Druid Oak)
113.(2x Goblin Hood,1x Goblin Brute)(2x Goblin Warlock,1x Goblin Hood).[500 G]
114.*Alchemist Ostanes's Battle*.*Julia*.(2x Goblin Hood,1x Goblin Warlock)
.....[Claw+2]-Access from TopRight of <115>.
115.(2x Goblin Hood,1x Goblin Brute)...[2x Hazelnut]-BottomRight.LightningOrb
116A.Dark Room.[2x Bronze]
117.(2x Glowfly,1x Nightwing)(2x Glowfly,1x Molebear)
117A.Dark Room.(3x Glowfly).[Crystal Shard][Blue Gem]
117B.Light Torch.[2x Potion][Skill Potion]
119.(2x Goblin Warlock,1x Goblin Brute)
120.[Ancient Woods Key]
121.(1x Goblin Brute,Warlock,Hood)
122.*Ostanes,Julia*.\\Champion Goblin King//.[400 G][Cape+3]
123.(2x Goblin Brute,1x Goblin Warlock).[2x Smoke Bomb]
125.\\Champion Raduga//
125A.Require ImprovedFlying.[2x Craft Box][Skill Potion]...[Lightning Sphere]-Top.Require Grapple.

``Go to Dungeon's Jail <63> and talk to Eric.
``Now head toward Mountain Path <12> and head left for new area.

Snowy Peaks (126-154)

126.DoubleJump and Flying.
127.(3x Yowie).[Mana Ring+3]
128.*Old Buran*
129.(2x Ice Blob,1x Yowie).[Strawberry]-BottomLeft.Break Wall
130.(2x Mogwai,1x Yowie)(2x Ice Blob,1x Mogwai).[Blue Gem][Red Gem][2x Hazelnut]
130A.BreakWall.[2x Wool].[Hide+3]-TopRight.Flying
......[Corn]-MiddleRight.Below the Switch
132.(3x Mogwai).[Green Gem]
133.(2x Caraglow,1x Mogwai)
133A.BreakWall.Dark Room.[Skill Potion]
134.(2x Ice Blob,1x Caraglow)...[Almond]-TopRight.Flying
135.(2x Ice Blob,1x Crystal Snail).[2x Iron]...[2x Leather]-BottomRight.IceOrb
136.(2x Crystal Snail,1x Mogwai).[Verdant Gem]-Top.EarthOrb
136A.Require Crush.(3x Targoat).[Bronze][Silver]
136B.\\Champion Dracozul//
137.*Teleporter Stone*
138A.*Lady Stasis*-Change Dodo Egg into Shockhopper Egg.
139.(3x Aurumtail).[Mass Antidote]
140.[2x Mango]-Distance IceOrb
140A.(2x Mogwai,1x Caraglow).[Bandana+3]
141.(2x Aurumtail,1x Crystal Snail)
142.(2x Caraglow,1x Aurumtail)
143.[Leather]..[Crimson Gem]-Middle.Break Wall ...[5000 G]-TopLeft.Require Secret Vision
145.(Megataur,Caraglow,Crystal Snail).[Skill Resetter]...[Azure Gem]-TopLeft.Flying
146.*Clothes Maker*-Raw Hide for Warm Underwear(Key Item), Carrot for Winter Shard.
147.(2x Megataur,1x Crystal Snail).[Strawberry]-LightningOrb
148.[Level Badge].[Helmet+3]-TopRight.BreakWall
149.(Caraglow,Megataur,Aurumtail).[Almond][2x Iron][Orb+3]
``There is a ground switch at MiddleLeft.
149A.Require Warm Underwear.[Carrot,Claws+3]
``You need to get through the first part blindly with flying.
150.[Raw Hide].[Wizard Hat+3]-WaterOrb
``Break BottomLeft Wall to <151>
151.[Combo Potion][2x Wool][Level Badge]
``Go back to Clothes Maker to get Warm Underwear. Then go to <137>.
152A.Require Swimming.(2x Megataur,1x Aurumtail).[Shift Stone][Skill Potion]
153.*Oracle*.\\Champion Akhlut//.[Carrot]
154.[Verdant Gem]-MiddleRight.BreakWall

Sun Palace (155-185)

``Tanuki has 15% chance to appear in this place instead of 3% chance.
155.*Caretaker*.(3x Imori)(2x Blade Widow,1x Imori).[Azure Gem][Verdant Gem]
156.(2x Imori,1x Ninki Nanka).[Sun Stone]-TopRight.Flying
158.*Caretaker*.*Teleporter Stone*
159.(2x Vasuki,1x Ninki Nanka).[Cestus+3].WaterOrb.TimeSwitch
160.(2x Vasuki,1x Blade Widow)(2x Ninki Nanka,1x Vasuki).[2x Almond].
.....[Crimson Gem]-MiddleLeft.SummonRock
161.(3x Blade Widow).[2x Wool].
161A.(2x Vasuki,1x Blade Widow).[Red Gem][Blue Gem][Green Gem]-EarthOrb
161B.Require Secret Vision.\\Champion Diavola//
164.(2x Imori,1x Ninki Nanka)..[2x Leather]-Distance FireOrb...[Bandana+4]-Distance IceOrb
165.*Switch to Raise Tower*
``From Left to Right, Pull the 2nd,3rd and 5th switch.
166.*Switch for Water Drain*
167.[Carrot][2xIron][Level Badge][Phoenix Tear]
``Pull BottomRight Switch to proceed.
168.(2x Kame,1x Vasuki)
169.(2x Kame,1x Sycophantom).[Level Badge]
169A.After 2nd Water Drain, Time Switch with Mount.*Blob Monument*.[Crystal Shard][Vital Ring+4]
``Break the Wall at BottomRight and Tackle Block on the Switch.
170.(3x Sycophantom)
171.[Crimson Gem]-TopLeft.TimeSwitch
172.(2x Sycophantom,1x Kame)
173.``Focus on Right Switch first, and then Left, then pull the switch at TopRight.
174.(3x Ninki Nanka).\\Champion Qilin//.*Switch to Raise Tower*
175.*Switch for 2nd Water Drain*.[Skill Potion]
176.[Reward Box lvl 1]
177.[2x Smoke Bomb]-Middle.Tackle
177A.Require Swimming.[2x Level Badge][Switch Stone]-TimeSwitch
178.(2x Kame,1x Imori)
179A.Break BottomRight Wall.[2x Mango][Bronze]
178B.Require Grapple at the Top of <179>.[Shuriken+5]
180.[Skill Resetter][Monster Bell].[Switch Stone]-BottomLeft.Require Swimming
181.(2x Blade Widow,1x Ninki Nanka).*Switch to Raise Tower*
183.*Ignite the Pipe*.\\Champion Kanko//
185.*Zosimos's Battle*

``Go to Ancient Woods <125> for new area.

Horizon Beach (186-218)

186.*Monster Keeper*.*Teleporter Stone*
187.[Level Badge]
188.(2x Ucan,1x Vaera)(2x Dodo,1x Ucan)
189.(2x Dodo,1x Vaero).[Rare Seashell]-Require ImprovedFlying
.....[Shift Stone]-TopLeft. Require ImprovedFlying
190.*Leonard*.[Reward Box lvl 2]
191.(2x Brawlish,1x Ucan)
192.*Julia*.*Old Man by the Sea*-Memorial Ring for Reward Box lvl 2.(2x Brawlish,1x Toxiquus)
.....[Belt+4]-BottomLeft.Require ImproveSwimming
193.[Level Badge].[Rare Seashell]-BottomLeft.Require ImproveSwimming
194.(2x Thornish,1x Koi)(2x Koi,1x Thornish).[Crystal Shard].[Big Potion]-MiddleLeft.BreakWall
195.(2x Ucan,1x Dodo)(2x Silvaero,1x Vaero).[2x Monster Bell][Crit Ring+4]
``You can reach top part of the map by stepping on the wooden gate that you open.
196.(2x Thornish,1x Brawlish).[Skill Potion][Crimson Gem]-Bottom.ImproveSwimming
197.[Azure Gem]-TopRight.IceOrb and Tackle
.....[Rare Seashell]-BottomRight.TimeSwitch
198.[Level Badge]
199.*Teleporter Stone*.(2x Kongamato,1x Dodo).[Verdant Gem]
200.(2x Thornish,1x Ucan)(2x Kongamato,1x Vaero).[Bronze][Reward Box lvl 2][2x Smoke Bomb]
.....[Shell+4]-MiddleLeft.Jump with Swimming...[1000 G]-MiddleLeft.Break Wall
200A.Require BlobForm.[Mega Potion]
200B.\\Champion Vodinoy//.[Sapphire][Shift Stone]
201.(2x Kongamato,1x Silvaero).[Carrot][Gauntlet+4]
203.*Bex*.[Silver Feather]``Can use to evolve Vaera to get ImprovedFlying.
.....[Skill Potion]-Right.ImprovedFlying
204.*Fisherman*-5 Rare Seashell for Fishing Rod(Weapon).[Reward Box lvl 2]
205.[Rare Seashell]
206.(2x Brawlish,1x Nautilid)
207.(2x Nautilid,1x Toxiquus)
208.[Azure Gem][Diadem+4]
211.[Phoenix Tear]
212.(2x Ucan,1x Brawlish)
``Go back to <209>.
214.(2x Nautilid,1x Thornish)
215.[Rare Seashell]
215A.Jump through the top.
215B.[Moon Sword]
216.[Memorial Ring].``You can read the book here.
217.(3x Nautilid).[2x Combo Potion]
218.*Julia, Leonard*.*Julia's Battle*.\\Champion Elderjel//.[Sanctuary Token][2000 G]

Magma Chamber (219 – 259)

220.*Goblin Trader*
221.(2x Goblin Miner,1x Glowdra).[Level Badge]
222.[Gray Pearl]-Middle.Crush
223.(Goblin Miner,Glowdra,Glowfly)
224.*Stone Monument*
225.*Teleporter Stone*
``Go Keeper's Stronghold <29> to find Will and he will go to <224>, talk to him there.
226.[Raw Hide].``Top will lead to Ancient Woods.
228.[Verdant Gem]
229.*Bex Fight*
230.(2x Goblin Miner,1x Salahammer).[2x Steel]
232.(2x Goblin Miner,1x Draconov)
233.[2x Mass Potion].[Skill Potion]-TopLeft.BreakWall
235.(2x Glowdra,1x Glowfly).[2x Almond]
237.*Wanderer*.*Blob Monument*
238.[2x Bronze] , *Require mount to go through left side*
239.(2x Salahammer,1x Lava Blob)
240.(2x Draconov,1x Glowdra).[Volcanic Ash]-BottomRight.ImprovedFlying
241.[Runestone Shard]``Go back and talk to Will at <224>.
243.[1000 G]-BottomLeft.BreakWall
243A.Require SecretVision.[2x Mega Potion][2x Reward Box lvl 4]
244.(3x Lava Blob)
245.(2x Draconov,1x Dracogran).[Bracer+4]-BottomRight.ImproveFlying
246.(2x Dracogran,1x Draconov).[Magma Chamber Key]
247.(Lava Blob,Salahammer,Draconov).[Azure Gem]
248.[2x Silver]-Crush
249.(2x Lava Blob,1x Salahammer).[Crimson Gem][Silk]
250.*Rhazes's Battle*.*Will*.``Rhaze will become Item Shop later, also sell Plague Egg(Monster).
252.[Silver].``Open Path connected to <222>.
253.[Raw Hide]
254.(2x Salahammer,1x Lava Blob).[2x Steel].[Omni Ring]-TopRight.SummonRock and Mount.
255.(2x Lava Blob,1x Dracogran).[Needle+4]
255A.Require Levitate.\\Champion Gryphonix//.[Craft Box][Skill Potion]
256.[2x Leather]-Mount
256A.Break Wall.[2x Silver][Raw Hide]
257.(2x Dracogran,1x Draconov)
258.[Staff+4][Silk]``Go top to open path connected to <246>
259.*Will*.\\Champion Asura//.[Sanctuary Token]

``Go to Blue Cave <47> and to new area.

Underworld (260-291)

260.*Eric Fight*
262.(2x Argiope,1x Mega Rock)
263.*Leonard, Julia*.(2x Moccus,1x Mega Rock)...[Peanut]-MiddleTop.ImproveFlying
.....[2x Steel]-TopLeft.ImproveFlying
264.(2x Mega Rock,1x Argiope).[Needle+5]-BottomLeft.Require SummonBigRock
265.(2x Moccus,1x Argiope).[Banana]
266.(2x Moccus,1x Arachlich)
267.[2x Silk]-Switch from <274>.
268.[Crystal Shard]-Top.Grapple...[Mana Ring+5]-TopRight.Tackle and Grapple.
269.(2x Argiope,1x Arachlich).[Underworld Key]
270.[Skill Potion]-Switch from <274>
271.*Switch*.[1000 G]
274.(1x Moccus,Promethean,Arachlich).``Right Switch open path to <270>
``Left Switch Up once, go <267> and get the chest, afterward jump down.
274A.SummonBigRock.(2x Arachlich,1x Promethean).[2x Silver][2x Monster Bell]
275.[2x Silk][Shift Stone].``Switch open path to <269>
``Go back to <274> and pull switch down 3 times, this open up the chest at <270>.
``After getting the chest, pull the switch up 1 times and new path will open at <270>.
276.*Leonard Fight*.(2x Mega Rock,1x Moccus)
277.*Teleporter Stone*.(2x Promethean,1x Mega Rock).
...[Sustain Ring+5]-TopRight.LeftGrapple and ImproveFlying.
``ImprovedFlying Switch at Left to open path.
279.(2x Arachlich,1x Moccus).[Orange].``Ignore the Switch for now
279A.Break the Wall.[Phoenix Serum][Scythe].
``You need to pull the switch from <277>, do this after <282> when you're on the way to <285>
280.(3x Mega Rock).[Phoenix Serum]
280A.Grapper and SummonBigRock.[Level Badge].``Open Path to <169A>
280C.\\Champion Spinner//
281.*Pull the Switch after you pull the switch that's blocked off at <279>*
282.*Pull Switch*
284.(2x Promethean,1x Arachlich)
284A.Require Grapple.[Clear Stone]
284B.Require Switch from <289B>.(3x Promethean).[Wizard Hat+5]
285A.Require BlobForm.[Reward Box lvl 3][Belt+5]
286.*Julia,Vallalar*.(2x Argiope,1x Arachlich)
287.(2x Promethean,1x Argiope).[Big Potion][Helmet+5].``Pull the Switch to lower the pillar.
``Now you can pull <279> left switch and go to the top left.
288.*Don't Pull the Switch*
289.*Leonard*.[Silver].``go bottom to open path to <279>.
``Now go flip the switch of <279>, then go back to <288> through <289> and flip the switch. New path will available at <283>.
289B.[Switch Stone],*Pull Switch for Grapple Access of <284A> to <284B>*
291.*Zosimos*. \\Champion Draconoir//. [Key of Power]

``Go to Stronghold Dungeon <67> and use ImprovedFlying to the <292>

Mystical Workshop (292-314)

292.[Switch Stone]
293A.[Skill Potion]
294.(2x Stolby,1x Steam Golem)
295.(2x Stolby,1x Oculus)
295A.[2x Level Badge].[Ribbon+5]-Crush
295B.SummonRock and Tackle.[Skill Potion][3x Craft Box]
``All switch counting from left to right
`Push block onto 2nd switch
`Push other block onto 1st switch
`Summon rock at 3rd switch and go down
`Push block onto 1st switch
`Push other block to the left so you can jump up.
`Push the right block onto the switch.
`Push the left block onto the switch.
`Summon rock at the switch right next to it, the bottom gate should open.
`Now use the 2 block at the bottom + summon rock on all the three switch.
``Grab the chest and done.
296.(2x Polterofen,1x SteamGolem)
297.*Teleporter Stone*
297A.[Summoned Sword]-Distance FireOrb.
297B.*Trade Golem*.*Bex*.(2x Salahammer,1x Polterofen)
299.*Trevisan*.(2x Ornithopter,1x Oculus).[Phoenix Serum][1500 G][2x Level Badge]
299A.(3x Mimic).[2x Steel].[2x Gold]-Top.Grapple
300.(3x Mimic)(2x Oculus,1x Ornithopter).[2x Silk]
301.(3x Ornithopter)
302.[Mystical Workshop Key].[Feather+5]-Mount.TimeSwitch
303.(2x Polterofen,1x Salahammer).[Craft Box][2x Linen]
``The Switch doesn't reset so I lose track on how to do it.
``What you need to do to get the chest is flip the top right switch, this open the top left switch.
``Then you flip the top left, then back to top right, then the 2 under top left.
305.( Oculus,Steam Golem,Polterofen).[2x Linen]
305A.*Blob Monument*.[Ruby]
307.[Mystical Workshop Key]
308.(2x Ornithopter,1x Oculus)(3x Oculus).[Sapphire][2x Big Potion]
309.[Mimic][Mystical Workshop Key]
310.(2x Polterofen,1x Stolby)(3x Stolby).[Emerald]
311.*Trevisan*.\\Champion Goblin Pilot//.[Banana]
311A.*Giant Clock*.Set Clock to 11:05.\\Champion Vertraag//
``Trevison at Stronghold Dungeon's Teleporter Stone after you clear the game will give you tips on this.
311B.Set Clock to 09:00.[3000 G].[Shift Stone]...[2x Gold]-Require Levitate.
``This is hinted at <306>,
313.*Trevisan*.``Flip the switch and go to <297> for new area.
314.[3x Smoke Bomb].*Will Fight*

Abandoned Tower (315-339)

315.*Will,Julia,Leonard,Jail Keeper*
317.(2x Sutsune,Thanatos).[2x Ruby]-BottomLeft.WaterOrb
319.(2x Thanatos,1x Beetloid).[Shell+5]-TopRight.Grapple
320.(2x Specter,1x Sutsune).[Switch Stone]-TopRight.SummonBigRock
321.[Gauntlet+5]-FireOrb. [ShiftStone]-BottomLeft.BreakWall
321A.BreakWall.[2x MegaPotion]
321B.(Sutsune,Thanatos,Qilin).[2x Sapphire]-BottomRight.ImproveFlying
.........[2x Clear Stone]-TopLeft.Fake Wall, just walk through it.
321C.Require BlobForm.[Phoenix Serum][2x Craft Box]
322.*Will*.(Sutsune,Raduga,Thanatos).[2x Emerald]-SummonRock
323.(2x Darnation,1x Sutsune)
324.[2x Gold]-Crush...[2x Phoenix Serum][3x Linen]-Switch.
``Bottom to open path to <321B>
325.(2x Thanatos,1x Darnation)
326.*Leonard*.[Buckler]-FarRight.Require LoftyMount(Gryphonix)
327.[Skill Potion]-Mount.TimeSwitch
328A.[Shift Stone]-Bottom.ImproveSwimming
329.*Alchemists's Battle*.*Julia*
330.*Julia*.[2x Level Badge]
330A.[3x Steel].[3x Silk]-Ignite Torch
331.*Teleporter Stone*.(Qilin,Darnation,Raduga).[3x Skill Resetter]
332.*Zosimos's Battle*
334.(2x Sutsune,1x Beetloid).[2x Craft Box]-EarthOrb
335.[Switch Stone]
336A.[Restoring Wand]-Secret Vision
337.(3x Darnation)
337A.[2500 G][Shift Stone]-Right.BreakWall
338.*Chymes's Battle*
339.*Marduk's Battle*.\\Champion Mad Lord//

``For Next Location, talk to Wanderer at Magma Chamber <237>, then battle Old Buran at Mountain Path <16>, after that you will get Blob Key.
``Trigger all 3 Blob Monument at Stronghold Dungeon<81> ,Sun Palace<169A> and Mystical Workshop<305A>.
``New path will open at Magma Chamber <237>.

Blob Burg (340-355)

340.(Blob,Ice Blob,Lava Blob)
341.(Rainbow Blob,Blob,Ice Blob).[Linen]
342A.BlobForm.[2x Cookie Mushroom]
342.(2x Rainbow Blob,1x Lava Blob).[Ruby]
343.[2x Steel]
344.(Rainbow Blob,Ice Blob,Changeling).[Phoenix Serum][2x Linen]
346.(3x Rainbow Blob).[Gold]
347.(2x Changeling,1x Blob).[Emerald]
348.*Teleporter Stone*.[Craft Box]
349.(2x Changeling,1x Lava Blob)
350.[Skill Potion]-TopLeft.ImproveFlying...[Switch Stone]-BottomRight.Swimming
.......[Mega Potion]-Require Levitate.
351.(3x Changeling),[2x Linen][2x Mass Antidote].[Shift Stone]-BottomLeft.ImproveSwimming
353.(2x Rainbow Blob,1x Changeling)
354.\\Champion King Blob//. [Slime Skin]
355.(3x Worm)(3x Worm).[Fang+5]...[Hexing Rod]-TopRight.SecretVision.

Monster Evolution

The wild evolve form will only drop egg of their pre-evolution, so something like G’rulu will drop egg of Grummy instead, this is also the only way to get Ninki, as there is no wild Ninki, only wild Ninki Nanka.

  • `Magical Clay (Ninki > Ninki Nanka)- Obtain from the Girl at Tree of Evolution.
  • `Stardust (Grummy > G’rulu)- Obtain as a Rare Drop from G’rulu or Sycophantom.
  • `Cocoon (Magmapillar > Magmamoth)- Obtain at Ancient Woods <110>.
  • `Shard of Winter (Minitaur > Megataur)- Obtain from Clothes Maker at Snowy Peaks <146>.
  • `Sun Stone (Crackle Knight > Sizzle Knight)- Obtain at Sun Palace <156>.
  • `Silver Feather (Vaero > Silvaero)- Obtain from Bex at Horizon Beach <203>.
  • `Volcanic Ash (Glowfly > Glowdra)- Obtain at Magma Chamber <240>.
  • `Fire Stone (Draconov > Dracogran)- Obtain as Rare Drop from Dracogran.
  • `Giant Seed (Rocky > Mega Rock)- Obtain as Rare Drop from Mega Rock.
  • `Dark Stone (Draconov > Dragonoir)- Obtain from Dragonoir at 5 Star Rating.
  • `Ice Stone (Draconov > Dracozul)- Obtain from Draconov at 5 Star Rating.
  • `Demonic Pact (Mad Eye > Mad Lord)- Obtain from Mad Lord at 5 Star Rating.
  • `Majestic Crown (Any Blob > King Blob)- Obtain from King Blob at 5 Star Rating.
Written by 阿夢EDDDyum

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