The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening – How to Get the Ocarina and All Songs

This guide covers how to get the Ocarina in Link’s Awakening for Switch. It involves going to a mysterious Dream Shrine and requires a particular item to get through it! This page also covers every song and all of their uses.

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Guides:

How to Get the Ocarina

To get the Ocarina in Link’s Awakening, follow these steps.

  • Get the Power Bracelet from the second dungeon, Bottle Grotto.
  • Get the Pegasus Boots from the third dungeon, Key Cavern.
  • Go to Mabe Village, and move the heavy stones away from the entrance of the Dream Shrine, the stone building just north of the shop.
  • Once inside, go to bed (yes!).
  • Use the Pegasus Boots by holding L to charge straight through the enemies!
  • Open the chests here to get Rupees and Link’s Ocarina!

How to Get Every Ocarina Song

There are a few songs to learn in Link’s Awakening, and some are incredibly useful!

1. Ballad of the Wind Fish

After completing the third dungeon, Key Cavern, you’ll be able to go to Animal Village. You’ll have to bring Marin here if you want to get to the Yarna Desert, though. Once you’ve awoken the Walrus blocking the way, go back to Animal Village to find Marin singing to the animals.

If you have the Ocarina, Marin will teach Link the Ballad of the Wind Fish.

2. Manbo’s Mambo

Manbo’s Mambo sounds silly, but it’s incredibly useful, and you should get it ASAP in Link’s Awakening, which is immediately after completing Angler’s Tunnel, the fourth dungeon. This is where you’ll find the Flippers, which let Link swim.

Swim to the left of Angler’s Tunnel’s entrance, and enter the cave there. Inside, Manbo will teach Link Manbo’s Mambo. This enables Link to fast-travel to any Warp Point in Link’s Awakening, plus Manbo’s Pond, which is just to the left of the graveyard in Koholint Prarie.

3. Frog’s Song of Soul

This song can wake the dead and sleeping, and is needed for certain events in the main story of Link’s Awakening.

After getting the Hookshot from Catfish’s Maw, the fifth dungeon, you’ll be able to get the Frog’s Song of Soul. Make sure you also have 300 Rupees on you!

Find the Signpost Maze southeast of Mabe Village in Ukuku Prarie. Completing this maze will bring you to Mamu, who will teach you the Frog’s Song of Soul for 300 Rupees. This song is used to wake the rooster and turtle in Link’s Awakening. (You’ll know when you see them!)

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