Die Young – Owl Locations Guide (How and Where to Find)

Simple guide for owl locations in Die Young (Game ver

All Owl Locations Guide

All credit goes to Wanderer@Home!

Manor Farm (2 Owls)

The high climb

Owl by Shelter exit.

Temple Ruins

Beach House Area Hidden Door

Make your way to roof of beach house and jump to ledge behind it.

Door is on the way to beach house shelter.

The Watchtower

Story spoiler alert (need prisoner key).

Buried Owl (East of The Watchtower)

Buried Owl east of watchtower along coast (need shovel).

The Coastal Tower

Mountain Pass Eagles Nest

Mountain Pass after finding campers.

Crumbled Shelter

Put coins in… When she warns you it is getting late at 8:30 pm, find a shelter sleep the night and in the morning an owl will be in the crumbled shelter.

Reachable from Apricot Valley

Holm Oak Thicket

Holm Oak Thicket is where you will find a shovel needed for the collector quest.

Down the well to find this owl.

Cliff Ruins

Bottom level

Beekeeper (Canebreak)

Kill the Beekeeper before he kills you and get his owl.

The Farm House

Greenhouse … worse task ever.

Almost done the game before you get the gas mask needed to get in there.

Escape or go all the way back to get another owl…

Stone Pillars Eagles Nest

As you climb to High Tower look for birds circling a peak.

(the climb back down is not much easier than going up)

Buried Owl on the climb to High Tower

Did not see the stone marker if it is still in game.

Monumental Tombs

Red arrows in first screenshot are the last part of climb to reach it.

Underworld Passage

A bit of a maze to get to this one … watch out for snakes.

Military Post (2 Owls)

Antique Warehouse and Brother #2 Headquarters

Old Mines

Need key from trapped (and long dead) miners.

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