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Cube World - Class Specialization Guide

Written by IceBarren   /   Sep 25, 2019    

This guide covers basic differences between each class specialization so you have a general idea of which one is right for you.

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First, this isn't a definitive guide or anything. Just sharing what I know with anyone who happens to take interest in this topic.

Second, Any Hold Middle Mouse abilities require you to be standing still, otherwise you will dodge instead.

Now, each class in Cube World starts as one of two specializations, in order to change you have to find a Guild Receptionist located in a town.

They're marked on the map with a golden crown:

Talking to them will allow you to change your specialization for no cost at all.


The specializations share most abilities:

  • Left Shift is a spinning attack that also has block properties. You consume stamina as you spin.
  • Holding Middle Mouse is a short range jumping slam attack that can potentially K.O. enemies. Costs 100 stamina.
  • Passive - On critical hits you get a 7 second buff that gives you roughly 50% lifesteal!


  • Passive - Attack speed increases as hit counter goes up.
  • R is Rock Fist which launches you in a straight line doing damage to any enemies hit as well as knocking them sky high and K.O.ing them. 20s Cooldown.


  • Passive - Has a slight boost in health.
  • R is Heroic Shout which applies a rather short debuff to nearby enemies causing them to take more damage. 30s Cooldown.


The Rogue classes share no abilities.


  • Passive - Your Right Click attacks will stealth you. Stealth causes you to generate MP, higher stealth = faster generation.
  • R is Camouflage which places you in full stealth for 20 seconds. Passive Applies. 40s Cooldown.
  • Left Shift will cause you to tip toe around and slowly enter stealth. Passive Applies.
  • Holding Middle Mouse will toss a poison flask at your cursor, poisoning enemies. Costs all your stamina.


  • Passive - Dodging an attack will generate 25MP and give you a 30 second window in which your next Right Click attack will be a guaranteed critical hit.
  • Passive II - You dodge attacks when you use your Right Click attack. Dodge passive applies.
  • Left Shift makes you ninja run at the cost of stamina.
  • Left Shift + Left Click will throw a ninja star towards your cursor. Costs 50 stamina.
  • Left Shift + Spacebar will do high jump that also acts as a dodge. Costs 25 stamina. Passive Applies.
  • R is Ninjutsu which will allows you to bung ninja stars with Left Click for 20 seconds. 60s Cooldown.

Currently, to my knowledge Ninja's doesn't have a Hold Middle Mouse ability.


Ranger Specializations have no abilities in common.


  • Passive - Your Right Click attack will gradually put you in stealth. While in stealth you generate MP. Higher Stealth = Faster Generation.
  • Passive II - Your attack speed increases with the hit counter.
  • R is Shadow Shooter which spawns a clone of you that lasts 30 seconds. The clone has the same health as you did when you spawned it. Clone follows you closely and will mimic your attacks exactly. 60s Cooldown.
  • Left Shift will make you tip toe around and slowly enter stealth. Passive Applies.
  • Holding Middle Mouse will make you back flip into full stealth. Passive Applies. Costs all your Stamina.


  • R is Quicksand Trap which lays down a decently sized zone for 20 seconds. Any enemies that enter the zone are essentially completely immobilized as they sink into it and their speed is reduced to a snail's crawl. 40s Cooldown.
  • Left Shift is a sprint that consumes stamina as you run.
  • Holding Middle Mouse will perform a spinning kick that will knock back nearby enemies and potentially K.O. them. Costs 50 Stamina.

I've yet to figure out if Scout has a passive or not.


Mage has two abilities that don't change based on specialization:

  • Left Shift is Hover, which allows you to slowly float at no cost.
  • Holding Middle Mouse will teleport you towards your cursor at the cost of 100MP.

Fire Magic

  • Passive - There's a chance your Left Click attacks will trigger your passive, if you use your Right Click attack in the next 30 seconds, it'll cast instantly at no MP cost.
  • R is Fire Missiles which launches 4 projectiles towards your cursor that do roughly 3x your Spell Power in damage. They can potentially K.O. your target as well. Costs no MP. 40s Cooldown.
  • Left Shift + Left Click is Fire Explosion which does damage in an area around you and knocks enemies away. Costs 50MP.

Water Magic

  • Passive - All your spells heal friendlies, and leave a wet spot on the ground that heals as well.
  • Passive II - Your attack speed increases with the hit counter.
  • R is Water Bubbles which releases 8 bubbles around you. If they touch an enemy or if you attack them, they explode dealing damage and healing friendlies nearby. 30s Cooldown. No MP Cost.
  • Left Shift + Left Click is Healing Stream which will drown you and nearby friends in more health than you'll ever need. Costs 50MP.

Written by IceBarren.

Game:   Cube World