Little Misfortune – All the Sparkles

This is a simple, quick guide to the location of all the sparkle points in the game. You need to glitter all 16 of them for two achievements.

All the Sparkles

You have to interact with the sparkle points first.

Three sparkles are in the house when you start.

  • 01. Open the kitchen fridge- use glitter.
  • 02. Soup on the kitchen stove.
  • 03. Your mother.

Now outside of your house:

  • 04. The family car in the yard.
  • 05. Across the street- the dead crow.
  • 06. Choose to play with the dog then you can interact with and glitter the tree branch… or release the dog, and when he is taken on the beach, glitter the sparkle on the beach.
  • 07. George- the hanging man.
  • 08. The box in the last grave you dig in the cemetery.
  • 09. In front of the store when the guy drops his wallet, interact with the wallet, then the sparkle point will be on the store door.
  • 10. Fountain at the zoo.

Sparkles 11-13 are at Phantasmagoria.

  • 11. Phantasmagoria sign right when you enter.
  • 12. The giant pop up fox.
  • 13. The hanging skeleton with the ghost next to it.

And last…

  • 14. Bear trap.
  • 15. Video player in Benjamin’s house.
  • 16. The purse Benjamin drops.

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