Dragon Quest Heroes 2 – All Chest Locations

This Dragon Quest Heroes 2 guide includes maps showing all treasure chest locations necessary for the Trovehound achievement.


This guide is only meant to show the approximate position of all chests so one can easily figure out which are still missing. If some parts of a map are not available for exploration yet, then further progession with story or side quests is required.

Greena Pastures

The Grand Dunes

Note: Some chests in the north-eastern part might be hard to reach, bring Maya and use her Pink Typhoon if you have any trouble.

The Lumberlands

Redrock Ravine

No Man’s Land

The Frosty Foothills

Blacka Pastures

The Damned Dunes

The Darkwood

Blackrock Ravine

Dead Man’s Land

The Fetid Foothills

Written by Silvaar.

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