Dragon Quest Heroes 2 – Achievement Guide

As the title says – this tutorial would have described All Achievements in the game.

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Story-Related Achievements

All you have to do to earn this achievements is just playing the story. If you do, you will earn them in that order:

Winning Beginnings

Awarded for defeating the night clubber and saving Harba.

The Proud Prince

Awarded for showing Cesar the error of his ways and convincing him to join the party.

A Right Royal Mix-Up

Awarded for attending the Queen of Ingenia’s hearing in Accordia.

Peace at Last

Awarded for attending the peace celebrations in Accordia.

A Prophecy Fulfilled

Awarded for fulfilling the prophecy.

Easy Achievements

Head Banger

Awarded for unceremoniously bumping your head on the ceiling.

It’s the easies to do it in town, but it’s also not hard to do in the wild. Just make sure you have something above your head and cast zoom.

Crème de la Combo

Awarded for stringing together a combo of 350 hits or more.

Some says that it’s not so easy to earn on low level, but as somebody who earned it in tutorial, i guarantee you, that it’s duable from the very beginning. Just focus on using mele attack rather then skills and you will be fine.

Come Rain or Shine

Awarded for experiencing every type of weather in every wild zone.

There’s no special rule to it, couse weather changes randomly. That’s why as long as you are spending time in zones, you have a chance to see the change or zomm to a wild in which is alredy (for ex) raining.

Dimensional Drifter

Awarded for successfully clearing your first dimensional dungeon.

In the building where you can change your vocation and party squad, you can find a girl (she looks like on the pick above) – she opens a way to the dungeons. And no, it doesn’t matter if you complete it solo or co-op. But mind one thing – this “lvl 3” on the first avaiable dungeon is big big lie. Level of this dungeon scales with your highest level so better keep that in mind before going there. Also if you want to go with only one friend, you would not have any other character to play than the one that you pick while opening the lobby (doing it with two characters in total might be hard).

All That Glitters

Awarded for gathering ingredients from sparkly spots 300 times.

Even if the amount is pretty hight and takes time to complete, it’s pretty easy, because all you need to do is run over that bule glitter things that are all around the world.


Awarded for collecting a total of 300,000 gold coins.

For every1 that is going to have doubts – yes, you can spend money on your way of completing that achi. Mind the word TOTAL.

Serial Summoner

Awarded for summoning 150 monster minions.

You pick medal, you use medal. No matter if it’s mob or transformation.


Awarded for defeating a metal slime.

Liquid Licker

Awarded for defeating a liquid metal slime.

King Klanger

Awarded for defeating a metal king slime.

All of this achievements are kind of hard to explain because these mobs don’t have any rules of spawn. To add the injury, they are pretty irritable:

  • Metal slime, liqid slime – fast and block first few attacks, it’s the best to have Meena or archer with you to have 100% chance of getting him. 
  • Metal king slime – slower then rest, but can inflict damage (not much but still, probably has like 100hp).

Tous les Coups

Awarded for activating every party member’s coup de grâce.

Some may argue about me putting this achi on easy list, but yea, it’s not hard. After you gather all the heroes, your only duty is to pick everyone of them at least once and play them long enough to activate it’s special move – coup de grâce.

Bully Basher

Awarded for rescuing 15 people from monster attack.

Along your journey, you will find people in need of your help. Don’t worry, you don’t need to find 15 different people, accually you can keep helping the same guy in one zone over and over again if he spawns for you a lot.

Top Swapper

Awarded for making 30 trades at the swap shop.

Along the story, you will unlock swap shop. It allows you to trade ingredients with npcs and thats just it. Orders should change after completing every side quest or story quest.

With a Little Help

Awarded for unleashing 100 Tag Tricks.

When you learn how to tag tricks, you can just spam them in every fight to get the achi faster. Or if you are using this tactick rather often, you can just wait as you earn it slower way.


Awarded for training every single character to level 40 or above.

Mind that the characters that you are not using in party are also gaining exp so sooner or later they will hit the 40 lvl.

Way of the Warrior

Awarded for obtaining the warrior’s ring.

Next to the guy that keeps record for monster killed by you, stands another knight that’s giving you rewards as you are filling quotas in the beast book. It goes for quite some time and his final reward is warrior’s ring (which is also part of another achi, but about this later).


Awarded for completing every quest.

Complete all side quest. Not all of them are avaiable in quest counter, some on them are just for main character and some have to be made in specific amount of time.

Accessory All Areas

Awarded for making every single available improvement to an accessory.

To complete this achi in the easies way possible I propose you to do that on silme earings which are quite a common drop on first map (Green Pastures).

Lady that’s allowing us to poerw up our accessories can be found next to the grandpa that sells orb – she’s fat witch standing near big pot. The you pick up the first option and choose accessory you would like to improve. But have that in mind – near the end you would need special powder that can only be earn by grinding the same jewlery that you want to power up (and that’s why slime earings are the easiest).

Hard Achievements

We are aware of the way that this achievements can be complete, but as i said, there’s not enough time to put it all at once so stay tuned for more 🙂


Awarded for opening every chest in every wild zone.

I’m not he part of this tutorial but it’s done great so I don’t feel a need to post the same. So all you need to know is here.

An Expert Eye

Awarded for having a rare item appraised by the armourer.

Quit Your Medallin’!

Awarded for delivering 150 mini medals to Maxi Malone.

In the same building where you can find lady that gives us rewards for completing achievements you can also find the guy from pick above. He has a lot of items that are only accessible via buying for mini medals. You don’t have do spend 150 all of them at once.

You can get mini medals by:

  • Killking powerfull enemy.
  • Opening chests.
  • Doing side quests.
  • Killing requied number of enemy (and checking it by going to the warrior that keeps track of it).
  • Doing dungeons.
  • Picking the blue shiny thingy from the ground.

Nun Better

Awarded for obtaining the maximum number of Healstones and maximising their power.

On your journey you will be granted with a lot side quest and one of them is quest from priest (or nun, call it whatever you want). She’s giving us three quests in total, one appears after another (if you are doing side quests at the end of the game or after few story parts if you’re doing them right away). Completing them will increase your capacity and power of healing stones and that’s really all you need to do.

Trader’s Pet

Awarded for maximising the capacity of your monster medal holder.

Same story as above, but with another character. Just complete the special quests from the trader (he looks like the one we’ve met in Dunisian Desert). There are also only three quests in total.

No Zoomstone Unturned

Awarded for attuning yourself to every Zoomstone.

To be even able to do it, you need to complete main story to be able to unlock all side quest, which reward you with unlocking barricades, that you are unable to destroy yourself.

Grinding Achievements

Jack of Alltrades

Awarded for training your hero to level 20 or above in every available vocation.

You can change your vocation in guy form the picture – i think that’s the obvious and easy part. But getting lvl 20 in these five vocations:

  • Mage
  • Martial Artist
  • Warrior
  • Priest
  • Thief

Is not enough to earn it, but only opens the way.

The moment you hit 20 lvl on:

  • Martial Artist and Warrior.
  • Priest and Mage.

You will unlock quests in which you will be awarded with two new vocations:

  • Sage (which is stronger Mage).
  • Gladiator (which is stronger Warrior).

Mind to have some higher lvl before trying to do this quest because you have to complete them ALONE – which means that you have to make one-person party with only your main character (Teresa or Lazarel). After you are done with them, you know what to do.

All-Round Animal

Awarded for reaching a proficiency level of 15 or higher with any weapon.

It’s in hard ones because it takes a lot of time and accualy playing character to earn that because non-active party members are learning not so much after we hit like 7 or 8 proficiency lvl with their weapon. But yea, all you need to do is attack as much as you can – same goes for killing. It’s really time consuming.


Awarded for recruiting every single species of monster minion.

You need to be pacient. Sometimes it drops only after spending some time haunting down the certain monsters – you need Platypus medal so you run around and try to kill ONLY Platypuses.

Monster Mugger

Awarded for obtaining every kind of item monsters drop.

All you need to know is there.

Bounty Hunter

Awarded for defeating every marked monster at least once.

In your bestiary (where it shows which mobs you’ve unlocked and how many of them you killed) above monster pick, you can find crown. If it’s grey – you didn’t killed WANTED monster. If it’s gold and red – you did it! If there’s non, you don’t need to do anything.

To make WANTED monster spawn, try to run around and kill only this type of monster. From my experience, this is the fastest way to make WANTED spawn.

All Puffed Out

Awarded for…closing your eyes in front of every single ally.

You just need to play – yup. You pick a charaster, spend about hour with DRAWN weapon, kill about 200 mobs. The you have to get to the Accordia and speak with the character that you just played. If screen turns black for second and word “puff-puff” will be shown in dialog, than you did it!… For one character. You have to repeat it for all of them. Oh, and don’t forget to talk to Healix!

Glory Hunter

Awarded for successfully unlocking every achievement.

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