Love Esquire – Romance and Harem Ending Guide

Guide for romance and harem ending.

Romance Endings

All credit goes to Raine!

Here are the choices you need to make to get all their arc scenes (major events, the one with exclamation mark thing).


  • Thanks for the snack, Sis.
  • It’s good I’ve got someone watching my back.
  • I’m willing to listen.
  • Pops loves you.


  • Is there any way to help these people.
  • Wanna go for a drink.
  • Cheer her up.
  • It’s not too late.


  • Let that anger out.
  • Beatrice won’t like this.
  • It’s nothing like that.
  • I’ve checked, she’s clear.


  • No.
  • It is.
  • You can’t give up.
  • Will you be able to handle it.


  • Teach Shrimp a lesson.
  • She can handle herself.
  • You owned up to your mistakes.
  • He’d appreciate it if it’s from you.


  • Relationship with waifu should be at least 5500.
  • Get romance endings by Month 4 Day 29 latest.

Harem Ending

I haven’t gotten this yet, so I don’t know if it works. But you need to get waifu romance and give them ocarina in the same run. Do this for all waifu on 5 separate runs. The harem ending will play on the last waifu you romance.

Important! Make sure you have the h-patch installed to enhance your romance ending.

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  1. why need harem if kamala is literally a wife material a good hearted woman who are good on bed

  2. You can get the harem ending on the same run by using the new “multi-save-slot” feature, just confirmed it.

    It’s worth it!

    • I’m playing on mobile and i can’t find the multi save slot you mentioned. Is it not a feature on mobile?

  3. I end the game on 24th Months 3 because of 5500 heart point and I don’t finish all her event in arc 4 yet … how sad T ^ T //Beatrice ending happen art your house so… cannot dodge that GG my first play.

  4. Beatrice Romance ending. It’s good that I have save that have 5470 heart point but I don’t think I can collect other 2-3 CG that I missed anymore.

  5. Thanks guys. The only birthday I missed was Kamala’s, and she ended up being the hardest to get affection levels for. I even gave her all 3 of the rare gifts…guess I just wasn’t talking to her enough. Just wanted to make sure there wasn’t any hidden negative modifier or anything besides the lost 50-odd affection.

  6. That’s good, because some plotlines don’t even let you get all through the campaign before they end.

  7. Can someone help, I can’t seem to get Vel’s romance ending, I have 10500 points and the ending doesn’t activate

  8. you should make this bit much bigger!!
    – Get the romance or friendship endings by Month 4 Day 29, latest. You automatically get bad ending if you reach Month 4 Day 30.

    very easily missed and can screw up someones save…like mine….so time to restart my 30 hour game from scratch :/

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