Pine – Ancient Stables Walkthrough

This guide is part of my Pine walkthrough. I will show you how to go through the Ancient Stables step by step. Obviously this guide contains spoilers to the game, so be aware.

Open the Ancient Stables Vault

So first of all there is no given order in which you should do the three vaults. If u reach the Ancient Stables in the east of the map, it should look like this.

For this walkthrough i opened the Ancient Stables as the second vault. This is why this part shows how to open the second vault. If you choosed one of the other vaults it should be identically. 

Once you have finished the main story so far, that you got the key for the second vault, you know the five different fractions don’t really like that you are investigate the vaults. They build blockades in front of them, so you can’t get into them. To get into the second vault you need to be, at least neutral with the fraction the protecting villages belongs too and the village must be at least rank B. Once you have reached this. The blockade opens and you can enter the vault.

Trapped Inside the Ancient Stables

Once you enter the Ancient Stables Wes, the Tampa, is already waiting for you. If you listen closely, you will notice he asks you to put back at least one of the four different critters back to the pens. You won’t be able to leave the Ancient Stables until you have done that.

So lets start to investigate the vault.

The Book Problem

Once you go upstairs in the Ancient Stables you will notice the first puzzle of this vault. To get any further you will need to lower a platform. To do this there is a simple lever and a picture next to it them.

The picture shows the room you are standing in. As you can see some of the pictured bookshelves are painted bold. These bookshelves contain a book you can either shove in or out.

If you look at the picture you identify which books need to be shoved in and which need to be shoved out. The next screenshots show how to place each book clockwise, starting with the books next to the picture.

Once you have placed all books correctly go back to the painting and pull the simple lever, so the platform moves down.

The Key Problem

After you have solved the book problem and went upstairs you will find some books and a new idea for the Attic Key.

To make the Attic Key you will need:

  • 2 Adarna Wing
  • 1 Lumiconda Tooth
  • 1 Mannoth Callus

You will find a hint how to get them in the books laying around.

For the Adarna Wing the book says

For the Lumiconda Tooth the book says

For the Mannoth Callus the book says

Find the Adarna Wings

Lets start to get the ingredients, first the 2 Adarna Wing. As the book tells us we need to search for them in the “trees near water”. Leave the building and search in the garden. You will find the first one in the tree in front of the main entrance.

The second one is in a tree on the backside of the house next to the Waddleteeth enclosure.

Find the Mannoth Callus

Lets go on with the Mannoth Callus. As the book told us we find some in the backyard between the Bleeker and the Waddleteeth. Also the book tells us we need to hit it from the North (keep an eye on the compass for this)…

the south…

and the west.

If you have hit it in the correct order you will get the Mannoth Callus

Find the Lumiconda Tooth

As the book tells us, they were experimenting with the Lumiconda Tooth in the library. You will find the library in the first floor of the building next to to the platform which leads in the second floor, you have lowered bevor.

Inside the library you will find an workingbench and you can see the Lumiconda Tooth hanging above it.

If you have tried the pins laying around to break a piece of the Lumiconda Tooth you have noticed they dont work. This matches with the information from the book, that some of the hardest materials do not work. But the book over the Mannoth Callus tells you it is the hardest material on the island. So you need to go to the workingbench …

and mount the Mannoth Callus to a new pin.

Place the new Mannoth Callus pin in the pin socket

and pull the simple lever next to it…

To let the Lumiconda Tooth fall down on the Mannoth Callus pin. The pin breaks and you can colltect the Mannoth Callus again…

and of course the Lumiconda Tooth.

Craft the Attic Key and Use It

After you’ve crafted the Attic Key leave the library over the balkon…

follow the path…

shoot the aiming target go get up with the platform.

Follow the path again…

and you will get to a closed door the Attic Key is for.

The Critters Problem

After you used the Attic Key on the top floor you will get another history lesson…

and obtain the second outfinding the Taming Bands. You are now able to tame the four different critters. The Puffles, the Alpafants, the Bleekers and the Waddletooths. You can tame or untame these creatures if you stand next to them and hold R. You can only have one tame at a time. After you have tamed a creature it will follow you, unless you tell them to stay by pressing R. You can always see if your tame follows you or not in the lower right corner of the screen. If it shows a little arrow the creature is following you. If you see a little clock the critter stays where he is. If you hold R while you have an tamed critter it will start running to you. As you can read in the book distributed inside the Ancient Stables every critter has a special ability.

With the new Taming Bands we can bring the critters back to the pens, like Wes wanted us to do.

Lock Up the Puffle

Leave the building and tame on of the Puffles in the garden.

After you have tamed it bring it to the stable with the Puffles above it.

Untame it and jump back over the fence.

Lock Up the Alpafant

To lock up the Alpafants inside his pen we first need to free it. As you can see there is a Puffle symbole on the sign at the and of the mechanism to open the gate. Everytime you see the symbole of one of the critters somewhere in the world you will need to use the shown critter.

The special ability of the Puffles is that you can use it as a jumping pad. Tame another Puffles, place it next to the sign and jump on it to reach the upper floor.

Pull the simple lever and the gate will open.

Tame on of the Alpafants and ride it, by pressing E next to it, to his pen.

Lock Up the Bleeker

If you walk to the Bleekers cage in the backyard you will see the closed gate is attached to the flags you see in the background.

If you pull the simple lever next to the flags a game the timer for a race will start.

The race is about one round around the building, but as you will notice you can’t get it in time by foot.

But you can tame an Alpafant and start the race again.

You should be able to win the race, while riding the Alpafant.

The gate to the Bleeker is now open.

You can tame and bring it into his pen, but bevor you lock it up you will need it.

Lock Up the Waddletooth

To free the Waddletooths out of there cage you will need to destroy the fence with the help of the critter that is shown on the fence. This is the Bleeker symbol, like you have seen bevor on the sign over the four pens.

After you have freed and tamed one of the Waddletooths you can use it to search for thing in the little “dirty” that is laying around all over the map.

Mostly you will find arrow, but also you can find some nesserary items.

Finally look up the Waddletooth.

Leave the Ancient Stables

After you have looked up all the critters you can talk to Wes again and he will let you leave the Ancient Stables.

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