Project Zomboid – How to Find Hidden Military Base

This is a Guide “How To Find Military Base in PZ”.

Military Base That Isn’t Showing on PZMP

If you check near the Rosewood in “Project Zomboid Map Project”, there’s a road lead to nowhere in middle of highway.

But if you go there, you’ll find that map is lying and dirt road that lead you somewhere.

This may get you lost in the woods or get killed. I’ll recommend bring many food, water, weapon and caffeine.

Wondering in Forest

So here’s the hard part.

If you follow the road you’ll find many intersection like this image:

Blue Arrow means where you came. Red Arrow means where you should go.

You’ll find no road from here. But don’t panic! It may look confusing but it’s actually quiet linear.

If you found some dirt road on your way, You are doing good!

If you managed to find the asphalt road, congratulations! You have found it!

Here it is! You’ll find many Zombified soldiers and Guns. Also Military Backpack which has 30 weight limit!

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  1. to be fair, we noticed now that we didn’t found a door to the camera room, nor destroyed the wall to see if was something there, maybe the good stuff was there

  2. It’s possible to make a mod that adds any useful stuff.
    There are some unusual rooms: “security”, “communications”, “empty” etc

  3. The backpacks are worth it (30 base capacity or 39 with organized, 90% weight offset), but in the current build there are also some military clothes that are decent to good compared to similar clothes (boots in particular offering a high degree of bite/scratch resistance).

  4. I teleported here and didnt find shit, ill try to drive a van to here and see if i can get to it and look for a military backpack.

  5. it’s not a military base like everyone thinks, it’s a research facility. there was just some military protection that was around, if it was a military base it would have a lot more than one small building

  6. I went there after 3 times I made it. It’s real, it has tons of military zombies with military loot. Backpacks galore, clothing galore. What a find ! If you bring enough people to chop wood and make a pathway through the woods for the car, this is the best thing on the map.

  7. I am about 3 months into the game and I have to chop down the little tree’s that are growing up along the route. Don’t wait too long to go to the base or you will have a lot of trouble along the overgrown path.

  8. Yo, thanks dude, like i walled off the main gate with cars and turned it into a little base with crops and everything, its nice and quiet, save for the undead and endless rain.

  9. Thanks for this guide, I got 2 military backpacks and 1 regular backpack just in the parking lot when i arrived. got a military helmet (100%/100%) as well as boots (also 100%/100%) and a military jacket (30%/70%) totally worth the time to get there. and the effort of clearing it.

  10. i just recently went there. there was a ton of loot and i got 5 military back packs plus several sets of military outfits. totally worth it.

  11. I finally found it but there’s nothing really there except zombies. Zombies everywhere. There were a lot in the woods on the way there, too.

    It doesn’t seem like a military installation, it looks like a regular office building. There’s not much other than books and paper. There was no milspec gear, at all. No kits, weapons, packs, BDUs/DCUs. I didn’t see any of the dead wearing uniforms either.

    A few vehicles in the parking lot with the usual: jacks, lug wrenches, tire pumps.

    I suppose it could make a decent base if you can clear out all the dead. But it seems like it’s too far out of the way for what it’s worth.

    Maybe once the game is updated, there will be more added there.

  12. Zombies spawn here at what seems to be an hourly or bihourly rate, which means that this location is ONLY for “smash and grab” (the same as prison and mall) or if you have very high skill you can try to melee your way in. Military backpacks aren’t worth it since large backpacks carried by survivor zombies are pretty much just as good (and look better than military ones IMO).

    You *need* to go there within first 30 days of a playthrough with a car or you’ll probably have to go on foot since there will be saplings everywhere along the road to the compound and there are mini-hordes of zombies on the road and in the forests. The zeds spawn in the forest and on the road, so you cannot count on using foraging.

    In regards to loot there are some lockers with ammo (but not a lot overall @vanilla Apocalypse) and soldier zombies with military backpack and helmet. Survivor zombie large backpacks are almost as good and easier to obtain.

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