Breeders of the Nephelym – Female Taming Guide (Monsters and Fluids for Catching)

A specialized guide for those who are afraid of penis and any other name for the phallic object.

The Types of Monsters You Will Come Across

All credit goes to Ms. Kawakami!


The human sized fox-like beings in Lustwood.


The thicc cow-like beings in Pleasure Pastures.


The somewhat smol cat-like beings in Sultry Plateau.


The tall winged reptiles in Virgin Breaks.


The small-winged bird-like or bat-like beings in Sensual Sands or Amorous Hallows.


The more fantasy type of race which includes Orcs, Elves, Slimes, and Goblins that reside in the Esoteric Glade and the nearby cave.


The winged bee-like insects in the Hivelands.


The “ayy lmaos” or Aliens if you wanna be accurate that are hiding up near the Pyramids in Sensual Sands.


The shark-like beings in Cove of Rapture.


The giant rock-like beings in Climax Peak.


The angelic like beings in the lower parts of the Esoteric Glade.


The demonic beings that consist of the species of Cambion and Succubus in Moaning Crag.

Type of Fluids

What type of fluids are there and what kinds do certain monsters find stimulating?

There are two types of fluid you will be collecting in this game for either selling or using to catch other monsters.

C-men and Milk

Here is a list of what fluids each species find stimulating

Foxen = only Vulwarg c-men.

Bovaur = Demon milk , Dragon milk , Foxen milk , Harpy milk , Seraphim milk , Titan milk and Vulwarg milk.

Vulwarg = Titan c-men

Neko = Bovaur milk and Seraphim milk

Dragon = only Harpy c-men


  • Bat Harpy = only Demon milk
  • Kestrel Harpy = only Foxen c-men


  • Orc = Demon c-men and Vulwarg c-men
  • Elf = Demon c-men and Seraphim c-men
  • Goblin = only Titan c-men
  • Slime = only Hybrid c-men

Thriae = only Foxen c-men

Starfallen = only Starfallen milk

Formurian = only Dragon c-men

Titan = Bovaur milk

Seraphim = Demon c-men (something about an angel liking demon fluids is funny to me)


  • Cambion = Dragon c-men and Seraphim c-men (similar to the one before)
  • Succubus = only Harpy c-men
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    • you gotta use money/orgasium to increase the space on your barns. to upgrade them you gotta ask the cat girl up by the temple to do it for you

  1. I’m having trouble taming literally anything in the game. I try clicking seduce, but it doesn’t do anything. I’m playing as female, trying to tame other females.

  2. So the only way for a female breeder to capture a female nephelyn is to use fluids….. Well that doesn’t seem fair. 😛 Ah well, off to milking I go!

  3. Thnx, its useful indeed. Thou hope they will put some sort of wiki or ‘pokedex’ into the game at later stages. Like in Slime Rancher there is slime wiki in the game to look up what food each kind eats.

  4. Ya know, I don’t have a penis, but I always did wanna know how to tame females. Thanks OP, you’ve changed my life, maybe now I can finally get my girlfriend to stop stealing my laptop.

  5. About the Seraphim liking demon juices and vice versa: the Seraphim in the temple tells you the story of the Great Conception accorting to which the Goddess first created the world, the light and the seraphim in her image, but they were passive and lonely, so she created the demons from her desires, the Lust. Seraphim and demons were literally made for each other 🙂

  6. very cool guide gamer, it has the exact truth an the exact science, it is well written must have taken some time to find out what works an what doesnt, should do more guides for sure because this ones 10/10, thanks for the help.

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