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NBA 2K20 - NBA 2KTV Answers / Episode #8 (Free VC)

Oct 26, 2019    

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Here is new 2KTV correct answers for new interactive episode!

2KTV Answers for Episode 8

  1. What is Ben Simmons' overall rating? 87
  2. Which weekend 2K Compete Event will you be playing? Any
  3. Which card from the Lights Out pack would you want most? Any
  4. Who was the NBA 2K19 Australian cover athlete? Ben Simmons
  5. What Gem Level is Ben Simmons' current MyTEAM card? Sapphire
  6. Who did the 76ers beat in the first round of the playoffs? Nets
  7. What team are you going to play on? Any
  8. What team are you going to play on? Any
  9. Which one of these contenders do you think is most likely to win? Any
  10. What is your overall rating? Any
  11. Which current 76ers player would you choose? Any
  12. When did Ben Simmons make his first All-Star Team? 2019
  13. Which Award did Poorboysin win the last two seasons? Playground Legend
  14. Besides Point Guard, what position do you see the most of? Any
  15. Which of these players have you seen? Any
  16. What MyRep level do you have to reach to be featured (2KTV)? Legend
  17. Vote for your #2KTVWOW Top Play of the Month! Any
  18. Who do you think is the best passer? Any 

Game:   NBA 2K20