Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout – Beginners Guide (Tips & Tricks)

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About Quality

For those use items that more quality, more power:

  • Item damage
  • Item recovery
  • WT knockback
  • WT recovery

Quality, and those traits of item power enhancement, do nothing to buffs and debuffs amount.

Quality does nothing to any Gathering Tools’ effects.

Equip higher quality equipment will increase your character’s stat of “Equip Quality”, which can increase your ATK, DEF, SPD. Equip 4 999-quality equipment, then you can get 200 Equip Quality.

About Gems

When you go into end game content, you will soon find that you don’t need any Col, but Gems. Rebuilding, replicating, revovering Travel Bottle, all of them need a large amount of Gems. I will show you some tricks to get Gems easily.

You need to get and unlock the Multiplicauldron first, or you cannot replicate items.

If you almost don’t have any gems, then craft a Scythe Axe with Gathering Up L and a Knapsack to increase the capacity of you basket. Then go to Maple Delta to chop down trees. Remember to charge to chop, so you can gather all the materials with one hit. When your basket is full, go back and transfer all these materials into Gems. About 50k is enough.

If you haven’t defeated the final boss, then look at here.

  1. Gather many Roteswasser Tonic from the pool in the north of Fragrant Forest in Maple Delta.
  2. Craft Delphi Rose Incense. Remember to unlock the effect “Synth Quantity +2”. All the other effects are not important. Do not use Rebuild.
  3. Replicate it.
  4. Craft Glass Flower. Put only one Roteswasser Tonic in, then use all your rest Choose Quantity to put Delphi Rose Incense in.
  5. Get the products, and transfer all of them into Gems

Another route is Poison Cube -> Taboo Drop. But this route needs Underworld Rotwood, which can only be gathered from Underworld or Travel Bottle. The main story restricts you a long time that you cannot go to Underworld. So I don’t recommend this route.

If you have finish the main story and get the recipe of Red Stone, then you can choose Red Stone -> Philosopher’s Stone route. You need about 100k Gems for start-up, then you can reach the maximum within 10 minutes. This route can also give you a nice Alchemy Exp.

About Garden and Seeds

I don’t recommend to plant seeds before you can synthesize good seeds.

You can get very high quality gathering materials form seeds. Products’ quality floats between about half to maximum of seeds’ quality. So if you craft 999-quality seeds, you have a chance to get 999-quality products.

The effect “Rare Gather Rate Up” means you have a chance that some special effect can be applied on the products. These effects are Element Value +1, Synth Quantity +1, Effect Spread +1.

As a result, it’s better to craft 999-quality seeds with all max effects, and replicate them, and plant them to get the best products.

Listing all the products is difficult. I just list some useful materials that you can or cannot gather form seeds.

You can gather:

  • All Elemental Cores
  • Dunkelheit
  • Golden Crown
  • Two Lake Masters
  • Lapis Papillion
  • Gold Puniball

You cannot gather:

  • Eternal Crystal
  • Solflower
  • Shining Sand
  • Eternal Fire
  • Heroic Spirit
  • Golem Core
  • Giant Puniball
  • Dragon’s Eye
  • Old Knight Emblem
  • Mythical Hide
  • Rainbow Gemstone
  • Holy Arbor Crystal
  • Amber Crystal
  • Amber Fragment

About Travel Bottle

This bottle is interesting. You can try to create a bottle world with certain materials and monsters, then share it to others by the password. This system can save much effort to find gathering materials. But I recommend you to gather better materials from seeds first, then get the rest from the bottle world.

Bottle world LV depends on current bottle world LV and your material LV. For example, your current bottle world is LV6, then you put an LV99 item in it, the new world may be only LV60, and you put an LV99 item in it again, it may change the world into LV90.

Higher bottle world LV means tougher monster fight, and higher material quality. As my experience, you can get at most 250 quality materials form an LV98 world.

Bottles and materials determine the materials and monsters in the world by a complex relationship. It’s hard to figure it out, so share your password to others is better.

Craft End Game Items

Your Alchemy LV should be 99 first, so you can reach the maximum of Choose Quantity. You also need to plant seeds to get many different materials with Effect Spread +1.

Recipe Morph is one core system in A21. It can not only get new recipe, but also inherits the low item LV or even some effects from privious recipe, and increase Choose Quantity.

With this feature, we can craft an very powerful bomb of very low CC and item LV so that everyone can use, or craft a ring with over 400 ATK.

For use items, I take this Heroic Geist as an example.

My route is: Cloth -> Alchemy Fibers -> Thorny Embrace -> Poison Smoke -> Heroic Geist

All the CC reduction effect can be inherited to the next recipe, but Heroic Geist has 3 CC -1 effect in its own recipe, so we don’t need to unlock it in Poison Smoke’s recipe.

When finally get to Heroic Geist, try to unlock as many effects as possible, and check if 3 trait slots are all unlocked, and the quality is 999 without any quality up traits. If quality is not enough, don’t unlock those effects requiring low quality materials, and put more materials with “Synth Quality +xx” effect in, then finish this synthesis.

At last, rebuild this Heroic Geist, unlock all necessary effects and set your target traits on it. You get the most powerful item of knocking back and stunning foes.

For equipment, I take this Stark Cologne as an example.

My Route is: Leather Protector -> Border Scale -> Radiant Plate -> Frost Armor -> Golden Mail -> Fortress Armor -> Stark Cologne

For More ATK, you need Goldoterion as many as possible, then Mater Leather, then Eldrocode.

When get to Radiant Plate, unlock the Effect 3 of “Enhance Skills +5%”, and don’t cover Effect 3 with other effects in next recipes.

When get to Fortress Armor, unlock the Effect 4 of “Enhance Stun +10%”. If you like, you can unlock Effect 2 of “Unscathed”. Use all your Choose Quantity to put Mater Leather in. Remember to save enough times to change to next Recipe.

When get to Stark Cologne, use all your Choose Quantity to put Eldrocode in, then finish this synthesis.

At last, rebuild this Stark Cologne, don’t unlock any other effects, only set your target traits on it with another Eldrocode. then you get the most powerful armor for skill attackers.

Defeat Queen of Shadows in Charismatic

After you finish the game, Great Dark Element will appear in the center of Limewick Hill in Main Road. Beat her, and you can get Travel Bottle: Underworld. Use the password 5V85, you can enter the bottle world with the hidden boss Queen of Shadows.

Also you can put materials to create your own world. “Domain” world means Queen of Shadows there, “Ravine” world means Great Dark Element there.

About the Boss

This hidden boss is just a enhanced version of final boss Ravaging Queen. Similar skills, but more power, and higher stats. She moves very fast in difficulty Charismatic. It’s really a hard work for me to react.

Party Formation

Main bomber is Ryza. She has the best power of bombs. Lila and Klaudia is supporter. Klaudia helps knockback the boss at the beginning, then they both only need to do normal attack to gain AP. Ryza and Klaudia’s Role is Excel Attacker. They stand in the same row to get 20%+20% critical damage bonus. Lila’s Role is not important.

Build My Party


I reinforce Ryza’s weapon with Miracle Ebonyal, Rose Bomb, Kleid Ice Bomb. No useful traits for bombs on weapon, so you can set any traits you like. When craft or rebuild equipment, remember to adjust different Role LV to meet your need. Do not unlock all the Role LV without any thoughts.


On Klaudia’s weapon, only Role LV is important. Weapon effects and traits are not important. Due to the Role requirement of Excel Attack, I choose Frostfire Earring for Klaudia. Nothing but only Role LV is important.


All of Lila’s equipment is not important. Setting the trait “Brewing Authority” on both of her accessories is enough.

Use Items

Heroic Geist:

Just like the thing I wrote in Chapter 7.

Astronomical Clock:

The best thing to pull your whole party back to move, and add Tactics LV by 2. Two of it can raise your Tactics LV to 5 and you can soon use Fatal Drive. It also has a buff for all stats (ATK, DEF, SPD).

Eternal Fear:

The best bomb in current version. High damage, high stun value, knockback, 3CC, no extra AP consumption, quick animation.

How to Do

  • Ryza uses Heroic Geist to knockback boss.
  • Klaudia uses Heroic Geist to knockback boss.
  • Ryza interrupts, uses Astronomical Clock.
  • Ryza uses Astronomical Clock again.
  • Ryza uses or interrupts to uses Heroic Geist to knockback boss, until she is stunned.
  • Ryza interrupts, uses skill Silhouette for a bomb damage buff.
  • Boom to death.
  • Boss changes to second form.
  • Boom to death.

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