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Princess & Conquest - Moss Princess Tips

Written by kasmemoro   /   Nov 12, 2019    

Some tips for Sphinx's Pyramid, Sphinx's Fortress and Sunken Ruins. Not much spoilers.

Sphinx's Pyramid

Its hard to miss Sphinx's Pyramid on world map, so i hope you're know where it is. Pyramid itself has three floors, and you can go there any time you want. First floor is a quest location for GolemP's quest, plus there's one of Mimics in main room. However, you need a special access to get past doors on second floor.

You have to talk to Desert Princess twice to get invitation to Moon Festival. During festival Sphinx Princess will show up and tell DesertP about invader. Talk to DesertP on next day and offer your help. Now you have a key to second floor of Pyramid.

Btw, at Moon Festival you have 2 opportunities:

  • You can purchace Cinder Ribbon, which is costly, but can copy any wearer but Knight. Plus you can use it to copy sleeping Princesses if you sneak to their castles at night. Nothing but dolls, but those clones count as Progency and can be used to get breeding-related achievements.
  • You can purchace Dragon Egg from nomad, which is a chance to get flying dragon at early game. Price is 2000, and there's a chance to get non-winged dragon, but still a chance.

First two floors of Sphinx's Pyramid are easy and nothing special. Pull two leavers, kill some bugs, thats all. Third floor is a SphinxP room, currently occupied by Crusader Princess. Beat this girl and make kitten happy. Visit her to get your reward.

After few day visit SphinxP again and she will ask if you want to explore Sphinx's Fortress.

Sphinx's Fortress

Here will be some brawling, so not recommending for weak knights. You can cheat a little to pass through Fortress, but we're going for Moss Princess, right? So you cant avoid fighting sand snake boss. Just in case, bring a mace with yourself. You will get nice mace with healing from this dungeon, but personally i dont like its animation. Also, get a KoboldP with yourself.

Maze part of Fortress is easy. Just hit crystals, read signs, step on button, avoid boulders etc.

Only tips i can give you here without making it too easy are:

  • Use Shift to run through corridor with boulder;
  • Use KoboldP to jump over floor hole in part with moving cyrcle;
  • After you find mummy, slowly retreat and use torch near entrance at mummy's room;
  • When you talk to black statue, confess love to yourself or Princess with high affinity.

Save Crystall room is crossroad. On right is boss fight room. No spoilers here, but if you want to cheat, just overjump Sphinx with KoboldP and collect all chests. Easy win. However, you wont get Sphinx's Fortress achievement for that because its triggered by destroying Sphinx.

On left side of Save Crystall room, at left from skeleton (you can collect it for bones) is secret passage to secret boss. If you're stuck, just change direction. Sooner or later, you'll get yourself in secret room. Goto secret boss location and fight snakes. As reward you will get some stuff and Lamia Egg (its not Dragon Egg). Go downstairs to find Lamia Princess and her subordinates.

Destroy rocks with mace, see a cutscene, go back to Save Crystall room and clear dungeon. Or dont. You can exit the way lamias used and go outside. However, loot is loot.

With that, Sphinx's Fortress is finished. You can repeat is every few days or so by talking with SphinxP, but no point. Its always same.

Sunken Ruins

Now you can goto Oasis at east from Desert Reign. Of course you can visit this location at any time, but until you freed lamias from Sphinx's Fortress only point of interest here is one of mimics. But now path at upper left corner is open and you can go to Lamia Sanctuary.

But maybe later. I mean, right now its a waste of time.

You have to visit Mouse Tinkerer (at north from Bank at Mouse Reign) to purchace Fish Lungs. And to get that option you have to bring her 10 Cogs. And to get those Cogs you have to go to Ancient Battlefield at Golem Reign. But i believe it wont be hard to find those since Gogs just laying on ground here and there.

Give Tinkerer Cogs, open her shop and purchace Fish Lungs. Now you're ready.

Go to Oasis, then Lamia Sanctuary. At north of location you'll find lame "meet a pair" riddle (you can save here because reset button is broken. Proper combo is: top left with middle right, middle left with lower right, lower left with upper right. Once you're done, Sunken Temple entrance will appear.

Your quest here is use 4 green levers to light 4 torches near stone statue in main hall. There's nothing hard, you'll find those ez. From main hall go to lower left to "jail " (at least a room with some bars). There you can find entrance to dark cave. Inside smash stones and use switch.

After that return to statue and go at upper right.

You can walk underwater if equip Fish Lungs! Of course, you can overjump water border here with KoboldP, but it wont allow you to go on next level. Funny but useless. On deeper level you wont meet anything tricky except for fountains. But its easy to pass them, all you need is IQ 10.

Once all switches are used, return to statue and fight boss. Then leave Sunken Temple.

And return. To deeper level of Sunken Temple. In one of rooms you'll find Moss Princess who will join you! And thats that. You can ask why bother about all of that mess? Two simple things: achievement and MossP.

Moss Princess count as Progency (will follow you in NG+ without losing any stats or equipment) and have stealth mode similar to Slime Princess. She can help you sneak to castles at night (no need to purchace Sleep Powder anymore) and invisible for guards (even if you'll somehow bump into them, MossP will get a bt of damage but stay unnoticed).

Just dont bump into MouseP sisters at her bedroom, and everything will be okay.

Written by kasmemoro.