Princess & Conquest – How to Enable Controller (PS4/5)

Follow this step by step guide I did to get your controller working. I have not been able to test this with other controllers but I’m sure you’ll be able to do the same steps just switch the enabled controllers used.

Enabling Controller (PS4/5) Support

How to Enable Controller (PS4/5)

Controller Support for PS5

I have made a controller layout for PS5 controller users for the game and figured out how to get how to properly get the controller to work.

  • First go to:
    • Steam>Setting>Controller>General Controller Setting>(Check Box) Playstation Configuration Support.
  • Next go to your game and open up the properties:
    • Properties>Controller>(Where it says “Override for princess & conquest” click that box and change from “Use default Settings” to “Enable Steam Input”).
  • After this step you can either make your own configurations but if you do make sure you bind the controller buttons to your keyboard controls.

I made my own setting and tried to upload but I’ve never done this before so may need help uploading my controller configurations for you all.

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