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Princess & Conquest - How to Get Every Princess Alternate Forms (Version 0.16.18)

Written by Miko Fox   /   Nov 19, 2019    

A guide for curious players on obtaining the alternate forms for every princess in the game! Be aware that this guide is applicable only to the version mentioned in the title, and that this guide is entirely community driven, meaning that we may have let one or two alternate forms out of our sights.


  • The information in this guide is accurate for the version number written in the title.
  • Costumes that trigger skill / ability changes are not counted as alternate forms in this guide.
  • Warning! If you do not want to be spoiled on every alternate form available in the game, please stop reading this guide!

Guide Contents

Kobold Princess

  • DoggieboldP: Equip her with the Time-Worn Pendant from the Ancient Battlefield.
  • DrakeboldP: Interact with the Crimson Cube after rebuilding the altar in KoboldP's route OR use Prayer: Lesser Dragon from the Monastery on her.

Human Princess

  • Porgy HumanP: Have her eat a Cursed Porgy Meat dropped from the pigs in the slums.
  • Succubus HumanP: Max her corruption and then camp with her.

Slime Princess

  • Bubbly SlimeP: Have her stand in the steaming pipe at the Golem Reign (lasts 1 day).

Harvest Princess

  • Fox HarvestP: Feed him a Bumpkin Seed from the Bumpkin Head in the Northeast of the Scarecrow Fields after felling Harvest Reign (reversion method unknown).
  • Incubus HarvestP: unknown.

Golem Princess

  • Rock GolemP: Have her stand in the magic circle in the basement of the slums.
  • Living GolemP: Use the Slime's Power Pearl on her.

Skeleton Princess

  • Living SkeletonP: Use the Slime's Power Pearl on her.

Desert Princess

  • Djinn DesertP: Complete Knight's inc Lv10 quest Dancing Djinn and equip the Cosmic Shackles on her (Can revert by equipping the Time-Worn Pendant from the Ancient Battlefield).
  • Succubus DesertP: Max her corruption and camp with her (unconfirmed).

Mouse Princess

  • Golem MouseP: Give MouseP a Clockwork Core from GolemP's questline.

Cat Princess

  • Fish CatP: Visit the cave with the 2 golems at Wyvern Peak and interact with the white statue.
  • Nekomata CatP: Complete her questline, recruit her and take her to the Grim Forest across the river on a non-rainy night. A cutscene will trigger and change her form (revert by going to the same area on a rainy night). 

Dog Princess

  • Wooly DogP: Sleep with another princess while DogP is in your party.

Ghost Princess

  • Living GhostP: Use the Slime's Power Pearl on her.

Moth Princess

  • Butterfly MothP: Interact with the pink flower in the tree cave in the Wolf Cave.
  • Fae MothP: Talk to the fae spirit that appears at night in the Tree Canopy.

Rabbit Princess

  • Sailor Moon RabbitP: After rescuing her from a siege, bring her to the cat in the Moon Room in the fallen Rabbit Reign's inn.

Goblin Princess

  • Gremlin GoblinP: Give her Gremlin Booze (lasts 1 day).
  • Dokuro: Fell Goblin reign, make GoblinP abdicate without taking her, and then visit the top right corner of the Moth's Forest while having negative Kingdom Life Force.

Insect Princess

  • Thicc InsectP: Equip her with her dowry, Lump On A Stick.
  • Hornet InsectP: Give her Honey Syrup from Merchant Princess (unsure if this is actually the hornet form as she does not gain any new skills / abilities).

Written by Miko Fox.