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Stay Out - Labeled Maps (Artifacts, Radio and Electrical Parts, Car Battery and More)

Written by attack   /   Nov 27, 2019    

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On this map, I presented you screenshots from the Stalker game online with marks that I myself put for several months of the game.

  • A label with leaves indicates a place with fresh water or just a well.
  • On paw marks are bears or other monsters.
  • A bonfire mark indicates a storage location or safe area.

Map of Lubech

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  • Squared (Д5-1), in the house left porch - no rats (There are often PVP and PK.)
  • More loot in the entrances near the House of Culture and near the Technician (Г3-1)-(Г3-2) but there are more people and more PVP and PK. Good access in a two-story house opposite the police station.
  • Even more loot near the base of the bandits, which is located in the basement. (В2-4)-(Г2-3).
  • Kill people in homes and take half their loot from them (from such people loot may fall by 50,000+ rubles).
  • Look for houses in which spares of electrical components spawn, clothes.
  • Karma is easy to reduce in the park on goblins and boars on the right.

Map of the Lubech's OutLands

  • (Ж10-2) Gourmet is the main trading point of the Lubech's OutLands. A lot of good quests and wet NPCs are in the center of the map; most people trade here.
  • (M11-4) Base scientists laboratory. Good quests from scientists Daily quests Good loot in the lab Only one big monster here is always PVP, if there are people, you can still keep groups in this laboratory. This is where to carry and sell all of your mutant parts! Well buy all the parts of the mutants and artifacts at the best prices.
  • (O10-1) Skinner and base in the swamp. Good quests here Quest for a hunting knife. (The hunting knife cuts faster. We need to sharpen more loot with it, we need to grind more than 90%.)
  • (O15-2) Go to the location of Vesuvius. To go here you need to have more than TOZ-34 and TT. Or you need to be in a group.
  • (П8-2) White village Here you can do daily quests with average quests and gain a reputation and there is one good quest.
  • (Л2-2) Spider cave Can I get items for the Gourmet Quest here. Pretty dear ladies strong monsters at the end of the cave is the Big Boss for him often PVP always PVP. To go here you need to have at least a submarine submachine gun or Kalashnikov assault rifle. Parts of the mutants from this cave can be expensively sold on the board.
  • (Д6-1) Huckster They sell good cartridges which there are no ordinary merchants. You can still exchange parts of mutants with improved cartridges. Armor-piercing expansive tungsten cartridges can be sold very expensively on a board; this can earn a millions. To start trading, you need to do a series of quests: Debt of Bolotnik, The priest had debts, Gourmet Debts, Sperling Merchant
  • There are two suppliers. The first is in square (Г4-4) and appears 08:00 to 10:00 or 03:00 to 05:00. The second supplier appears (О5-4) 15:00 to 19:00 or 23:00 or 21:00 to 00:00. If you did not appear in one point, then look in the second. Works on server time. They buy all the items from the game at the highest prices. They need to come to them at the indicated time, otherwise they will not be desirable to have additional characters there to quickly find them.

Map of Vesuvius

Important Information

Gourmet is the main trading point of the Lubech's OutLands

Square (Ж10-2) A lot of good quests and wet NPCs are in the center of the map; most people trade here.


  • It will be much better if you turn off the grass in the graphics settings and add brightness in the main settings.
  • Put on some convenient button the stone throw I configured on Mouse 4.
  • If you hold the button the weapon retracts on the back
  • During the run, if you click on Inter and Escape it will run automatically.
  • If you hold the Alt button, you can rotate the camera and run at the same time.

Skills can be reset for free once a day

/ichangedmymind in chat

Loot in the entrances and boxes on the map and other

  • Loot spawn every 5 minutes can disappear for a short time and reappear. In different boxes in different places in different entrances, different loot spawn.
  • Expensive items have a very small chance of spawn less than 1%.
  • Sometimes At buyers and gunsmiths and technicians, medical scientists, and other merchants. get expensive things at a very cheap price 100 times cheaper they are bought right away, sometimes they can get lucky and you will see such things.
  • Many things don’t spawn; they can be bought either on the board or obtained through a quest or bought from buyers.
  • Items from the Donat store can be sold on the board.
  • If you score an inventory with a cheap rate of 1 unit, then there will be less chance that an expensive thing will drop out.
  • The cartridges in the inventory must be divided by 100 so that less falls out upon death.

Leveling character skills

  • Boost your running speed + 5%
  • When creating a character, it is better to immediately learn the skills of the brain intelligence.
  • Ideally, you first need to learn skill 4 brains and only then get the rest of the level so as not to lose skill points. It's not obligatory. My advice is to drop all skills and learn skill brains first.
  • Each brain skill gives plus 10% of experience gained and additional Skill Point when gaining a level.
  • Along the way, while the brains are being learn skill, swing the clover survival and after the content rate
  • It’s not necessary for the sake of brains to create a new character, you can play and the old time you someday learning all skills for longer than with brains.
  • Learning skills tolerated weight and perception and strength.

It is advisable to have a flask and not a single

Well to be filled, or sometimes it’s not in columns and you can replenish it from a river or collect dirty water. Are there places where water is not sold!

You can fill in a flask of dirty water and boil the flask in a fire

You can put the Bonfire on the edge of the safe zone and boil the flask while in the safe zone so as not to lose the flask as they can kill and the fire will go out.


  • Bears and wild boars wash much more karma than dogs and rats.
  • When the Bear stands on its hind legs, you need to shoot in the heart, this is just to the right of the center or shoot in the head
  • Verlioca needs to be shot in the eye.
  • Boar needs to be shot in the аss and in the head.

Artifacts can be used to equip yourself with a belt, they are also needed for quests, and some of them can be sold to scientists for 800 as 80,000+ more rare are more expensive

Items that can be sold well on the board and not only

Parts of mutants that are best sold on the board: The head of a bear, Skin of a bear, wild boar skin, Skin of a dog, Bling tongue,amulet of the witch, paws verliok, Brutus bones

Parts of mutants that are best sold to scientists in Map of the Lubech's OutLands (M11-4): meat, fangs, legs, hands.

Items that are needed on an important quests are best sold to people on the board:

  • Radio parts
  • Electrical parts
  • Toilet paper
  • Block of cigarettes
  • Pack of tea
  • Salo
  • Artifacts (sold good price M11-4 and Board)
  • Pipes
  • Wire
  • Empty coffee can
  • Tube of cream
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Spice
  • Car battery
  • Car candle

Written by attack.

Game:   Stay Out