Stay Out – Mosin Free and Shotgun Quests Guide

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This is a quick guide on getting the free noob guns.

The Shotgun Quest

So, your tired of the ♥ nagant, and you want that sick double barrel. But you don’t wanna farm personal rep and money for it? No worries. I got you.

Keep in mind, lubech outskirts is way more dangerous than lubech city. So bring  of meds and ammo, and conserve conserve conserve. You can get trapped out there, and you will be screwed.

Good luck. The gun is in a stash in some bushes just north of the quest giver marked on the wiki. Do not turn the quest in, just keep the gun you loot from the stash. Boom. Free shotty. It’s worth the run. Avoid bears and boars best you can, and keep gun as loaded as possible to kill the tons of spiders that spawn on you in the woods.

You dont have to do any quests prior, just run out to the npc, talk to him, read, get quest, get gun, and bail. I wouldn’t stay in the outskirts unless you have money and you know what you are doing.

Scroll down for the best pvp gun in the game until you get an ak or better.

The Mosin Quest

So this one is way harder to do. it involves luck, money, antirads, and a functioning MGD. You should also at least have the shotgun prior to doing this quest. The gun is the quest reward. again, i will post the wiki link below to walk you through locations.

I think there is one prereq quest you might have to do before he gives you the gun quest, but its for one young boar leg, ez pz.

You do have to turn in 3 screen b arts. that means beta quality screens. So not every screen will work, and it might take a while to look around in anoms to farm them up, but they are not uncommon by any means. You will typically find them in the red microwave anomolys. You will need plenty of antirads if you don’t have any rad resistant gear. Do not ♥ with radiation in this game. Keep it low, or you will end up dying over and over and burning tons of time off in the safezone.

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