Boneworks – How to Cheat (Save Editing)

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A guide on how to edit your save files. You can do things like, unlock arena, unlock sandbox, and have a ton of ammo.

Save Editing Guide

So I figured out a way to edit your save files. I’ll make this post short and sweet so if you get lost or need help just ask.

First you need to go to your appdata folder (in Windows search for %appdata% then go back one folder)

Then click on locallow, stress level zero, then BONEWORKS. This is most if not all of the data that the game saves.

The main file you want to find is bw1_pInfo_00. This is the player one save file. MAKE A BACKUP! I haven’t tested everything that could happen if you mess with these settings so even if you have a backup don’t mess with things if you don’t know what will happen.

Finally go to:

Really handy resource that also has a patron if you want to help him out.

Here you can place your .dat files and edit them. Unfortunately you can’t add things so there is stuff you can’t change.

Then once you’ve made edits download and put the file back where you found it then you are good to play.

Other files in there save different values. If you want unlimited ammo use the additional_resources1 file and change the amount of light, medium, and heavy. Idk what heavy does but it hasn’t broken my game changing it so go for it. Lol

And that’s it. Have fun playing around with the saves and if you break anything it’s not my fault bye!

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