Dragon Quest Builders 2 – Basic Guide (Mythril and Golems)

A short guide to assist in the discovery and acquisition of Mythril and using Golems.

About Mythril

Mythril – one of the rarest building materials in the game, used in the creation of end game equipment such as the Aurora Blade. This tricky to find material can be a pain in the behind to find, but with the help of this guide I hope to take a bit of the strain off of my fellow Builders. I’ll do my best to keep this as brief and concise as possible so you can spend less time reading and more time in the field mining this elusive metal.

Where to Find It

The long and short of it boils down to this. Sunny Sands, damn near the bottom of the map. Sunny Sands generates with an extensive cave system deep underground full to the brim with metal, minerals and dye.

When you get to the caverns, you’re going to want to look for a stack of blocks that looks like this:

These stacks have a chance of generating with:

  • Mythril.
  • Diamonds.
  • Random junk metal block.

For reference, the block you’re looking for is in the center of the stack, covered on all sides by other metals and dyes. Once you know what you’re looking for, the search goes fairly quickly due to the fact that the tunnels are pretty straightforward.


Golems make your job a thousand times easier. If you manage to befriend one of these beautiful bastards it’ll turn your pitiful bigger bash mining operation into a demolitionist’s wet dream.

One punch from these lads will send monsters flying, and more importantly, materials. A single blow will tear open a giant rift in a cavern’s wall making it much easier to navigate the tunnels and collect materials en masse.

There are three Golems you can recruit to your island in the game, each of them will only spawn once per visit to its respective island as a heads up.

The standard Golem can be found at Sunny Sands, the Stone Golem is at Iridescent Island and the Gold Golem resides at Coral Cay as a Super Strong Monster.

I would personally recommend going for the normal Golem, it’s the easiest to locate and deal with in combat. The Stone Golem can spawn fairly high up on the spires at Iridescent Island, and the Gold Golem takes some effort to take down.

Smasher, Slayer of Mini-Bosses, Bane of Mountains, Man’s Best Friend.

One last tip on Golems. If you only have a Golem in your party, you can do this to find any underground passages.

  1. Dig a 4×4 hole or smaller downwards until you’re around 12 blocks under grade.
  2. Turn your camera into the wall.
  3. Try to ride your Golem.
  4. Profit.

This essentially glitches the camera angle outside of the hole you dug, allowing you to see through the map and where any underground caverns / passages are located.

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