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There are many ways to win, so I’m listing different strategies for beating this game.

Macro Murder Meat Strategy

Macro Meat

Origin of idea: The idea came when I realized after many tries of this game that the final fight at the end of the year is against 15 well armed gladiators and that even though I would have really elite fighters by the end of the year, my previous strategies always failed to have enough “meat” to tank the enemy team. So I decided to go Meat heavy and this is what I did…

1. Pause the game and do the following:

  • Start off by hiring: Medicus, Architect, and Faber.
  • Make Medicus auto heal, and train just 1 of his skills, maybe wash hands or antisceptics.
  • Make the Architect gather stones constantly nonstop.
  • Make the Faber auto repair and train his auto upgrade skill and make sure it is on as soon as possible.
  • Buy as many cheap slaves as you can from the Magistrate, whenever they are available buy them, until you fill up your ludus with gladiators, and set them on strength training Max.
  • Turn on auto training and start upgrading your Doctore skills.

2. Unpause the game and do the following for a few weeks (first 20 or so days).

  • Lose intentionally the first few fights by sending out a naked slave with the lowest HP out of all your units.
  • Win any fights against naked slave opponents.
  • Continue training strength nonstop on all characters.
  • Pick 1-3 gladiators that you will be using to win fights with later and train their AI to max, and also give them better weapons (maybe gladius).

3. Once you start winning some fights here and there with your 1-3 characters:

  • As soon as your architect fills out the whole ludus with stones for strength training, have him start making the food storage and water upgrades to your ludus to help lower the cost of feeding everyone. You also should be buying food and water constantly.
  • Start saving up money for the Doctore Emeritus.
  • Keep buying cheap slaves nonstop! If you have to kill one off in a intentional lose, use just 1 and only the one with the Least HP. Replace the lost slave with another one and strength train it nonstop.

4. Once you get Doctore Emeritus:

  • Improve the weapons and armor and gear on your 3 best gladiators (highest HP and the ones that you are using to win fights with… they should still be constantly strength training). Winning fights will give you all the other stats like Agility, Weapon, and Defense… just keep on doing strength training nonstop, trust me.
  • Upgrade training Speed skills on Doctore Emeritus. He has a tree of skills that you can go up and lower the time it takes to train a skill. It should also eventually increase your strength training cap (You don’t need to raise the strength cap yet)…
  • To obtain more money, go and fight the regional champions (the 9 fights on the bottom left, next to your jupiter blessings).
  • Start planning on winning with 3 alternate fighters as well and start training and upgrading their weapons and gear. (this will give you 6 capable fighters, and the alternates will soon catch up to the first three in stats).

5. Save up and replace Architect for an Architect Emeritus.

  • Use him to upgrade your training area so you can have more than 15 training at a time… do this at least twice. Fill those slots with more meat.
  • Make sure you at least have all the slaves turned into Thraex and give them level 1 on every piece of gear so that they can be upgraded by the Faber over time.
  • Make Architect Emeritus give you more food and water upgrades for your Ludus.

6. Once you have Ludus Food and Water upgrades, Fire Architect Emeritus or pay for the 1500 gold upgrade for extra Staff space, And get Faber Emeritus. This way you have 2 Fabers.

  • Have both Fabers constantly upgrading your gears passively.
  • Put the Reduced Delay, Lower Training Cost, and Reduced Training Time cards on yoru Fabers and upgrade them.
  • Also upgrade all the abilities in Doctore Emeritus that gives Infinity Weapon (gives your swords an AOE affect to hit multiple enemies).
  • Max out your weapons and armor and gear on the gladiators you been using to win fights… by now they should have maxed out stats from winning fights and a ton of HP from training strength constantly.

7. Eventually your ludus should be filled with dudes who have like 600+ hp who were slaves that were training nonstop, they should be decently geared, and you should use them to win some fights here and there, and sometimes in the pit fights for extra cash.

  • Towards the end game your ludus combined HP will be astounding… you will have enough meat in your ludus to take on a small army… which is what the final fight is like.
  • At the very end, make sure all your fighters are fully healed before the final fight. Also make sure you fire the faber and replace him with the Haruspex. Have her curse the enemy team before the final fight. They will come in with half hp. You will come in with Murder Meat levels of hp and all your gladiators have swords that does AOE damage and hopefully decently strong gear. There should be around 6-9 gladiators who have maxed out stats and gear at this point and the rest should have high enough hp that they are no slouch.

Win the final fight!

Written by How Zany

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