TEKKEN 7 – Glossary

If you are unsure of any terms, I have written a glossary which hopefully includes it and will explain it for you.


  • Backdash Cancel (BDC) – is basically cancelling your backdash with db to cut the recovery period and allowing you to perform another action. This is done via (b,b db~b, b, db~b b….). This is a variant of the BDC called the Korean Backdash Cancel (KBC). BDC is good for creating space between yourself at the opponent quickly and to escape mixup situations. There are a few ways to perform a BDC but this is the preferred one as it works with backsway characters such as Bryan, Paul and Nina.
  • BT = Backturned, it’s basically just your character putting their back towards the opponent. Some characters have a unique movelist out of BT such as Chloe, Feng, MRaven, Xiaoyu
  • Crush – a property of a move where it is designed to go cleanly through a move depending on high or low crush property.
  • High Crush – a move that’s designed to be “invincible” to high moves.
  • Homing move – a move that is designed to shut down sidestepping.
  • Hopkick – a standard low crush launcher that most characters have. Usually i15 and done by either uf3 or uf4.
  • Launcher – a combo starter, usually the fastest launcher is i15 for most chars.
  • Low Crush – like high crush moves, low crush moves just simply hops over lows.
  • FC – Full Crouch , a state where the character is in crouching and there is an exclusive moveset in this state.
  • Mishima – when people refer to Mishimas in-game, they are referring to the playstyle rather than the surname. So this includes Heihachi, Kazuya and Devil Jin (even though Jin is a Kazama by name). In TTT2, Angel was considered a Mishima under this term. This comes with shared tools such as EWGF, Hellsweep and wavedashing.
  • Rage – a state a character is in with 25% or less health remaining. It gives your character a very slight damage increase and access to Rage Art and Rage Drive. It’s indicated by a red aura around the character and red glowing lifebar.
  • Rage Art – Basically Tekken 7’s version of a super. Fully armoured but still absorbs damage so can still get KO’ed if absorbed move kills. Uses up your rage and every chars RA is different in terms of speed.
  • Rage Drive – another option you can spend your rage on. It’s basically a juiced up version of an existing move and it’s unique per character on how good it is and it’s usage.
  • Range 0/1/2/3 etc. – Range 0 is point blank, Range 1 is a single backdash away. Range 2 = 2 backdashes etc
  • Power Crush – an armoured move available for all chars. What the actual move is, is unique to the character.
  • Screw attack – a move that causes them to spin and fly away in a juggle allowing for enders. This replaces the bound from T6/TTT2 and is usually given as s! in combo notations. You may also see tailspin which is the older name for it.
  • Seeable – means it’s reactable, usually referred to with lows.
  • SS – sidestep notation so a SS1 move would be Sidestep + 1
  • SSL – Sidestep left – performed by tapping up on P1 side and down on P2 side.
  • SSR – Sidestep right – performed by tapping down on P1 side and up on P2 side.
  • SWL – Sidewalk left – basically a longer but more vulnerable step, done by tapping for SSL then holding down the button
  • SWR – Sidewalk right – same as SSR but tapping then holding down the button..
  • WS – While Standing, a state where the character transitions from crouching to standing, there is an exclusive moveset in this state.
  • WS Punishment – When I refer to this, it’s when you block a move from crouching (lows) or blocking a move that leaves you in crouch, it’s your punishment from crouching essentially.
  • WR – While Running, a state where the character is considered running.
  • Wall Carry – a combo that is designed around taking your opponent to the wall.
  • Wallsplat – a move designed to splat the opponent vs the wall for a followup combo.

Written by Fergus!

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