The Hunter: Call of the Wild – Animal Locations Map

This map of Layton Lake District shows the best locations to hunt and what animals you’ll find there. Have a look and you’ll know where to hunt if you want to hunt certain species or want to find an overall hotspot for animals.

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Locations with good animal population are encircled by a yellow line on the map. These spots often have a good view and feature several need zones.

There are colored circles on the border of the yellow lines showing what animals are most common over there. These can be big (very common) or small (common). Check the legend at the bottom of the map to find out what color represent each species. The very best spots are marked by a yellow star, usually you’ll find plenty of animals over there.

Important Note: Animals roam in other locations too and it’s possible that you find other species (less common) in a location than shown. But overall this should give you a good impression. Let me know if you have any remarks or improvements.

Layton Lake District Map

Updated after the release of white-tailed jackrabbit. Apart from the addition of the jackrabbits, the locations of other animals have changed as well (mostly Moose).

The Hunter: Call of the Wild - Animal Locations Map

Hirschfelden Hunting Reserve Map

The best locations for Canada Geese are around open fields, so the east half of the map including Schönfeldt.

The Hunter: Call of the Wild - Animal Locations Map


The Hunter: Call of the Wild - Animal Locations Map

Written by Xi Law


  1. GREAT!!!! Thank you for the new map! You do a wonderful work by making this map! It’s no cheating but just a help for us dummies running around and don’t find any f***ing animal, lol! Thank you and mucho KUDOS for your work!

  2. Honestly the best spot I’ve found is the lake at Ronachee Highs.. I’ve killed 20 deer, bear, and elk there within an hour

  3. For Savannah, Lions are near the Tree of Life When Doing the story mission. then they roam around near that Savannah Area(Central & Ku Nav). They Are Super Sneaky Until Shot Then They get really mad

  4. Okay how long did this take to for real lol I’m happy you did but lol

    PS: I got the game on steam but I don’t have a gaming PC… So I just play it on my ps4

  5. Great job, thank you! Really enjoying playing more now as I don’t waste time wandering around empty parts of the map.

  6. Would be nice if it had the times for each hot spot so you know when to be there!

  7. Hey. Thanks for all your maps mate. They are priceless and have helped me out countless times.

  8. Awesome Work! Thank you for ALL your hard & dedicated effort to get these WONDERFUL, and MOST HELPFUL Map’s out to the Community!!

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