No More Room in Hell – Secret Rooms and Items Guide

As we play the game No More Room in Hell, I’ll show you about the secret rooms and items that we don’t know as well.

Guide to Secret Rooms and Items


In this guide, I’m going to know you to some secret rooms and items that you can find while playing the game. You can refer this later when you play the game.

There are so many types of maps that have been knows into secret items that can be found during the game. So I’ll show you introduce a few escape maps.

Where Are the Secret Items


First is the Broadway map. This is where you will arrive if you have a mission to open the door to the cinema route or open the side door from the hotel route.

After that, when you open the doors, there is a peculiar barrel that in the corner.

This barrel can also be found in the corner inside the store with F*dEx.

You can use be opened by a barrel in front of a shop that is locked by the opposite grate door. After put down, it will explode by itself.

There are a variety of you can farming items such as bandages, first aid kit and m16.


Here is a Brooklyn map. You can find it on the route by push the cart and carrying the nearby supplies. You might have gone in at least once to carry food.

There is a door locked in the left.

But how about use a revolver or sniper rifle to shoot this door?

Yes! You can open it through shoot the board that blocked the door. Enjoy petty farming such as first aid kit, some weapons and pills.


Next is Cabin map starting with a cabin in the background. It appears after you press the switch to open the door to the stairs. Yeah, this time also you know quite well.

It’s a way to open the door by entering the code where the red color signs. Code is 9247.

Inside the room you can find sniper rifles, bayonets, ammo and medical supply items.

And here is another secret phase. You can go when the underground route is taken.

If you look to the right of the fallen person, there is a small box that is sealed, and if you break it, you will find a small item like a chainsaw or a first aid kit.

As you escape the basement, there a same box in the left corner of the stairs. Check this out!


Oh, here’s a look at the starting point of the mill-shaped Lakeside map.

Is something hidden from the starting point?

The answer is… a couple of wooden boards hanging over the mill. In fact, they’re playing the role that secret items are hidden. Each ammo and firearms are randomly already prepared.

Lightly shoot with the guns, then farming the fallen ammo and guns.

The next secret room can be found when the route to the second floor of the cabin is taken. When you go upstairs there is a small room where you have to enter the code. The code is 7175.

Inside the room, you’ll find a variety of ammo, bandages, pills and first aid kit.

As an aside, Lakeside gives the map a lot of medical items such as first aid kits and bandages, so you can have fun farming as you progress through the map.

Difficulty is also the easy map to try if you don’t have a route to the basement.


Recently added new map Shelter. The first secret room is relatively easy to find near the starting point.

If you go upstairs and look for a welder, you’ll find a room where you can enter the code. Code is 1998.

In the room, you will find a variety of guns, ammo and watermelon!

Then go to the next secret place. If you use the red key and next, you can find a small building that looks like a management office.

If you look closely at the ceiling of this room, there is a small space with a gap to climb. You can get the green key from someone who has fallen there.

The owner of the key is here. If you go all the way to the back of the management room, there is a locked door on the left that can go somewhere. You can enter there using the green key you just obtained.

This is a pretty good place to get a lot of explosives and even m16.

Maybe here’s room used to be a prison and an interrogation room.


Like Shelter, the new map of Suzhou is based on the newly added Chinese village. There are quite a lot of secret item elements here, so it’s fun to farming.

Remember this house when you process of map in the middle.

Interior of the house is an ordinary home, and in fact there is a secret at the door just in front of the stairs going up the second floor.

This door won’t open, but it has a feature that can be broken(!) with a fist.

The items are about two first aid kits. In this map, there are a few more secret rooms that are hidden in this form, so you can go ahead and find out what I haven’t introduced!

This time, it’s a secret room that needs to be accessed in a slightly special way.

A normal approach requires a barricade hammer and plank.

When you come to the mission for call help, there is a building with an open entrance just behind the shutter.

If you enter here, you will find a toothless stairwell. You can set this part directly using a barrier hammer.

As you climb up carefully. Because the boards with missing teeth are broken.

Go up, you can get a chainsaw and a small amount of the weapon the soldier had. Chainsaws can be a great help when dealing with the runners that come out after the last mission.

And last, the secret items in the Suzhou map are related to chainsaw.

This item can be seen in alleys passing by in the mission to find the explosion barrel.

At the end of the alleyway, you can step across the locked door by stepping on the zombie’s head and controlling it with a trash can. A chainsaw or cutter is spawned randomly there.

Likewise, it’s a good way to stop runners at the end.


This secret item is also related to the starting point of the Toxteth map. Remember the location of this house, surrounded by barbed wire and blocked by boards.

The house has a staircase going down to the basement. And there is a white wall in front.

Approach this wall and press E to open the door to the underground secret room sometimes. (!)

The secret room looks like this (pictured left). Similarly, there’s a code requirement here, and code is 1800. When you open the door, you’ll be able to use almost all kinds of weapons, explosives and medical items.

It seems to be regardless of which route it takes, it’s a representative farming space where you can farming the most items.

However, if there is a drawback, the white wall to go down to the basement will be open or not open after the game starts. There is a 100% chance before the game starts, but after the game starts, it opens or not!


And similarly, the recently added map Underground.

Here you get a welder to go to the next place. The point is that the use of this welder is in fact very useful. It’s an important key to getting secret items.

First, you can use a welder to open small crates where military supply crates are stacked just before crossing electricity water.

Inside are 5.56mm and 9mm ammo used by rifles and pistols.

Later in the mission, where you load the items you need to call for help in the cart, there is a secret room in the mission where you need to find the mission item in a hotel.

It’s the opposite of the room that contains the mission item.

It is locked and can’t be opened normally, but it can be opened using a welder. This items you find here can be a great help in your progress because the structure of the map can be difficult to progress.


The Last map is Zephyr, Zephyr is the map to escape by train.

The first secret item is stochastic in a building where you have to take an elevator.

Whether or not you have a secret item is very simple.

Just check to see if the item is hanging on the weight in the left corner, or not!

If there is a supply, we have to control the weight directly and drop the supply directly.

The way is to insert another plug from the machine room to operate the elevator into the hole and pull the switch to turn on the green light with the elevator.

Then press E on the front button and press it a few times to drop the supplies attached to the weight!

Next location is a small warehouse with a lock just to the right of the turntable that drives the train.

Sometimes you can use a welder to weld the locks in the warehouse and then farming to take out the mission items in it, but the important thing is that the route using the welder must be taken at least once.

And there’s one more farming place on the other side.

It’s likewise locked and can be opened by welding with a welder.

Here you can get rifles m16, MP5 and ammo.

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