The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Factions Guide

The dead are just one challenge to overcome in The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners. How you deal with the greater factions at work in ruined New Orleans is just as much a daunting task.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners challenges you to be thrifty with your belongings among the walkers and other undead of New Orleans, but the turned are never the only problem. Some of the living have banded together and a power struggle has erupted in the midst of the chaos. The Tower demands order while the Reclaimed fight to be free of rules, and how you handle them will twist your path to survival drastically.

The Tower

The Tower demands adherence to their laws, but will this new order cost you something crucial?

The Tower faction stands to rebuild order in a city that has lost all semblance of law. Under the beck and call of their dangerous and stern leader Mama, The Tower demands utter loyalty and adherence to a new system of rules and regulations for the protection of its flock. They won’t abide people that buck authority and step down hard and brutally upon those who attempt to live lives free of boundaries. It’s all to create safety and security in a broken world, but… how much of your personal freedoms and choice will you give up for a little peace? What will safety cost you in the end?

The Reclaimed

The Reclaimed value freedom from the rules of the old world, but when no boundaries exist, how twisted does freedom become?

Sitting opposite of Mama in her Tower stands the defiant and charismatic Jean-Baptiste, leader of the Reclaimed. Where the Tower seeks control and new order, the Reclaimed bucks the ties of authority altogether for the sake of breaking away from the laws of the world that led to the current collapse. The Reclaimed value freedom and will not be told who or what they answer to. Moreover, they’re not afraid to go a little taboo to get their way. Rumor is that the Reclaimed partake in ritualistic practices against any who would seek to break their unbridled ways of life. Freedom to chase your own values might sound important, but what happens when those who have no rules push to see just how far the boundaries really go?

Those Caught In The Middle

You can try your best to stay out of the faction war in Saints & Sinners, but how long can you stay out of this war?

As you fight to scavenge and survive the mess that was once The Big Easy, you’ll no doubt get caught up in the battle between The Tower and Reclaimed in one way or another. Other survivors might find themselves caught in the fracas as well. Will you throw in your lot with one side to become the bane of the other, do your best to stay out of their conflict, or engage in making yourself a target of both? The people who are with and against you stand to have their own opinions on the matter, and you might find yourself at odds with a once trusted companion. Is this war yours to fight? Will you make your war? Your actions will determine your path among the wolves.

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