The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Building the Weapons and Gear You Need

Scavenging is just one part of survival in The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners. If you want to live to see the next day, you’ll need to improvise weapons and gear.

When it comes to survival in the ruined New Orleans awaiting you in The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, you have to take whatever you can get your hands on to make due. Sometimes a broken bottle is what you need to shiv a walker and push them back. Sometimes you save the broken scraps to make them into something more. It’s on you to make the right decisions of what to take and what to leave behind, so it will be on you if you have what you need when your back is to the wall.

Scavenging in Saints & Sinners

Anything you can recycle is something that can help you when you’re at base crafting gear. Just don’t get killed over a dirty pair of shoes.

We’ve talked before about what it takes to get the resources you need in Saints & Sinners. Everything can serve a use if you have the know-how to repurpose it. Old dirty shoes can be harvested for their cloth and rubber. Broken boards and nails can supply workable wood and metal scraps respectively. Not everything you find looks useful at first, but if you know the components of it, it can serve you well.

From every trip, you’re bound to bring some goods back to base. That’s where recycling comes into play. Whatever you can bring back to your camp can go into your recycling bin if you have no other purpose. From there, it will be broken down into components to be used in crafting. Throughout the game, you can find or earn recipes that be used to build useful gear. With enough recycled materials from junk, you can keep yourself armed and healthy. If you know a recipe, you can even track the components you need for it out in the wild if you don’t have enough to make any given item. The more you find and bring back, the more prepared you can be for every new trip into the city.

The Fruits of Your Labor

What’s the risk vs. reward? That’s what you should ask yourself at every turn, but when the reward is a nail bat, it might well be worth a little extra risk.

As mentioned, once you have the materials, there’s a lot of gear you can make in Saints & Sinners. A piece of sheet metal can be sharpened into a cleaver. Some metal, wood, and gunpowder can be fashioned into shotgun shells. Antiseptic and adhesives can be made into healing bandages. It all depends on what you know and have learned from your journeys. Some recipes can be picked up in the wild while others can be gained from experience and achievements with what you have.

It’s worth noting that some gear can only be crafted from the resources you recycle. After all, a proper game of baseball never had any need for a baseball bat with nails shoved through it, but you’ll sure need it where you’re going. With the right recipes and materials, you can fill any need in this post-apocalyptic city. You just have to know where to find the goods. Just watch your back and use your head. Some supplies are better left behind if it means your neck is on the line.

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