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Software Inc. - Leaders, Specializations and Employees Hiring

Written by LatNWarrior   /   Jan 27, 2020    

Guide to Leaders, Specializations and Employees Hiring


I will walk through the ways I select leaders, my strategies for creating teams using leaders to do the team building. How I check to ensure they have chosen the correct candidates for the selected teams. Hiring employees to setup the team dynamics before leaders select the rest of the team. When leader base skills and talents/Stars are needed in the life of the game/co.

Leader's Specializations

HR: Handle

  • 1 Star - Complaints & Salary
  • 2 Stars - Education
  • 3 Stars - Hiring

Automation: Handle

  • 1 Star - Project Management.
  • 2 Stars - Sequels, Iterations & Frameworks.
  • 3 Stars - Post Release Task.


  • 1 Star - Boost Team Compatibility.
  • 2 Stars - Socialize with Employees.
  • 3 Stars - Hold Meetings.

Multitasking: Improve

  • 1 Star - Effectiveness with Support, Marketing Task.
  • 2 Stars - Effectiveness with Development Task.
  • 3 Stars - Effectiveness with any Task.

Tip: Leaders should only come into play once you have a few million in the bank and are starting to build teams!

HR Specialization Strategy

HR - Medium Salary

This is needed early on in the game and should be the starting / base for any leader you hire.

Depending on the team you are building I would hire leaders as follows.


  • Programmers, Designers and Artist.
  • 3Stars, HR, Two Stars Socialization.
  • Selecting the above for a development leader whether programmer, designer or artist.

You should select the following two specializations in HR Management.

Socialization, Automation

The strategy here is to get the third star that is missing for social and then the additional 3stars for Automation; or get the first one star and then the others depending on your strategy

Service: Marketing and Support

3 Stars, HR, Two Stars Multitasking.

Selecting the above for a service leader weather marketing, or support.

You should select the following two specializations in HR Management.

Service: Multitasking, Socialization

The strategy here is the same; to get the third star that is missing for Multitasking and then the additional 3stars for Socialization; or get the first one star and then the others depending on your strategy

HR Management: Specialization


I setup my original character with HR, Automation so I am ready to do project management with him early in the game if needed and because I can hire leaders when I am already in the money.

Giving leaders social skills in the beginning helps them to better select compatible development teams.

Team Building Strategies Using Leaders

How to build teams around a leader.


  • Hire a medium salary leader with 3Stars HR, 2Stars Socialization.
  • Click all the boxes, spend the money to get your best choices!

HR Management setup:

  • Budget: $5000
  • Wages: Check
  • Complaints: Check
  • Role: Best Role
  • Education Level: 3
  • Education:  3
  • Specialization: Automation, Socialization, System, 2D, 3D, Audio, Network.

Development Team:

  • Programmers, two for system, one each for 2D, 3D, Audio, Network.
  • Two or three Artist: depends on what is out as far as 3D and Network when you start your teams.

Design Team:

  • Designers, two for system, one each for 2D, 3D, Audio, Network.
  • Preferred Age: 30
  • Salary: Medium

Reference what is required for application and what percentage of each skill and try not to go over the required personnel more than one.

Tip: I would hire a System medium salary, 3Stars, 1Star 2D and let the leader hire the rest, they will possible hire 2Stars for two skills for each, to cover all of the skills.

Same for Design System 3Stars, 1Star 2D.

In the image to the right the leader hired four programmers to fill the team to five as requested and they also selected system 3stars and 3D 3Stars to round out the team...

Big Tip: Getting first to market with 3D application will ensure you get into the 100-mil. quicker; start Design team in Jan 1985; Development team when close to promoting to development..

Strategy Breakdown & Tips


This is your starting point; you want leaders that can put together a team that will give you great or outstanding applications on a consistent bases.

You also want them to educate handle wages and complaints. This is your solid base to success.

Tip: Always hire your first team member, medium salary, with three stars in System and one in 2D. If your first team is 3D Design select your first member as three stars in 3D, one in System.


This will ensure your teams are compatible, Socialize with the team to ensure their needs are being met, hold meetings to keep the applications moving forward. Meeting take up time but they also improve productivity and speed development.

Tip: Make sure you have a SCM server in place which will help to improve productivity and move the application time forward quicker!


Is great for marketing and support teams. They improve the effectiveness of all teams depending on how many stars; and all task with three stars!


This comes into play in later game time when your teams have already produced great or outstanding applications and have proven themselves. It's time to automate the process and introduce Project Management. You need a leader with three stars in automation to successfully complete pre. and post task for a successful application release

Tip: Set project management times to 250/300 to ensure enough time for development. You can experiment with the time to get to a successful time span.

Employee Benefits

Incentives to reduce the complaints and ensure harmony in the work place. Set them up as you start to get a nice amount of funds each month. Raise them as you reach goals set.

Tip: You can reward your employees, leaders, teams differently by selecting them in the employee tab and selecting benefits for the selected.

Written by LatNWarrior.

Game:   Software Inc