Void’s Calling Ep. 1 – Basic Guide (Fights, Quests and How to Start)

Guide for beginners and others (including expert level).

Guide to Basics


Many ppl asked for a guide /wt, so I will try (its my first try btw). If anyone has something to add or mention, I will consider to include it. I know some things about the game (playing it since mid of 2019), but not all. Pls forgive me my english, because I ma not a native.


  • First steps
  • Fights
  • Arriving in town
  • Caring for Quests

First steps

When starting the game you have to choose the difficulty setting. Novice gives you 300 gold to start with, apprentice 200 gold, and expert 150.

In the beginning, you meet Ilga – you have to rescue her.

When you are talking to her, there are some choices. You will see at her reactions if she liked your answer or not. E.g. if you ask her if her mother matches Ilgas beauty, she will be upset, and there will be unbearable silence for a long time. If you ask if her mother is also adventurous, she likes you more.

Some ppl save before answering and reload to make a better choice. There is also the option to reload an auto-save. But do not rely on that. Relationship points are important, because they open some quests.


To rescue Ilga, you have to fight two bandits already in the very beginning.

According to your setting, the battles are different in difficulty. On expert one has to watch out a bit in the beginning, but mid and endgame battles will be no problem at all. Novice and apprentice levels have an “auto combat” button (down right). Disadvantage of auto battles is that you cannot take potions during battles to heal yourself (afaik, never used auto battles).

You have 3 healing potions from start, you can buy more later in the alchemists shop. MC has 40 HP in the beginning, so when you come down to 20 or 25, you should take a potion to be back at 40, otherwise you risk to die (game over).

The 2 bandits at start are of the easier kind, but fighting more than one simultaneously is always a thing in the beginning (at least on Expert). Stay in “defensive stance”, until there is only one of them left. Use rage attack if possible (20 or more). Use it on the guy with most HP left.

If you want to know the strength and agility of the opponent(s), do “eye the enemy”. The result is always compared to MCs stats. Against guys with high agility, faint attack is most successful. Leave them to the end, start with the strong guys.

Arriving in town

Most important thing after arriving is training agility (in my experience). Just stay in your room and do training from morning to night. You need 15 training sessions to increase your agility from 8 to 9, which is a huge difference when fighting the undead monsters.

For your first days you have enough money to pay the room. But watch out. On the day 5 a thief is stealing a big part of your money (but only if there is some left). In case you cannot pay your room, you find yourself on the street and in the prison there after (game over).

To earn money for the room, go to the forest in the morning and look out for a single undead. Two or more undeads you better avoid in the beginning (flee). Same with bears or other high tier opponents.

Sometimes you will not find someone to fight. Try again. After you have collected some experience and loots with one battle, go back in town and sell your loot to the alchemist in the shop. Also buy potions there.

Avoid to fight in evenings or in the night (in the first weeks).

Do not bother if the alchemist makes you to understand that you stink. He is used to all kinds of smell. Others are less forgiving later. But with training, hunting, selling and trading, there is no need for a bath (time is money). The end of the day is training agility again (until 20 sessions).

Why to train agility and not strength? The undead are strong. Even when you have upgraded your strength, they are stronger than you and they will hit you hard. This will cost you a lot of healing potions, and they cost you more than you earn.

Your chance is agility to dodge the attacks. Then you will need almost no potions. Next morning you are healed.

After winning a fight, you collect experience. Reaching an exp of 1000 your level is increased by 1. You have the choice to upgrade strength or agility, I would suggest agility. With 11 agility and 9 strength you can also fight 2 undead simultaneously. Upgrade your str to 11, buy the lowest armor (500 gold). Str training at the end of the day will also help with this.

Then upgrade str to 16 to be able to buy the best armor (1000 gold). With that you can confront any enemy (do not forget to bring enough potions!). With an upgraded sword and at higher levels of MC, you will even win every fight without using potions. There is no challenge any more. Sword sharpening is not necessary because it will loose its sharpness soon anyway.

There is a chance to get better magic defence in the temple. In my experience this does not help much because there are almost no serious magic attacks in episode 1.


Caring for Quests

After some weeks there are no money problems any more. That means you can go for the quests. On low and medium difficulty level, the gold and time management is much easier, so you may go for quests earlier.

  • Most important help is the quest log. Look it up often, in most cases you will know what to do next.
  • But I should warn you: to give more hints here than what you get in the quest log will cause heavy spoiling.
  • Do not blame me for that.

Side Quests

Some quests jump on you. For others you have to visit places with good timing. Mostly you have many chances to get a quest done. But there are few exceptions:

River Nymph

After the duell with the aristrocrat in red, you are thrown into prison and meet Anro. Save before talking to him. Try different paths, until you get a hint about the River Nymph. If you fail here you will never have a chance to find the Nymph (speaking from experience).

Eldest of the herbalist

  • For once you have to make Ilga angry. Instead of flirting you ask her if you can meet her mother.
  • Ilga will not be angry with you any more when you meet her next time for flirting again.
  • Kagera (mother) will tell you a time when you can meet her without Ilga interfering.

Pleasant encounter

You will need to have 20 gold with you, when you communicate with the masked lady in the streets. In case you refuse her, you will never meet her again. 3 possible meetings for pleasure.

Flaming red hair

You can find her at the festival, after she left her uncle.

River witch

Save her life, she will reward you in a way you will never forget.

Completed Log

Nightly visit

If you resist to ♥♥♥ her in the ♥♥♥, and let her free, she will surprise you. (Oh, I guess you can guess) 😉

  • We are authority here /dead or alive
  • If you complete this quest with bringing back the medallion, you reached the end of episode 1.
  • If you want to finish other quests first, keep this one for later!



To meet the sword master for training in the castle, you need a reputation of 5. To get this reputation, you need to bring 5 heads of bandit leaders to the main hall.

I prefer to have only 12 training sessions with the sword master, not more. Real fights bring you loots and are leveling up the MC (upgrades also the HP), while training does not, and even costs money.

I do not know yet if it is possible for MC to see the baron in episode 1. With lvl 10 actually it is not.

Wandering through the streets

Makes only sense at night (may be evening also). In other times of the day you will see some BJ in shady corners, may be you find 5 pennies alternatively (not worth the time).

Notice board

I found 2 quests at this board, side by side. After that, never appeared anything there again. May be in next episode.

Order a meal from Helgar (inn)

You can choose to listen to some neighboring talks about quests.

Always be nice to the waitress btw.

OK that’s it for now.

The other quests, you will easily complete with the quest log I guess.

There may be more events, which I might have missed (so many paths to go).

E.g. I met a book lady, but the stone I wanted to buy from her was too expensive. May be I should have payed her price to open up more paths. Some ppl talk about a book to get. I did not. You are welcome to complete this guide.

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