The Evil Within 2 – Basic Guide

A guide on the basics of The Evil Within 2.

The Evil Within 2 Basics

Brief Story

Warning spoilers!

After the first game Sebastian lost his child in a house fire, his wife left him being unable to cope. His trauma led him to day drink and waste his life. He’s approached by the company that handled the simulations of the last game with a proposal. It’s revealed his daughter is gifted in the simulation and had her death faked so she could be used in the machine.

Sebastian agrees to go into the simulation to save her and restore it back too optimal settings with the benefit of his daughters life back.


Hud bars

  • Green = Health bar.
  • Orange = Stamina.
  • Knife = your melee weapon.
  • gun = your equipped primary weapon.
  • Radio waves = Your gps tracker.


  • The eye that appears at the top of the screen displays if an enemy is searching for you.
  • If the eye is going back and forth it means you’re being looked for.
  • If fully open you’re being seen.
  • You can turn this feature on and off in the settings.

Audio Tracker

  • Activated with the ‘G’ key.
  • Allows you to track audio waves present in the simulation.
  • Can be seen on his belt if you don’t wanna open the device.
  • Important story item.


  • Gotta find parts through out the simulation that can be used to make items.
  • For instance plants can be used for making health packs.

Field Crafting

  • In the inventory wheel you can cry things on the fly at a cost of extra materials over the normal work bench.

Work Benches

  • For improving weapons and cheaper crafting.


  • All differn’t types of enemies roam the simulation.
  • Best watch your back out there.

  • Enemies roam the town by themselves so be sneaky.

The Goo

  • Killing enemies will allow you to harvest goo from their corpses for upgrades later on.


  • Find a safehouse on the map and visit it for benefits like safety and health regeneration.


  • Drink some of the coffee for free health.

Mirror + Chair

  • In safe houses is the mirror that will function like the first game and take you towards your own safe spot where you can upgrade sebastian with the goo you find from enemies.


  • There’s always a workbench present in a safe house.


  • Opened with ‘M’ or ‘Tab’ key(s.)

  • Will show points of interests and allow you to set a waypoint.


  • A big part of Evil within 2 is looting items found around the area.
  • For example you always wanna be looking for bullets.

  • Look hard enough and you’ll find new weapons.


  • First person mode can be activated in the settings.
  • Cheats needs a online account.
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