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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links - How to Get 100 Prismatic Cards

Written by dotHacker   /   Feb 4, 2020    

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Missing this pesky achievement? Prepare to Suffer.


If you're reading this, you're probably thinking about getting that shiny 100% completion for your Steam profile. Unfortunately for you, this achievement is about 1000x worse than any other achievement in the game, and will take you around 1 year (or more) to complete - and that's playing virtually every day.

To put this in perspective, all other (non-prismatic) achievements can be reasonably earned in 1 month of concentrated effort. Summoning lots of monsters, accumulating battle damage, winning PVP matches, and even progressing through the in-game stage challenges are all attainable, satisfying, and fun goals. Contrast this to collecting 100 of the rarest of rare cards, which, if we ignore the monthly and special event rewards, require coming out on top in worldwide ranking, massively grinding resources for trade-in, and/or getting incredibly lucky RNG for them to appear. The gap between the prismatic achievements and all others is like comparing a drop of water to the ocean.

Why did Konami link achievements to the most painful goal imaginable? Maybe it's a big brain strategy to trap players long term, because the longer you're exposed to Duel Links, the more likely you'll be to break down and spend on a competitive deck. Or maybe it's just that the developers grossly underestimated the time required to do this, given that there are many freebies and 100 is a tiny number compared to other landmarks already in the game (such as collecting 500+ prismatics).

TL;DR - If you want this achievement you'll have to commit long term. Otherwise, turn back now.

Still with me? Then let's talk about strategies to get this done as fast as possible.

What are Prismatics?

They look like this:


Only UR & SR cards can drop or be upgraded as prismatic. R & N cards cannot be.

As for why Marmot here is special, the Rare Hunter event of 2017 had prismatic drops, probably by accident, from card packs. No such source has been seen since for lower rarity cards.

What is the Point of Prismatics?

Other than bragging rights, their only gameplay purpose is +200 duel points per prismatic played to field (applied only once per card per duel), which isn't much to begin with. Farming decks work just fine without them, so there is never a real need for them.

By the way, glossy cards (no rainbow, just a white shine) add +100 duel points per card in the same fashion. Not only are these very common, you'll get several for free in starting character decks. They don't count for any achievement in the game.

Collecting 10/100/200/300/400/500/600/700 prismatics unlock unique player profile icons of diamonds and treasure chests, as pictured here:

The achievement comes with the icon for 100, so you don't have to keep counting your cards.

Where to Obtain Them

There are three primary avenues, as follows:

I. Card Trader

Your #1 way to get prismatics is the card trader. All those Jewels you get from duels and card conversion? Dump them here.

If you look in the card trader's menu, you'll see "upgrade to glossy" and "upgrade to prismatic" when you swipe left. Here's what everything costs:

Glossy (Base Card Required)

Prismatic (Glossy Card Required)

Obviously, if you want to get this done as fast as possible, only upgrade SR cards.

One exception: Red Eyes B. Dragon. If you get his glossy from a starter deck, there's no reason not to prism it since you can skip the initial upgrade.

You might be wondering why any sane person would even think about spending gems for this. It's simple: This option gives you a last dash effort to finish off the achievement if you're very close. Use it if you plan to quit the game, otherwise, your gems are best spent on box pulls, which themselves have a small chance of dropping a prismatic.

II. Tickets (Kuriboh / Event / PvP)

Train Your Kuriboh is a special, long-running event that awards points for duels. 100 for regular, 300 for PvP, and the cap is 300 a day. Make sure that you log in to get these, because at 6000 you'll be awarded a free S/U prismatic ticket. Each round lasts one month, so you have plenty of time. Don't miss it.

And be careful not to release the Kuriboh before you cap the score. There's a button in the event window that lets you do this--don't touch it. You'll get whatever tier reward it was at when it refreshes, so no need to worry if you forget.

Whenever a new Duel World is released, or Duel Links celebrates its anniversary, you can expect to see these puppies given away as login rewards. Do NOT miss them. The checkered ones are the prismatics.

These tickets also show up in KC cup, a periodic, worldwide PvP ranking event. The rewards for can really boost your collection, but unless you're at the top of the meta, you won't be able to get more than a few.

Past KC Cup Rewards

Ranking / Reward

  • 1 / Gold Icon, 6 Prismatic UR Cards, 6 Prismatic SR Cards, 2,000,000 Gold
  • 2 / Gold Icon, 5 Prismatic UR Cards, 5 Prismatic SR Cards, 1,000,000 Gold
  • 3 / Gold Icon, 4 Prismatic UR Cards, 4 Prismatic SR Cards, 1,000,000 Gold
  • 4-10 / Gold Icon, 3 Prismatic UR Cards, 3 Prismatic SR Cards, 1,000,000 Gold
  • 11-100 / Silver Icon, 2 Prismatic UR Cards, 1 Prismatic SR Card, 300,000 Gold
  • 1001-10000 / Bronze Icon, 1 Prismatic UR Card, 1 Prismatic SR Card, 200,000 Gold
  • 10001-50000 / Bronze Icon, 1 Prismatic SR Card, 100,000 Gold
  • 50001 to 200000 / 1 Prismatic SR Card, 50,000 Gold

III. Random Drops & Rewards

Card packs and Legendary Duelists both have a chance at dropping Prismatic versions of SR & UR cards. The exact odds are unknown, but speculating off of player comments, it could be less than 1%.

Because they can drop, you'll want to do your best to always maximize your duel scores, and try to spend all of your event currencies to squeeze out every reward. With luck, you may score some prismatics as you farm R Jewels.

Certain character birthdays and other milestones come with completely free prismatics. Yusei's, for example, awarded us with 4 prismatics over 4 days. When Dark Side of Dimensions duel world was released, we got a prismatic blue eyes with alternative artwork. During the 2nd anniversary, defeating Ishizu would award you with a prismatic Obelisk.

So if it wasn't clear enough already, you need to log in every day and you may just get free prismatics, too.

Miscellaneous Tips

Watch out for batch card conversion if you own more than 3 copies of any card

Duel Links' limit is 3 of any card in a deck, so the default setting on batch conversion is 3 copies. If you somehow earn 4+ copies of a prismatic, you could accidentally sell it if you aren't careful.

Don't go over a 2x reward multiplier against random duelists

This tip assumes that your auto farming deck gets an average 3k+ per win. Logically, if you set your reward multiplier to 3x, you're throwing away one or more rewards over 8. Since they could be R Jewels, you'll want to keep every reward.

Don't downplay R jewel rewards, especially during choose your gift campaign

The shiny rainbow UR jewels are tempting, but R jewels are far more valuable because of their excessive expense. Whenever you have a choice of rewards, R jewels should be your top pick of resources, coming second only to premium currency gems.

Don't forget to farm premium gems from daily tasks

During your time in duel links you will need to farm as much currency as possible. There are hidden gems you can get every day from the following:

  • Tapping the waterfall
  • Tapping the trash can / toolbox
  • Tapping the roof of the Card Shop
  • Tapping the street lights on the PvP arena screen
  • Watching a duel replay once a day
  • (Random, 1x week) Duel Trials' Daily lonar deck reward.

Every little bit adds up so don't forget to do this. I recommend trying the tap locations once during day and night.


Q: Which cards should I make prismatic first?

A: If you're asking this because of chasing duel score, then the answer is simply whatever you use most. For example, Red Eyes would be an obvious choice if you're running one of his decks. Remember that for duel assessment score, the card must be played to field, so things like Kiteroid will not count because it's a discard from hand, and a banish from graveyard. Similarly, a Yubel farm deck that doesn't play Yubel to the field won't get any credit for the initial discard. So it really depends on what you got.

Q: Where can I see how many prismatic cards I have?

A: You can't. You'll have to filter the cards and count them. In fact, monster cards and spell/trap cards have separate prismatic filters, so you'll have to toggle between the two pages. But there's never a reason for you to do this, because as stated earlier, you'll earn it with the in-game icon.

Q: A friend of mine already got the 100 prismatic achievement years ago and he didn't have to collect 100. How can I do that?

A: You're too late. There was a bug that unlocked it immediately after importing your account from mobile when the Steam version first launched, so anyone lucky enough to participate back then skipped out on all the fun.

Written by dotHacker.