Split or Steal – Splitter Guide

This guide will help all splitters achieve a higher Win loss % of splitting and splitting in general.

How to Win as Splitter


In this guide we will talk about how to get the most success whilst only splitting, we will cover:

  • What to build.
  • Characters to use.
  • Building a guild and an image.
  • Basic gameplay.
  • What to look out for.
  • Psychological mind games and manipulation.
  • Hardships of splitting only.

Getting Started and What to Build

Hello, so most of you are already playing and built building but want to split more than stealing, my advise to you before you get too far into building random buildings is to do the strategy that most people splitting are doing, that is to build around 45 – 62 hotdog / heritage buildings (depending on if you want more org stats *this being heritage grants 0.3% org split and 0.05% art bonus or hotdogs being 3% personal split and 0.3% org split bonus*) this will allow your split bonus to become higher thus earning you more money splitting only.

Dont feel alone, talk to people in game and in the discord and try to find an org which is building towards splitting only with high % ‘s this will net you even more money splitting only! I also would advise you to buy a doubler as a splitter this will grant you 25% of you coin pot even if you get stolen from thus cushioning the blow by a thief ! this helps in a big way to start gaining coins and also it will help support the development of the game.

Character to Use

Now some orgs rp as certain outfits, some allow you to wear what ever skin you choose, this is entirely up to you as a player ofcourse or your guild but just as a thief will disguise himself and change lighting and skins we too must do the same as a splitter so not to become a target, this being said some skins are known to be related to stealing / splitting for example the hotdog skin is well known for splitting but thieve’s may also use it to trick you into thinking they shall split. The lighting also matter if you play with one for so long people will make a mental note of what you like to use, whilst this is good as splitters for recognise each other it is also easy for thieves to spot.

Increasing your skin collection will help you to blend in as a normal civ and not get targeted as much. Some thieves will alure you into a sense of friendship at hs, they may split you on t8, but if you get “double matched” they may steal in t9 or t10. So you may want to switch between high stakes or not, this greatly will increase the possibility of getting them to split due to the so called thieves code of both thieves splitting if they meet. Personally I may change every 5 hs run’s but I always have one specific character and light I got back to after swapping for a few rounds just to throw off thieves.

Build an Org and an Image

There are many splitters that split all the time and go unnoticed since they are not building a name for themselves or an org they maybe just auto split and dont talk this is not how to do it! Try to stand out with your name, your org name, the way you talk in game, role playing in character – such things will make you noticeable, likeable and more interactive throughout the community this will lead to recognition of building up your name and maintaining a high standing within splitters. Get yourself maybe a copy pasta that is unique to you or yourself or maybe make a few of them so you can change between them per run as so thieves cant try to copy it and disguise as you, notify splitters alike: “Today I am using this one ‘x is splitting because im a great splits man’ if anyone is seen using the copy paste from yesterday it is not me”.

Basic Gameplay

As of how the current meta is in game, the game is pretty balanced I would say from my point of view weather you choose to split or to steal. When you encounter a thief at low tier non hs they will have a “recently stolen” tag so you will know, damn I am screwed pretty much he will steal the good thing is you will split and gain karma and also 25% of your pot (if you have purchased the doubler like I mentioned) which is not so bad considering all things you can just go again there no wait times and who knows maybe next run you dont get stolen therefore theoretically speaking you will always gain from splitting.

Now in hs the info a person has against you is the lighting and skin which we spoke about a little bit already and also what you choose to say your words how you write affects the situation. Also rewards will become greater so there is more on the line but will always be a positive outcome for splitters due to the gain in karma and the 25% if you have it and do end up getting stolen. It wont always be an easy split but I would say I am able to achieve this 95% of the time!

And now how to spend money as a splitter you ask ? Well, the basic strat is to buy 45 – 62 hotdogs / heritages depending on if you are solo or in an org and keep splitting then upgrade them if you only want to split. Otherwise you will be looking to save upto 185.5 million coins and demolish all of your buildings to build into museums for artefacts which will in turn give you a much higher coin multiplier % and within two weeks your coins will proceed to increase to great amounts.

What to Lookout for

When splitting it is important you know t1 – t7 is low stakes and t8 – t10 is high stakes, in low stakes games you can see their karma, their org, their name, what they are wearing and the lighting they use, if they speak or copy paste, this is a lot of information to take note of the player you are facing. In high stakes all you will have to go buy is the skin lighting and what they say so pay close attention to this at all times, also look for a thief using someone else copy paste with not the right skin or lighting, or if they use multiple different copy pastes this is a tell tale sign of them about to steal.

Psychological Mind Games and Manipulation

This is the interesting part that I am hesitant on publishing due to the nature of it and the fact it can and will be used against splitters once thieves read this, only a few people have took this into consideration in game or actively use this as a strategy and revealing it will make people more aware and also more cautious of who they talk to, who they befriend, what they say and how they come across. I am well aware that some people may be genuine in the way that they act towards people but as a splitter against a thieve we must too be deceitful and crafty in the way that we must almost force them to split with us or potentially not progress through tiers.

Now what I mean by this is that who you befriend in game if you are friends with people in thieves they are less likely to steal especially if you tell them its you and say something like: “Come on we can both get to t10 for bigger coins, its me <3” etc. You get the idea, this is not to say I dont like the person I am simply playing a mind game and getting him into an emotional frame of mind more than a – I must steal – frame of mind. This is highly effective and can be explained in alot more depth, for example I will befriend people, I will be nice to people, I will help people, I will even tell people that do not like thieves do not steal from them they are nice, because in reality they are nice but what this does is causes a confusion in their mind of: “Oh wait a minute hes actually nice to me, I can be nice back and split with him”. This can be done over and over in multiple ways and can in hind sight force a thieve to split with you 95% of the time, theres alot of methods you can use which equate to this and different situations to overcome since every one is different and handles the current encounter differently. I care not to tell all of my secrets in doing so but this will give you a firm grasp at how to manipulate your opponent psychologically.

Hardships of Splitting Only

You may get to a stage where you have achieved most of the above or people are not talking very much, your’e bored of just splitting, its the same people all the time but this is where game development comes in there will always be updates and new gamemodes promised by the developer, there is skins that are worth alot of money worth grinding for building upgrades and leader boards are also on kongregate but are being looked at for adding into the game. Sometimes you may get fed up with getting stolen all the time but remember you always prosper as a splitter so you do not have much to complain about as of right now. If you strive to be the best, the biggest, the most known etc. Then you will always grind the game no matter of what type of day you are having (being stolen from or not). The community is a great place to just relax and talk even if you are not playing.

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