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Majesty Gold HD - All Buildings Guide

Written by Anoel   /   Feb 9, 2020    

This guide should teach you the purpose of all buildings. It also covers, which options you have since certain buildings exclude each other. Furthermore i briefly comment on the recruitable units.

Comprehensive Building Overview

Building Costs

In general building buildings of the same type increases their cost. So it is better to build different buildings.

Basic Buildings

Basic buildings are available from the start in almost every scenario.


  • If you don‘t start with one, build one.
  • Most important gold generating building in the early game. Loosing it early on is devastating for your economy and will likely loose you the game. So make sure it is save.
  • Place it close to your palace entrance - so the tax collecters don‘t have to walk far.
  • Upgrade this and your palace to lvl 3 to get more gold.
  • Market Day should be used shorty before a tax collector arrives or before you Extort gold (see Thief‘s Guild).
  • Also sells useful items to heroes.


  • Reduces the cost of all buildings. So it is good to get one early on.
  • Upgrades however are more useful later on, when your heros are higher level.
  • Mages don‘t upgrade their weapons/armor. Other unarmored units only upgrade their weapons

Ranger‘s Guild

  • Rangers – decent archers, that excel at exploring.
  • Can be moved for gold.

Thief‘s Guild

  • Thief – cheap and decent ranged attacker; squishy; poor defender.
  • Let‘s you Extort gold from all buildings for a certain prize. Very useful if your tax collectors cannot keep up or keep dieing to enemies.
  • After upgrading the guild to level 2 heroes can poison their weapons here. I am not sure what exactly that does, but i assume it is a bit useful. However at level 2 Extort is cheaper. So it is certainly useful to upgrade.

Warrior‘s Guild

  • Warrior – defensive melee unit with good armor.
  • Call to arms teleports all your warriors next to the building. Build it next to an important building like the market to make good use of this.
  • Later you can recruit strong melee units in here with certain temples (see section about Temples)

Wizard‘s Guild

  • Requires Palace lvl 2.
  • Wizard – very weak and squishy in lvl 1. Become very powerful in higher levels.
  • Heros can enchant weapons and armor (however wizards and other mages cannot).
  • Upgrading gives better enchantments.
  • Enables you to build wizard towers. Upgrading the Guild to lvl 2 enables you to activate the wizard towers for gold for a while
  • Unlocks the library.
  • Doesn‘t need workers to be build, neither do wizard towers.


  • Requires Wizard‘s Guild.
  • Reduces the cost of all research.
  • Offers spells for Wizards and Priestesses.


  • Defensive building.
  • Needs upgrades to be useful. However it can still only defend vs very weak foes on its own. The main use is to buy time until your heros show up to defeat the enemies.
  • Tax collectors can bring their money here!
  • Place it to defend important buildings, guard sewer entrances and close to gold generating buildings (for the tax collectors).


  • Hideout for heroes.
  • Also produces some gold.

Trading Post

  • Requires a market.
  • Economy building.
  • It sends caravans to your market increasing your gold income considerably.
  • Keep it and the caravans save else it is just a waste of gold.


  • Rarely available.
  • Revive fallen heros for a lot of gold.

Allied Tribes

You can only have one of these three tribes in your kingdom. Building one building of any tribe excludes the other 2 tribes. The options are Gnomes, Elves and Dwarves.


  • Require a lvl 1 palace.
  • They don‘t count as heros and are very, very weak in combat.
  • However they are cheap, quick and exceptional builders.
  • Therefor you should get them early on. So they can assist building your other buildings.
  • Good if you want to build up a big town quickly.


  • Require a lvl 2 or 3 palace, a market and an inn.
  • Double the gold generated by markets.
  • Elves – archers that can generate gold in inns.
  • Automatically build an elven lounge – heros waste time and money there.
  • Therefor probably a bad choice if you are under heavy attacks.


  • Require a lvl 2 or 3 palace and a lvl 3 blacksmith.
  • Enables you to build ballista towers. Ballista towers don‘t increase in cost like guardhouses (and other buildings) and they don‘t need to be activated for gold like wizard towers. So they are spamable towers.
  • Dwarves – slow, defensive, strong melee fighters with the best magic resistance. In theory they can help building, but at that point you probably have a decent sized town and their slow movement means they often don‘t arrive intime to help building.
  • A good choice if you need heavy defences or magic resistant fighters.


Building temples exclude some other temples. So in total there are only 5 possible combinations of temples. I will categorize these in 3 main pathways. Temples require a lvl 2 or 3 palace.

Path of Summoning

  • Temple to Krypta
  • Temple to Fervus
  • Temple to Helia or Lunord

Path of Righteousness

  • Temple to Dauros
  • Temple to Agrela
  • Temple to Helia or Lunord

The Barbarian Way

  • Temple to Krolm
  • No other temples

Path of Summoning

Temple to Krypta

  • Priestess is an amazing unit that starts with the spells „animate skeleton“ and "lifesteal".
  • Skeletons are weak and slow melee units, but highly resistant to ranged attacks and are for free.
  • The priestess herself is squishy, but the combination of having a skeleton at the front and healing with lifesteal and potions often keeps her alive. Therefor a lvl 1 priestess is usually much more useful than a lvl 1 wizard.
  • Can convert enemy undead at higher lvl.
  • Not as powerful as a wizard at higher levels, but still quite good.
  • Can learn power shock and flame shield at the library.
  • Temple spell reanimate can bring back a fallen hero or monster for 2000 gold (cast on the corpse).
  • Cast temple spell animate Bones on any unit to spawn a skeleton.

Temple to Fervus

  • Cultists have mediocre attack but can fight ranged and melee (i believe the only hero being able to). They move quickly.
  • Cultist can charm animals to fight for you.
  • The temple can spawn animals to charm; upgrading results in better animals.
  • At higher lvls the cultist transforms into a bear during fights resulting in more hp and armor.
  • Enables you to recruit warriors of discord at the warrior‘s guild – high attack and hp, mediocre armor and defensive skills.

Path of Righteousness

Temple to Dauros

  • Monk – a decent melee unit, that doesn‘t use weapons or armor.
  • More importantly enables you to recruit Paladins at the Warrior‘s Guild – expensive, strong melee units with exceptional armor; best defensive unit in the game unless you face heavy magic damage
  • Temple spell Petrify.

Temple to Agrela

  • Healer – very weak attack, but heal everyone; quite useful; level up easily.
  • Temple spell Resurrection.

The Barbarian way

Temple to Krolm

  • Cost effective, high attack, unarmored barbarians; good combat skills; not good at defending.
  • Don‘t choose this path, if you under heavy attack.
  • Use this for a rush attack – activate rage of krolm (unfortunately it doesn‘t last long) for a devastating attack.
  • Combine barbarians with rangers.

Minor pathways: Temple to Helia or Temple to Lunord (available for main paths 1 and 2).

Both require a lvl 3 palace and offer a defensive oriented units. Helia unlocks a defender with good stats that is focused on defending guardhouses and dealing aoe damage in melee combat. Lunord offers a very fast defender that defends everywhere in your kingdom, but is a bit weaker in combat.

Additional Buildings Palace Lvl 2+

Not always available

  • Statue – increases hero loyalty.
  • Magic Bazaar – offers useful potions for all heros.
  • Sorcerer‘s Enode – requires Magic Bazaar; offers castable spells.
  • Outpost – a new palace (comparable to a lvl 1 palace; cannot be upgraded).
  • Embassy – recruits random heros; supports 2 heros.

These Buildings Require a Lvl 3 Palace

  • Royal Gardens – generate gold and increase hero loyalty. The building cost doesn‘t increase. So it is easily spamable.
  • Fairgrounds – organize tournaments to level up your heroes.
  • Hall of Champions – set a bounty on one type of mobs for a certain time.

Written by Anoel.