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Stoneshard - Dagger Rogue Build (Class / Skill)

Written by The Black Child   /   Feb 9, 2020    

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Dagger Rogue Build

Break down how to have a successful run by playing Dirwin with dagger build.


  • Dirwin has a solid stats.
  • Dirwin trait is useful because it gives extra damage and effective constant striking.

Dagger Skill Tree

  • Dirwin benefits by going with the rogue style because his trait gives him extra damage.
  • Dual Wielding gives Dps and paired up with the Double Lunge, more Dps.


  • I found it useful when you have double daggers because the proc chance is often.
  • You will deal constant Dps, solid skill.

  • Using this skill will provide room for the player to back up or use a free hit on the target.
  • When you getting jumped by 2+ enemies your able to evade one target and dodge the other target depending on tile position.
  • Best 1v1 skill because you immobilize the target and you gain 100% dodge chance.

  • A solid buffing skill that gives extra damage.


  • Overall I found myself completing the caravan quest more often (all the quest given) as Dirwin with this build.
  • Dirwin stats is the best for dodging and countering the enemy and paired up with the Dagger skill tree.
  • Dirwin extra perception is good when traveling the dangerous road in Stoneshard, with this in mind you get extra vision for detecting random goons or even the bear.


  • My first time making a guide hopefully this can help new/vet players trying out a new way to play.

Written by The Black Child.

Game:   Stoneshard