Black Desert Online – How to Get More Carry Weight

Everything in this game has weight, once you’ve reached the max capacity, you’ll move very slowly and can no longer pick up items.
In this guide, I will explain you how to get more carry weight.

Leveling Up

Every time you level up, you get a bit of carry weight added. This increase is between +2 to +4 per combat level.
Just simply play the game and fight enemies to level up (this is basic).

Armor and Belts


There are some clothes that give you carry weight.
Right now, there are two pieces of armor:

  • Zeleth (+50 LT)
  • Hercules’s might armor (+200 LT at 3 pieces) 


There are also belts that increase your carry weight, like the Ancient Weapon Core and the Rhutum Elite belt.
The Rhutum Elite belt gives you +60 LT and when upgrading, you get even more. You’ll have +100 LT at TET.

Silver Embroidered Trader Clothes

You can also buy the Silver Embroidered Trader Clothes,
They start at +100 LT and goes up to +250 LT at a +3 enhancement. It will reach +350 LT at the +5 enhancement.

Pearl / Loyalty Store

Pearl Store

In the pearl store, you can buy weight expansion packs, there are 4 different packs.

  • +50 LT (600 pearls)
  • +100 LT (1000 pearls)
  • +150 LT (1350 pearls)
  • +200 LT (1700 pearls)

You can only purchase one of each per character, adding up to +500 LT. for 4650 pearls.

Loyalty Store

Every day you log in to Black Desert Online, you are rewarded with 100 loyalty points. You can use these loyalty points within the Loyalty tab of the Pear shop. With these loyalty points you can buy +50 LT. They cost 3500 loyalty points each and you can buy 4 of them per character.


You can gain +40 LT by maxing out on your strength skill.
To do this, simply go to a trade manager and buy a pack. Walk around with this and you’ll level up the stats.
The change is minor, but luckily it is not very time consuming so it is an option to consider.

Written by GewoonRobbie.

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