Besiege – Control Unit Guide

Control Unit is a system which automatically chooses its logic route according to the inputs.

Control Unit Overview

Term Explanations

In case you have no idea what I’m talking about in the following paragraphs, here are some unpopular terms you’re about to see:


A Cube placed just to store events and runs it.


A Variable which you can modify it via “Modify Variable” event.


A logic gate, including an “Event Trigger” and “Events”.

Event Triggers

In this guide, it represents the “On variable” event.

About Variable “+0”

When a cube is deactivated, any variables written into it does not trigger any gates inside the cube, which means the cube’s “Event trigger” has the variables but not reacting.

But then when it comes to activating the cube, the event triggers still remain silence, Thus we need the “+0” logic, for it forces the event triggers to re-detect the variable’s current value.

So here we have one of the most basic and important feature a control unit need: Capabilitie of Reading the stored inputs.

Logic Gates

Now things get a little complicated here, a control unit doesn’t have a standard pattern, it is totally depending on who made it.

So to solve this problem I’ll just make the first standard model and show you how it works.

I’ll give it two “output” events and one “End” event for each gate, and all the stored value vanishes after used, two gates in total (Gate1 and Gate2).

Process Overview

Here’s how it work:

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