Death and Taxes – Mortimer’s Stories Guide (Widgets, Attire, Achievements)

In this guide you can find all info about Mortimer’s stories.

Guide to Mortimer’s Stories


Each purchased item unlocks a set of six faces/eight suits with the same basic pattern and different colors. I have marked F for femme, M for masc, and U for unisex.


  • R.I.P. Fashion – Buy everything.
  • Classical – change into Grim Cloak v1 and basic skull v1.


  • Ears of the Beast(F) stopped a mutiny.
  • The Calavera(F) was found upon Mort’s face after a Dia de los Muertos celebration of a fallen friend.
  • The Eye of Anpu(U) was found in some dunes guarded by a World Eater.
  • The Face of the Great Old One(U) was absconded from a carnival.
  • The Glasses(F) are looted from (forgot to write it down)
  • The Plague Doctor(U) mask was acquired from some folks who considered it professional attire, wherein Mortimer acquired a whole slew of them, causing the previous owners to soil their pants.
  • Unholy Smokes(M) were granted to Mortimer upon rescue of a shaman’s child.


  • A Fancy Suit (Bowtie Edition) was nicked from Fate’s wardrobe.
  • Grim Cloak was Mort’s attempt to keep warm.



  • Let it RIP – fidget the spinner until it lights up.
  • Aetherial Resonator is from a sordid tale involving an elevator (implied muzak).
  • Aphotic Reflector is an ex-lighthouse mirror framed in shipwreck driftwood (necessary prerequisite for wardrobe changes).
  • Blue Gerbil was found on the river Styx.
  • Ephemeral Mortality coin belonged to Thaddeus Thatcher.
  • Infernal Illuminator was created by an electrical trickster, derived from cannon parts and a rose bush.
  • Kaktos originated from the Island of Cactai, but travels.
  • Lethean Obliviator was used to cut a romantic tie (eraser, one use, but respawns in store at a higher price after each use).
  • Tenebrous Device was a rat trap belonging to a wizard (fidget spinner).
  • Transience of Annals was once owned by an old man on the steps of Acropolis (marks how many days you have left).

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