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Death and Taxes - Achievement List (with Hints on How to Obtain)

Written by Germany boi   /   Updated: February 24, 2020    

This guide contains some achievements which you can get during gameplay.

Guide to Getting All Achievements

Achievement List

  • Fate's Pet - Don't break the rules, agree with fate, do anything fate says, convince Fate to write his book, and most importantly agree with fate that all humans are meaningless and should die.
  • Curious Grim - if there is any opportunity to ask questions then ask questions. Ask as many questions as you can.
  • I Scream - I think it's on the seventh day where Fate will ask you a question. On of the options will just be icecream. Click that option to get the achievement.
  • The Sacrifice - Buy the blue cat thing from Mortimer's shop before Fate leaves for the first time. On the first day of Fate being gone give his cat the blue gerbil toy.
  • Make It Rain - Follow the rules and don't mess up until you get a raise.
  • Lifegiver - Spare everyone in a single day.
  • Deathbringer - Kill everyone in a single day.
  • To Be Or Not To Be - Don't mark any profiles for 10 min..
  • Two-Face - Buy the Decision coin from Mortimer's shop then flip it 100 times.
  • Let It RIP - Buy the fidget spinner from Mortimer's shop then keep clicking it until it goes up in flames.
  • Desk Jockey - Put everything on your desk in your drawers.
  • This Is Fine - (Might want the snow globe for this one) Let bad people live and let good people die. Drop the world parameter 1 level in 2 days.
  • Benefactor - (Might want the snow globe for this one) Let good people live and let bad people die. Increase the world parameter by 1 level in 2 days.
  • Booty Obsession - Buy everything from Mortimer's shop.
  • Necropimp - Save up your money until you have $5,000.
  • Classical - Buy the Reaper cape then wear the Stone Cold Classic robe and the Bonehead scull.
  • Mirror Lover - Stay in the dressing room for 15 min.
  • R.I.P Fashion - Buy everything fashion related in Mortimer's shop.
  • Pineapple Lover - Let the guy who puts pineapple on pizza live.
  • Pineapple Hater - Let the guy who puts pineapple on pizza die.
  • Insubordinate - Don't follow the rules until you are fired.
  • The Great Dying - Become Fate's friend until he tells you his plan. Go along with the plan and follow all the rules Fate gives you until everyone is dead.
  • Long Live The King - Follow Chimera's rules (the red profiles) and the regular rules (break them only if Chimera tells you too) until you can kill Fate.
  • Begin Again - At the end of your play through tell Mortimer you want to start again.
  • Stonks - Finish the game with the lowest chaos in prosperity (make good decisions, let good people live, kill bad people, etc) (snow globe can be a good guide for this).
  • Plague Doctor - Finish the game with the highest chaos in health (make bad decisions, kill good people, spare bad people, etc) (snow globe can be a good guide for this).
  • Lemons - Start the game and go through the intro.
  • What Does The Cactus Say? - Buy the cactus from Mortimer's shop then click it until it meows.
  • Feline Fury - Keep arguing with Fate's cat until it gets very angry.
  • Demon Hunter - Find the immortal.
  • Squeaky Clean - (You will need lots of money to do this) Use the eraser 10 times.
  • Yarr! - Visit Mortimer everyday (Tip: Try to visit him before you talk with Fate everyday).
  • Infinitarium - Play through all the endings.

Written by Germany boi.