Secrets of Grindea – OP Whirlwind Fighter Build Guide

This guide teaches you how to create a character with insanely high DPS and destroy anything that stands in your way. This build mainly focuses on maxing out your DMG with little regard for protection, but it is also very flexible so you can have a balanced ATK-DEF character.

Guide to OP Whirlwind Fighter Build


Do you want to be able to wipe through a horde of monsters in seconds. Do you want to attack faster than the flash. Do you want to have the most powerful player. All that can be achieved with this build. The main focus is to maximize your DMG output so you can have as high of DPS as possible. There is a lot of flexibility in this build so if you want to have higher DEF at the cost of ATK that’s fine.


The first couple skills are necessary for the build, however after that there is a lot of flexibility. An important thing to note is you can only use one-handed items. Also never forget that your main damage is in basic attacks, not weapon/magic skill attacks.

Shadow Clone

Summons clone(s) which increases your DMG every hit. This is the base for the entire build. Once you activate the skill it becomes a passive effect (as if using a summon) and blocks EP.

Static Touch

Summons orbs which while active increase your DMG by your MATK. This is a good DMG boost.


Increases your ASPD and CSPD for the duration. The faster the better


Increases ATK and MATK for the duration. Damage is key.

Everything past this point is optional, but highly recommended.


The three mobility skills are Piercing Dash, Dodging Strike, and Blink. It’s up to your personal preference, but since basic attacks are the main damage of the build I would suggest Blink.

Reaper’s Blade

All damage dealt to the target enemy will cause the blade to deal a percentage of that damage when it strikes down. Considering how much damage you do every second it should be a nice chunk. Useful mostly against bosses, because normal enemies shouldn’t live long enough for it to strike.


Affected enemies receive (but also deal) more DMG. Useful mainly against bosses, as normal enemies shouldn’t live long enough to need it.

Alternatively you could substitute a few of those skills for these defensive ones


Increases DEF for the duration.


Summons a barrier which absorbs incoming damage up to a certain point.

Like I said, there’s a lot of skill flexibility, especially after you get the first few, so it doesn’t really matter what you put your points into because basic attacks are the main damage dealer.


After the first few skills, skill points become less useful, but you can never have enough talent points. They are always useful. These first couple are the most important ones.

  • Strength: Increases ATK.
  • Fencer: Increases ASPD.
  • Backhander: Increases damage of chained basic attacks.
  • Bloodthirst: Increases ASPD after killing an enemy.
  • Last Breath: Increases ATK when at low HP.
  • Adaptable: Increases ATK and MATK.

These next couple will give you a good damage boost if you have high MATK:

  • Knowledge is Power: Increases ATK based on your MATK.
  • Last Spark: Increases MATK when at low HP.
  • Burning Weapon: Chance to burn enemies.
  • Chilling Touch: Chance to slow enemies.
  • Crippling Touch: Increases chance of afflicting enemies with status effects.
  • Insult to Injury: Increases damage to enemies afflicted with status effects.

If you want to shift your focus on critical hits more, because of your hits per second, then get these talents.

  • Brutality: Increases Crit DMG.
  • Surgeon: Increases Crit Chance.

If you want to not die so easily make sure to get these talents:

  • Tenacious: Increases MaxHP.
  • Last Stand: Increases defense when at low HP.
  • Health Insurance: Increases amount of health gained from health globes.
  • Brawler: Each basic attack landed gives you a bonus to your defense.

Potions aren’t very necessary unless you want to farm items/cards/gold. In that case you’ll want these.

  • Fine Taste: Increases effect of potions.
  • Alchemist: Increases the potion refilling rate.

If you somehow have enough talent points after all that then get whatever looks cool.


These are different pieces of gear that are most helpful depending on your focus.

Weapon: Wooden Leg or Marino’s Rapier

The wooden leg has one of the highest ATKs and MATKs for a one-handed weapon AND it’s a wand. It is obtained by completing the ‘Spectral Party’ quest.

Marino’s Rapier has the highest ASPD but it lacks the ATK and MATK that the leg does, AND it decreases your DEF. The reason it’s on here is the ASPD might be useful if you’re high level and have maxed out the skills and talents. Definitely not useful at this point in time though. It’s found by picking up the sword left on the ground after your fight in the desert

Shield: Shiidu

Shiidu has 5000 shield health I mean it’s the obvious choice…

Stop looking at me like that, I was just kidding.

The Crabby Shield has the highest shield health and gives a DEF bonus. Crafted with crabby shell pieces.

Hat: Pirate Hat or Robot Ears or Crabby Helmet

Pirate Hat has a good ATK and CRIT. Found in a chest on the first floor of the Ghost Ship.

Robot Ears has less ATK but higher CRIT. Complete Tannie’s trick-phasing challenge.

Crabby Helmet gives none of those bonuses AND takes up your facewear slot, but it also has a really high DEF. Crafted with crabby shell pieces.

Facewear: Hybrid Glasses or (Unknown)

Hybrid Glasses give a bonus to ATK and MATK. I forgot which quest gives it.

There is a craftable facegear with CRIT bonus and a special effect. I haven’t crafted it so I’ll add the name when I make it.

Armor: Warrior’s Poncho or Crabby Armor

Warrior’s Poncho has good ATK ASPD and MaxEP. It’s craftable.

Crabby’s armor has good DEF and a small amount of ASPD. Craftable with crabby shell pieces.

Shoes: Summer Greaves

  • Bonus to DEF and MaxHP.

Accessories (2 slots)

These are the accessories that best compliment the build. It’s up to you which ones you want.

  • Restless Spirit: Bonus to ASPD and CSPD. Found in the secret room inside the teeth. Just interact with the floating spirit.
  • Skull Ring: Huge bonus to ATK and MATK but massive decrease in DEF. Found in chest outside the kitchen.
  • Lucky Number 7: Increases CRIT, CRIT DMG, and guarantees a crit every 7 hits. Found at the end of the second math tunnel
  • Camera Lens: Increases ATK, MATK, CRIT, and perfect guards amplify its powers. Obtained by completing Cammy’s first quest.


I don’t have the best luck with cards, so I’m relying a bit on suggestions.


  • Increases ASPD and CSPD when on low HP.

Orange Slime

  • You get a stack every time you hit something. You can have up to 10 stacks which increase ASPD by 1 per stack. Stacks disappear after 5 seconds.

Echo of Madness

  • Increases DMG dealt to enemies with high DEF.

Skeleton Warrior

  • Attacks deal 5% increased DMG.


  • Increased ATK.


  • Huge CRIT increase while you’re blind. Only really useful if you have the Mushroom Shield.


So there we go. You should be decimating almost every normal enemy in the game, and giving bosses a hard time. This build is currently my favorite for farming for cards. I’ll be polishing it up a little (especially the cards), but other than that I think it’s mostly complete. Hope you enjoyed it.

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